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  1. None of that sounds off at all. The PrimaLuna should be excellent and it has plenty of power. It sounds like you may have 2 issues. The woofers are new. Woofers really do need some time to loosen up. After I first heard them, I was disappointed in my new Heresy IVs thin sound. So, I ran dub-step with full bass boost through them for about 80 hours (not too loud). Just shut the door. At 40 hours they were much better and probably didn't change after that. Give that a try. You can experiment with using the 4 ohm speaker outputs, too. Older La Scalas ran about 6 ohms in the woofer's range and I expect the new ones do, too. The other is that the La Scala's don't reproduce the lower 5 or 6 bass notes of a double bass/bass guitar very well. Cornwall's will, but also add some distortion that will "fatten" the sound.
  2. How about a nice pair of Belle Klipsch? In Chicago? Or even 3 for a center-fill?
  3. Heresy driver magnets are not that kind of magnet. Sounds like an ignorant decision made without data.
  4. Magnet too strong?! For what? Who, that was qualified, made that statement? How absurd. Probably you should look at FedEx or DHL and just ship them back to Oz.
  5. I'm working on that. There are some pics in a PDF on page 1 of this thread. I just talked to Gil. He said he'd be glad to go with someone to the location where everything is stored and talk "turkey". You'll need to come with a truck or van for the larger stuff and pick him up where he lives. We will pack and ship the smaller stuff, at buyers expense. Contact him at w.f.mcdermott@gmail.com or PM me and I'll give you his phone number.
  6. JohnA


    Try this question in the 2 Channel section. You'll get answers there. Have a budget in mind for cartridge and turntable.
  7. Gotta have area for the glue to bond. Try calling Eminence to get their advice on restoring your "K-33-Es".
  8. Except that oil prices are lower and interest rates are falling and your wild speculation is way off base.
  9. TTT. I've talked to Gil a few times and he does want to sell his gear to generate some cash. I'll attach the list here after I find it. The 3 matching Belles are the centerpiece, but the rest is interesting, too. If I understand the situation, opus2k9 has passed and his wife is still storing the stuff in her house. We need to get this into new homes to unburden her, too. Gil inventory.xlsx
  10. Line Array? Do you mean stacking? I don't think that would be needed from a performance point of view. Yes, the mouths are small, but a larger mouth or longer horn is apparently not needed to get lower frequency output. These are kinda odd beasts from the way the ports and short horn interact. I can't imagine why you could not parallel 2 or 3 on one sub out connector, whether they had a pass through or not. I use these to parallel 2 sub's on each sub out. Is that what you're asking?
  11. The practical lower limit of a La Scala is about 60 Hz. A, D, C, G is an extremely common bass line sequence in music including acoustic genres like folk, jazz and Bluegrass. That A is about 55 Hz, D is 73, C is 65 and G is 49. E (41 Hz) and F (44 Hz, "Angel Of Harlem") are a!so quite common. "Beseme Mucho" has a 37 Hz D in it. Properly calibrated, a subwoofer will only add the low notes a La Scala cannot reproduce and you will not be able to detect its presence. I would not be satisfied without subwoofers and I am not a bass head. If I can hear a sub, it's 10 dB too loud.
  12. Here is a group of max output response curves for the new subwoofers. However, it requires some interpretation. They were run in 1/2 space and at 2 meters (I'm glad I wasn't Jesse that day!). You should add 6 db for a 1m rating to compare to most other speakers and another 3 to 6 dB for indoor use, depending on placement and room size/shape. You can see the small one can cover any common music note, even Ao, 2 steps below the open B on an 5-string bass.
  13. A naming contest is a fine idea, if the company is willing. Remember, the British held a naming contest for an underwater drone and got Boaty McBoatface!
  14. I recommend you wait and not speculate on things that are unknown and haven't even been discussed at Klipsch. They will have to be competitively priced with other top performing subwoofers. The finishes have been discussed, but are not even final. The final design of the XL is still incomplete.
  15. I like them quite a lot! But they are about 20 years old and on borrowed time. VMPS is long gone and Brian Cheney was notoriously secretive, so no one knows what parts he used. I now have a folder on my computer named "Deep Roy"!
  16. I think the Medium is not as large as you think. If I remove the 4 VMPS Larger Sub's, I'll have plenty of room for 2 mediums in my 17' x 18' x 10' den. I don't think anyone posted a pic of it. It is about the same size as a La Scala bass horn, though about 6" wider on each side. Now, if intense refers to $s, we'll have to wait until this summer. Wanna buy a pair of Acurus A250s? 😉 This pic is a little dark, but the Medium subwoofer is about the same height as one of my subs and 5" wider.
  17. A lot of stuff in these old receivers is no longer available, the output chips in particular.
  18. This is a play around sysyem and I think tubes would be more fun. I looked at the Dayton hybrids. They're interesting. The sound source will be a laptop, so there's no justification for $5000, and no desire in that system.
  19. I don't know if I like SoniCaps or not, but I think you'll be fine with those crossovers. Enjoy¡
  20. A subwoofer cannot be "airy". Since these are horn loaded, the effective radiating area is the area of the mouth, not the driver. But, also since they are horn loaded, the sound is clean. They don't have that subwoofer sound. They're musical and sound "effortless". We listened to (special) AL-5s with the larger 2 and the pairing was excellent. Having the entire bass range horn loaded stood out as clean, detailed and easier to separate instrument sounds. If you need to go with the Medium because of size, I'd suggest buying 2 to get the max output up to where I'd want it. The Medium will cover all musical notes and most LFE effects. I'm leaning toward a Large, but 2 Mediums will fit in my room easier.
  21. What is the most likely cause for my '70s SS receiver popping/putting with the volume at zero and no input? It started this over the weekend. It was recapped 4 or 5 years ago.
  22. Do you have a recommendation for a cheap tube integrated to replace my '70s receiver to drive my Heresy IVs? Let's say 10 to 25 watts, 2 inputs and tone controls, price in the few hundred $$. I can pick one at random on Amazon, but I'd rather have a recommendation from someone with experience. My only experience with tubes was a pair of Wave-8s.
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