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  1. Thinking of a Road Trip out West later this month. Haven't been skiing this season so Colorado here we come. Anyone seriously interested in these HWO II's along I-40 through TN, AR, OK, TX, NM and up I-25 into Colorado let me know cause I may be driving through you backyard. These are all original, no mods. Thanks much, Larry
  2. Good price! I have two hanging from ceiling on back wall I use for rear surround. Great speaker, GLWS
  3. Thanks Billy: He had KLF 10s in black that he traded. He has an Oak KLF C-7 to go with the 20's and 30's. and the black 10's will match my black C-7s on the back wall so everybody's happy.
  4. 20's and 30's have a new home in Music City, USA. Rock on KLF's
  5. Nothing has been done to them. One tiny chip on the side at the very top. I see two wtb posts but they aren't even close. Thanks for your reply and wish me luck. Larry
  6. Available in Chattanooga, TN. For $500.00. I have more photos and wish I could load them. Interested, I'll get them too you. Thanks for your interest, Larry.
  7. zdude, yes I have two pair. 20's and 30's both in medium oak in Chattanooga TN
  8. zdude, yes 20's and 30's still available
  9. I sent photos to the OP Wednesday and got no response. Gave him a price but he wasn't interested in a center.
  10. Medium Oak, consecutive serial numbers, feet included, no modifications. These are very nice but one speaker got an owie on the bottom corner, you gotta look for it. I have many photos but I can only attach one. $600.00 but will sell for less if you come and pick them up.
  11. Yes, bone stock and sound great with this little 100 watt yamaha. However, Ive read a lot about improving them, especially with tubes. I've read they can be so much better.
  12. They are very nice, unbelievable nice in fact. Using them on two channel with a little Yamaha 5.1 'no subs, no center and no surrounds' in a room about 18 feet across and 30 deep with 17 foot ceiling with lots of breathing room. Judy says she likes um better than the LaScalas in the basement, could be the open ceiling, smaller midrange horn and bigger bass presence. Her most favorite Klipsch experience, even better than three LaScalas an four KLFs. In the basement. A guy advertised on the Klipsch Owners Forum wanting to trade his Cornwall IIs for KLF's. The deal didn't happen but these appeared on a local Facebook trader the next morning and we were on um.
  13. Sorry, I'm confused. Are you wanting to buy just KLF 30s for up to 800. If so, I have a pair in medium oak
  14. After reading all this I'm starting to think the caps in my almost 40 year old LaScalas might need replacing. Also I'm wondering about my split LS in the center from early 80's (not sure what crossover network but not AA)
  15. It was 75 or 76 living in Arkadelphia. One Sunday afternoon an old college buddy and K&A employee from Hope dropped in for a quick visit on his way home from Hot Springs. He had been providing SOUND for a live band (Terry Williams aka TW) playing at the Sawmill Depot in Hot Springs. When I discovered Jack was transporting LaScalas in the back of his pickup not another word was spoken, we just grinned at each other and were out the door. Half hour later the loaners were inside and connected to my 10 cent receiver and I was experiencing Wet Willy, Poco and Pure Prairie League like I had never imagined. I was grinning so big by this time my face was about to break. I knew I had to own a pair of these someday and the dream came true after getting hired at K&A as a LS builder, then building and purchasing my very own pair which we still enjoy almost forty years later. The build happened during the Christmas Break of 76 after collecting the best looking boards for months and receiving a cash present from Mom and Dad. My roommate Gary, foreman over final assembly and one who had a key to the factory dropped me off and let me in. Eight hours later Gary returned and the Pair had been built. I signed the top of the bass bins and stamped the date (12 30 76) and my initals on the top edge of the back of the bass bin). When the factory re-opened and we returned to work Gary followed the Pair through sanding and finish making sure they got the custom treatment including five coats of clear. Gary completed the build using components he had tested and matched for a pair of Klipschorns he wanted but donated them to my project instead. After a few days I was summoned to shipping after work to see the completed project on display. After a while of being admired Alan (packing specialist) boxed um up, we loaded um on Andy's truck (shipping foreman) and Gary and I followed Andy to the house. It was a farm house with no neighbors to piss off but lots of friends came out to give a listen. I have added a Split LaScala for center, KLF 20's for surround and KLF C7 for rear surround.
  16. I remember Gwen Cox and that smile that never stopped, Jack Fountain seen running with her in the add Andy posted introduced me to LaScalas and K&A. Helped me get hired in 76 building LaScala Cabinets. Tell Gwen Larry said hello!
  17. Sure thing Christy. Where do you want it sent?
  18. The mighty COSSATOT. Almost a victim of that River!!!
  19. Christy: Any luck finding a xl t-shirt? I have an original in used condition (comes with LaScala glue as I wore it as a work shirt in my scallywaggin days). It's a large and is snug on me after shrinking. I remember the story of the arrest in 1977 as told by the K&A sales rep living in Fayetteville working southwest US. Sorry I didn't keep one in unused condition but maybe the wear and tear on this one will provide authenticity and prove acceptable? Larry
  20. Opps, while I was responding I missed the part about the critter needing attention so I guess a trade wouldn't be an option, Sorry. Maybe if a buyer for the KLF 20's between Tennessee and Colorado shows up I could deliver and pick up in the same trip. Sorry to hear about the needs of you pet and I wish you the best.
  21. These look nice but I can't tell much about the tops and sides. Any chance of some more revealing photos please? Also, would you consider a trade for medium oak KLF 20's. in excellent condition? Colorado is my adopted home state and a road trip would not be out of the question.
  22. Here's to the next Ten years of pissin of the neighbors. Oh, but neighbors aren't a problem for you are they? How sweet it must be.
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