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  1. All I know is mono material - sounds just awesome with my mono's - very centered between the two speakers with depth and texture. Bob Dylan mono albums sound wonderful.
  2. I'd for sure keep it - anyone buying down the road would appreciate having them.
  3. Looks great - I really like that Leak unit - I would totally buy one if I needed a new amp.
  4. My 76' Cornwalls were on a Schitt Aegir - which I absolutely loved but now that my tube amps are finished - they are back in the picture. Cornwalls sound great no matter what (assuming the amps are very good.) They only sounded somewhat flat (soundstage wise) using an older Pioneer receiver (which needs a rebuild.)
  5. Nope - no thought of all running a second Aegir with my Cornwalls - one is plenty. Very happy with it - but now my tube amps are back so it is sitting as backup. Best of luck!
  6. Chet Baker tonight. Cheers!
  7. I've blown too many cheap ones but my amps are at a pretty damn stable point now - so the cheap ones should last (I have some Sovtek and some really nice Phillips.) I have 3 of the GZ37s - one which is pretty dark on the inside from the last amp melt down - but it still works - it is my backup now.
  8. I bought a very nice GZ37 for 150.00 about a month ago. I was surprised because I bought two back in 2016 for not much less.
  9. I've had good luck with the Weber GZ68 - but badluck with their WS1 - which they refunded. They were supposed to be very similar - but my amp blew fuses with the WS1. I'm a glass man so I prefer a nice Mullard.
  10. I found that marble cable lifters sound harder than mahogany cable lifters which sound more wood like. I use 24kt Gold ones for certain music - good to have all different types.
  11. I can't imagine even knowing if this is happening - I have 77 CWs and with all the screws around the plywood back - it is in place pretty damn tight. So not something I'd worry about.
  12. Cornwalls as a wedding gift? That is wild. I had to brace my wife for my Cornwalls as at the time they were the ugliest speakers on the planet.
  13. Greg Foat - Girl Robot and Flowers, From Bosch TV Series.
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