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  1. Colin, Sounds to me that Mr Olsher was put on this earth to slam bipolar amplifiers. Hey to each his own but love what my bipolar does for me in my listening room.
  2. Whats really sickening is 35 bids on them. Well then again maybe they are just bidding on that center channel
  3. ouch.......... guess i am glad i dont own a yamaha , kenwood or onkyo
  4. Seb, My question,is the PW2200 a chest pounder with music or does it turn sloppy before it gets the that point? Can it keep up with chorus II's or is it just to slow? I use to own the PS-1000 and it could get to the chest if it was buried in a corner and the volume cranked but its problem it was always so boomy even at low volumes.
  5. Hey thanks for the tip deang. I was thinking of trying a tube pre with my adcom before switching to tube amps. From your opinion sounds like i am on the right track. Dont mean to change your topic t-man just seems like one topic always leads to another
  6. hmmmmmm, well cant say that i have had the same experience of sound with my adcom 555 mk II but then again my chorus II's are in another league than those DQ 10's so maybe that was part of the problem you were hearing. Unless i misunderstood you and this was just another adcom bashing. But either way my adcom and klipsch for me are a nice match. As far as the luxman cant say much about it other than i have heard others praise luxman equipment so could very well be a nice addition for you t-man. In my case the only place i will go from my adcom is up the ladder to some nice tube mono-blocks
  7. DWK Are the random clicks just with the burnt cd's? I have a burnt cd (only one) that does the same thing you are referring to if i am understanding you correctly. Doesnt matter at what volume i listen to it the pops and clicks are very noticeable. My thought was that there was something on the original cd that was burnt are maybe a burning gone array. So if it is just on burnt cd's and not on originals i would guess just a burning problem. just my 2 cents.
  8. Those look awesome maxg!!!!!!! I second that on a little description please
  9. Hiya Al, Have you ever thought of a similar crossover design for the chorus II's? It's probably a situation where you would have to own each speaker to do a crossover network for them. I wasnt sure if you owned a pair of chorus II's or not. Sounds like your network for the cornwalls is becoming a big hit,congrats.
  10. Well i guess congrats is in order here for you Mike. Seems like i am always a day late or in the wrong place at the wrong time when it comes to these "give aways" that i hear about from time to time.
  11. I talked with the tech wizards at Adcom today and they informed me that the Adcom GFA 555 mkII that i have runs class A for the first 20 watts then class AB from there on out. So i guess since i have the chorus II's with 101/1 watt/1 meter that i probably never leave class A. Cause at 16 watts i am at 113 db's which is run you out of the room loud. But on the other hand i have heard from some BB members that adcom wasnt a good match for them so go figure. Maybe some actually like class AB better than class A. Cause there are some SS amps that only run class AB. Just put me down as another seeker of the audio truth.
  12. Very nice maxg!!!!! Pictures turned out nice as well.
  13. dont really think damping factor makes much of a difference my little old adcom 555 mkII has a >800 and doubt that you could hear the difference between yours at >60
  14. I'll second that "Adcom and Klipsch"
  15. orr-2111, K-48-K woofer part#121505 $156.00 KD-16 passive radiator part#121552 $58.00 call 1-800-klipsch
  16. I have always had a slight hiss with my adcom 555 mk II. The hiss is only heard at about 2 feet from the speaker and closer. Now if i turn the volume up to full with no source the hiss is audible to about 10 feet. But have never noticed any hiss during playback at any volumes. I figure who cares if there is a slight hiss with no source if it doesnt get in the way of my music sessions. And who would ever have there equipment up to full volume anyway. If you did no need to worry about only replacing windows because there will be alot of equipment to replace as well.
  17. DJK, Had another question for you. While i am in the amp adding caps what are your thoughts on changing the power cord to a hospital grade cord? Also your thoughts on soldering all the clip on connections? And one other thing how about cones instead of those cheap rubber feet? Hmmm with all that it might not be called an adcom 555 mkII anymore Thanks for the help!
  18. Well that explains why i liked my chorus II's in a side by side with the forte II's. Hey thanks again djk going to do some cap swapping and see what i can do with this 555 mkII.
  19. djk, Thx for the info. But to tell you a little story when i purchased my amp and speakers back in 1991 i did a very close side by side comparison of the 555mkII and the 565 mono blocks for about 5 hours that day. I was listening to both amps through the chorus II's and the forte II's back and forth. By the end of that day i told the dealer to right up the bill for the chorus II's and the adcom GFA 555mkII and the adcom GFP 555mkII. I should add the GFP 565 preamp and the 555 mk II preamp sound exactly the same in the line stage only if you are into vinyl should the extra 300 be spent on the 565 preamp. So maybe its just me but for not even 50 dollars difference in the sound between the different setups i heard that day i could not justify spending the extra 1200 for the 565 mono's and the 565 preamp. Also i know the forte's are quoted for dropping down to 32 hz and the choruses only 39 hz but let me tell you with the same amplification and same room comparison the chorus had it over the forte in a big way but again i think its just a matter of opinion because if there had not been a chorus there to listen to i would have definitley walked out with the forte's. But after all this said i have never heard the 585 and so maybe it has it over the other 2 amps from adcom not sure. But all i know as far as most of the newer stuff i am still glad i own the 555mk II. But as i said, thanks for the info because if there is a way to improve upon the nice 555mkII that i own that sounds like a great idea to me.
  20. djk Does that neat little trick work for the adcom GFA 555mk II as well? 90% improvement wow for $4, how can a person not want to hear more.
  21. Thats great to hear kleggatt. I dont have the HT setup as of yet and dont know when or if i will ever go that route but do like my 2-channel system. I have been looking for a good musical sub that will keep up with my chorus II's without dropping a ton of $$$. And really havent been wanting to order one online. I have heard alot of good things about the paradigm PW2200 so was just wanting to get an idea of what the other klipsch lovers thought of it. Thanks again fot the reply.
  22. Thanks for the post RWMIN . I am seriously thinking of picking one up in the next few days.
  23. Just wondering if anyone out there has listened to or owns the PW2200? All info appreciated.
  24. Anyone on here have any experience with the rogue amplifiers? Was really interested in the rogue M-120 mono tube amps. Thanks
  25. Overlord, Well its been quite a few years but i use to be into car audio pretty heavy. I use to run alpine head units with the older rockford amps. It was a great combo to say the least. Sounds to me like you have isolated the grounding problem to the head unit. Have you chasis ground the head unit? Also,what have you done with the ground wire that comes out of unit? Another idea have you changed around which fuse the head unit is being powered up by? Reason i ask is because i have had the head unit be the cause of my alternator noise which in turn was just amplified by the power of the amp and sensitivity of the speakers. Just trying to give some ideas for you to take a look at. Hope this helps. Goodluck!!!
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