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  1. the RF-7 in any series " used " would pair well with the A-S 1200
  2. @Giarc60 can you take an Ohmmeter , and check the Ohms readings of both woofers , Tx
  3. The tweeter of the 1975 Heresy was replaced with a square magnet k-77 ( ferrite )-, the Letter R stamp indicates a " Replacement " driver from klipsch .
  4. the Driver combination for the 82 is different , the woofer is the 8 Ohms ferrite K-22 -E Tweeter is the EV T-35 ferrite square magnet , However , the Midrange driver can vary in 1982 . the pictures of the OP shows the K-52H Heppner
  5. @Travis In Austin @Giarc60 The D Network is original , although it's extremely rare with these round capacitors , you can see this by the metal holders of the capacitors and no other holes in the wooden board to indicate that these were an Add-on the Driver combination is the Alnico round magnet K-77/EV T-35 tweeter , the K-55M Alnico Midrange driver -the Badge is the PWK Pie badge . the woofers can be - 2 types A)- the orange surround K-22 woofer /EV SP-12B or B- the Alnico K-22
  6. read all about it https://www.klipsch.com/register
  7. you'll need an Ohmmeter , set the dial on Ohms place the prongs on the neg-pos terminals , what is the result ? BTW you can purchase a used satellite speaker on Ebay .
  8. prices vary depending on condition 1400$ to 1800$ https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649815313-klipsch-chorus-ii/
  9. Lol , Stainless steel can be magnetic or non-magnetic depending if the steel at it's core is ferro-magnetic or not .
  10. It is VIP to note that the non- magnetic screws or the ferrous screws used in the AA were not identical across the board , the bump in inductance varied typically whether the screw was brass , ferrous , or stainless steel .
  11. . this screw question was repeated ad nauseam over the years Mike Colter , who worked for klipsch Technical support tested both the magnetic and non-magnetic screws in the klipsch anechoic chamber . colterphoto1 Heritage Members 24.5k Location: Indianapolis, IN Home of KLIPSCH Posted July 3, 2008 I've tested the brass/steel screw theory in Klipsch's anechoic chamber. Acoustically (measureably) it doesn't make a gnat's butt difference what the screw is made of. Electrically, in theory, it might have some effect, but it's immeasurable on a frequency response curve, so it must not affect the values within the crossover network to any great degree.
  12. the Engineers + the Staff knew about it since 1 designated screw in the AA's assembly jig was a brass screw ., but they ran out . all klipsch crossovers were tested at the Hope Plant , no exceptions , with the ferrous screw or the AA would not have shipped out .
  13. you can place a For sale ad in the Garage Sale section of the Forum for the AK-6
  14. speakers look in great condition
  15. Any Heresy works great for vocals , but dont expect thundering bass , but clear bass
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