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  1. Drill more holes and add more drivers....wait I think someone has tried that
  2. Did you mean psychotic acoustic?
  3. I followed your suggestions and put in the plastic plugs. Aesthetically they are more pleasing. It is subtle but a just different feel in the room. Or maybe I am imagining it, perception bias and all that. YMMV.
  4. babadono


    ^what he said we can't love him and leave him to die...
  5. our so called leaders speak..with words they try to gel ya.....
  6. Just watched the trailer....yea I'd like to see that.
  7. @grasshopper Par Tay in the cemetery? Did you do the Monster Mash?
  8. All Righty then.... Indian summer rages on out here...Bright sunny about 85 to 90 degrees....carry on.....
  9. Several years ago mine went up 200%. Could not get any other insurer at the time so I was forced to up my deductible to 30% or some such nonsense just to make it affordable. So basically i was only insured for a catastrophic loss. I have since qualified with the only other company the insures in my area so I changed companies. Now it is semi reasonable again but only if i insure my cars with them also. It is legalized robbery.
  10. Which anniversary of your 39th birthday are we celebrating? Happy Birthday ol' feller. I will gladly have a toast in your honor a wee bit later
  11. Ok so the Masterpiece is a Preamp so it should have line level out. Does the PL have a line level in? Like an Aux in or a tuner in?
  12. babadono

    Miracle whip

    Ah yea.....Miracle Whip? YUCK This sheet is happenin...Avocado Mayo.
  13. Any chances of a trade up program?...... Can't blame a guy for asking
  14. Feliz Dia de Los Muertos May the Souls of all your departed loved ones Rest In Peace.🙏
  15. I see a USB input in your video Cory. So the GUI and adjusting will only be for Roy? Say it ain't so.... Also 2 in and 8 out? Why? Just because?
  16. So in the one pic. that you can see a laptop it looks like miniDSP's GUI....I know nothing, this is all conjecture on my part.
  17. Yea I asked a while ago if it has a connection to a computer and a GUI for individual set ups and adjustments....got no response.
  18. Weird. I don't even know what that 3 pin picture is supposed to be depicting. Looks kinda like an XLR which it ain't. I'd have to take the terminal cup out just for curiousity's sake.
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