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  1. I'm using stock or "cheapo" RCA cables that came with my components. Will I notice any improvment in sound if I go with something more high end? I saw RCAs at Best Buy in the sound room for $60 a piece for a 6 foot cable. I nearly passed out. Will it really make that much difference using a $60 cable verses a $6 cable to hook up my components?
  2. I've used compressed air without any issues at all. Just don't be stupid with it and get too close. If you are still unsure get a can of spray air at Home Depot and use that (much less pressure). I wouldn't use any water, cleaners, or damp rags on the speakers.
  3. Dude, I had to laugh at all the beer cans in the last picture. If I did what you just did there would be two empty bottles of Jim Beam laying there too. Good luck witht the rest of your project.
  4. I found this pair of nice looking CWs on CL, but what is a Cornwall II from way back when. I'm familiar with the ones that begin production in 1986 (I think). http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/ele/1657668244.html
  5. I'm picking up a pair Chorus IIs and will be using them in a basement freestanding. Do I need to build a false wall behind them to give the passives something to reflect off of? If so, how wide and tall do I need to go?
  6. I bought a pair of LSs with blown out woofs. The previous owner said some guys hooked a bunch of musical power amps to them and blew them to smitherines. There wasn't a single torch mark on tthe cabs (except where someone left a cigarette). I can't imagine the amount of power that went in there and torched the speaker. It's kind of cool though, like a badge of honor. I'm just glad no one got hurt and the box is unscathed.
  7. I'm sure it was worth the trip, especially on the way back with those babies on board. Very nice.
  8. How about you keep one and sell me the other two! I'll even pick them up.
  9. I drool everythime I see them on Ebay. They are truly the best proportioned speakers in the Heritage line. Someday! Someday!
  10. I agree. It really depends on your likes and dislikes. I have all my stuff in a small corner of an open basement and I literally "sit on top of it", but I like it that way. I turn it up lightly and sit about 3 feet or so from the speakers. I prefer that to cranking everything out and sitting way back. Other folks like to rock the house down. So Cornwalls in a small room would work fine for me, but not for others. If you want to maximize the base output the Cornwalls need to be against the wall, or even better in the corner i.e., Cornwall.
  11. Funny, how I just came across this thread. I have a Pioneer SX-1980 and a pair of La Scala and a pair of Heresy hooked up to it along with a Velodyne sub. Tonight I am listening to an old Chicago album and thinking to myself, the only way this could possibly sound any better is to buy a tube amp. But I don't know anything about tube amps and then I came across your post. What tube amp should I be looking for? What is bi-amping? This all sounds very intriguing to me. I hope you can give me a few pointers in my latest quest to improve my sound - if that is even possible??
  12. Yep, the ones I'm looking at our Chorus I with the ports. I think I will hold out for a pair of the IIs. Thanks
  13. Seems to be pretty good, Jason. I'm still mixing and matching a bit. I've noticed that blending has alot to do with where the thing is placed in the room/basement. At first glance these seem to pick up the low end real well. There is not alot of punch, but the La Scallas do such a good with that I think I will be okay. I really just needed something to pick up under 100hz and there's no problem there. I was investigating the Epik which is on sale for $800, the Tuba kit (not sure I wanted to build right now), the Danley kit (guy never got back with me), and the Velodyne 18" when I came across the used Velodyne 15" so I just went for it. There were so many choices and considerations, I'm sort of glad I just pulled the trigger on this thing.
  14. You knew this was coming - How do you tell if they are Chorus II? The ones I am looking at are probably from the mid 90s
  15. Actually the one I wound up with is a Velodyne Servo F-1500 from 1996. Whatever it is, it sounds really good.
  16. My wife is going to kill me if I come home with another set of speakers, but you hit home with the rock slam comment. That's my music of choice. I also have a big room - like an entire basement. I have a chance to buy some from the mid-ninties. What do you think they are worth in good condition (oiled oak)?
  17. Boom, I can't believe I just read that. I was coming back here to post that I just bought a used Sevo FSR15 for $350 and it is WAY more bass than I anticipated or need. I have the thing dialed down to practically nothing and it is sounds GREAT. I had to hide it behind by entertainment center. It was too much in the corner. I'm not sure how anyone could want anything more than this in a normal house. When I turn it up halfway the entire house shakes and my family goes nutso. As mentioned, I am using it for music only. My sub search is offically over.
  18. Great, so now you can enjoy the Cornwalls for years to come. You'll probably pet them a few times for the next couple of months each time you walk by. I'm not joking. Welcome to the Heritage family Jeff.
  19. Glad to hear yours are still in the living room. I've be religated to the basement along with all my "mid-life crisis" stereo gear. No worries though, I crank the CWs alot louder down there. I'm using vintage Pioneer recievers from the 70s (SX line). Trust me, the CWs will sound good with SX (650 and above) and these can be had all day long on E-bay for $150 and up. When they blow up I just buy another one.
  20. I'm pretty familair with the Heritage speakers, but I don;t understand where the Chorus fits in. What is part of the Heritage line or something different? How does it compare to say a Cornwall or a La Scala? Any insight on the Chorus would be appreciated.
  21. Your crossover already has at least one new cap in it, which is good, but I agree, get rid of that goofy fuse while you are swapping the tweeters.
  22. I checked everything out and took the advice here of sealing the back of the cabs. They can actually handle a little more when they are sealed up tight. Looks like I am just over driving them with too much bass dailed in. I guess every speaker has its limits. These Heresys do pair nice as satellite or surround speakers for my La Scallas. Its amazing how much louder the LS are though at the same power setting. It's a good lesson on speaker sensitivity. Heresys are a nice balance between sound, size and appearance.
  23. If your woofer was sitting outside in winter for many years you might want to think about buying a new one from Klipsh of $150 or having it reconned for about $100. It's easy to pull out from the bottom of the speaker. You probably need a new base panel too. You can use 3/4 plywood for that. Seal it up tight with double stick tape or something similair. As far as finding di-pole antennas and such at Wal-mart - forget about it. They only sell what is popular now. Try finding items like Chromium cassette tapes, LP cleaner, and the such. Radio Shack even stopped selling individual speaker drivers a few years back. Fortunatly, all the good stuff can still be found on-line. You'll just have to wait a few days and maybe pay a little more to get it.
  24. Perfect, I have lots of options and leads to run down now. Thanks to all.
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