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  1. That had to of been taken just for the sake of taking the photo because there is no way he runs those KLF 30's up against the wall blocking the rear ports like that. Very cool pic though.
  2. I've been praising the Chorus II for years. What a great speaker!
  3. Wow great to see you back Duke. I bought a pair of those KLF 30's myself because of SWL and they do indeed rock! The Crown K2 moves those 12's nicely.[Y] What kind of set up are you running these days Duke?
  4. You obviously don't know the same Duke Spinner we are talking about.
  5. http://thewelltemperedcomputer.com/KB/WAV-FLAC.htm
  6. wav vs flac always ends the same. absolutely no difference besides a little space. which both are identical to the content on the cd. this test has been done hundreds or maybe even thousands of times.
  7. Tube amp on the horns and high powered SS on the woofers is not a waste of time or money when it comes to high efficiency Klipsch. Especially when most of the woofers have such low impedance dips.
  8. 6 years this month smoke free.[Y]
  9. The most powerful amp by far that can handle just about any load under the sun is that Krell no matter which way anybody tries to twist it. Now is it the best match for the RF 7's I doubt it but it will have the most ease driving them if thats what your concerned with.
  10. Just from the amps mentioned the Krell is in another league but was originally priced about 4 times that of the other amplifiers.
  11. He sure was a huge Crown K2 fan.
  12. Looks like Aug 26, 2005 was a forum glitch.
  13. Yeah, I heard Aaron say the pretty much same thing in a recent TV interview. It's amazing you could even catch a TV interview with Aaron Rogers the way Drew Brees is hogging up the airways.
  14. Here we go again.[] Bi-amping can make a huge difference using internal crossovers as well. Some folks call it poor mans bi-amping but it still makes a huge difference. Horns love tubes keep the tubes on mids and tweets and the ss driving the woofers.[Y]
  15. I deal with the parasitic effects (undersired behaviors) of "wire" on a daily basis at work, and the physics of this behavior is extremely well known. It is absolutely possible to find wires that make an audible difference, but then I would suggest they aren't very good wires. Certainly there will be those where other problems in the system can be partially compensated for with wire selection, so it is only natural to attribute the differences to the thing that changed (the cable). I would say forget the bi-wiring and save your money...especially since the physics indicate that you shouldn't be able to perceive a difference with good wire. I wonder which wire is bad in my system Liberty or Monster. I know which one I like the sound of better.
  16. I thought it was relevant when Monster Z-2 cable was referred to. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/82731/828806.aspx Interesting thread. You must have earlier model Lascalas that Klipsch hadn't switched over to yet. And the comment of "made my system sound so bad" is a generic comment which doesn't help anyone who reads this thread. I was elaborating on my experience not recommending monster cable to everyone on the planet. Here are a few reviews with some Klipsch owners. http://www.audioreview.com/cat/cables/speaker-cables/monster-cable/z2-biwire-speaker-cable/prd_116530_1584crx.aspx To the OP good luck on your quest. As you can see some hear no change and others do. It's just the way of audio. But don't be bullied into one way or the other buy what you enjoy. Bullying is what killed most of the 2 channel boutiques in this country anyways imho.
  17. I don't see how that adds any weight to the discussion besides you dont like Monster Z-1.
  18. Sure can. I was running some nice multi strand Liberty 12 gauge wire on my KLF 30's. I had them just ran normal. Then decided to biwire with the Liberty cable and actually seemed to lose some bottom end and gain mids and highs. It wasn't to my liking so I ran across a used pair of Monster Z2 biwire cables for 20 bucks locally and hooked them up. I instantly gained a much more pronounced bass that was much more solid than before and the highs were immediatley tamed. Now I am not sure if Monster has done something with this particular cable to deaden the highs or not but the wire has a larger wire for the bass than the highs and each is marked as to where it is to go. It is obviously some kind of resistance trick but it is definitely noticeable immediatley. This isn't a subtle change. So to be fair is it the cable or the biwire I am not 100% sure but either way logically it shouldn't be this big of a change. As I had stated though using the Liberty cable when biwiring the KLF 30's it was very apparent again that the bass had become thin and the mids and highs were pronounced. So I am more apt to think it was the biwiring.
  19. Well I have used a QSC SRA 2422 @ 425wpc on my Chorus II's and they handled it with ease showing zero signs of strain. Also used a Crown K2 @ 500wpc with the same results. If you have clean power they can take it and reward you with some bone crushing bass.
  20. As Dire Straits would say "money for nothing and your chicks for free".
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