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  1. you are comparing a 150$ horn with driver used to an 900$ horn used , I would be congested as well in that I would need 1800$ to feel the difference - but I agree totaly - after all it is used in the jubilee and the cinema series -
  2. the Jensens P15LL woofers are that good - 300$ a pop - very musical and expensive to recone - they show up in a lot of leslie cabs -
  3. you are saying that the K55 V -k51 v - k55 m are perfect fits for the k400-k401 or k600-k700 - - are the k53 the same with the k701
  4. what is your take on the arctic meltdown - would the wobble increase the collision or closeness to an asteroid hurtling towards Earth,
  5. what is your take on the arctic meltdown -
  6. the kits tthat were to be assembled were very different from the speaker drawing kits that were available at a lower cost - -the complete unit was a non-assembled speaker - -that had no bearing on the value of the unit once assembled - -as these units were shipped across the world - the complete kits were much better protected for transport via ships-trains or trucks -dont forget that we were in 55 - a skilled carpenter would open the box and could do a much better fitting work than a factory cabinet that was subject to mass production - the parts were all pre-cut at the factory -and the carpenter would follow the instructions , the same way , a worker would at the factory -
  7. I think he just got tired - after all President Obama did sign a deal with China , if the strongest man in the free world is on the wagon , we should listen , the President did state that the problem is global - all nations must be on board or nothing will happen -
  8. Be honest, you don't know why you believe man causes global warming. Do you? Give us something more than smog in New York or your washing machine theory. here is data that is 10 years old - there is a cool video - self explanatory : http://expedition2010org.blogspot.ca/2010/09/fabled-northwest-passage-opens-ice-free.html
  9. they dont falsify data , it changes constantly the science is not there yet , nothing you can do about it before a few decades - the last time I was in Asia , you could not see 10 feet away - they use charcoal everywhere - NY is heaven compared to Shanghai -
  10. Iunderground mines use scrubbers on their combustion engines - and it works - they will come soon or later to all gas engines to reduce pollution -it is just a question of time -
  11. the place is pristine clean - it must be that gorgeous house maid -she does house calls -
  12. in NY , you cant see the sky on smog days , the air has a kinda of a nice odor -like the smell of a car's muffler - you need a mask to filter the nasty dust particles that burn the eyes but again that is not man made ,yep , just natural You are using a micro example to explain a macro phenomena. Does man create smog in New York? Of course he does. Does it change the temperature in Africa? I'm not convinced. the planet turns every 24 hours - next time you use your washing machine - take a close look , did you notice that your clothes got cleaner as they spun around , now add a bit of dirt and spin it , I betcha that your clothes are dirty - same things with a planet -one huge washing machine -instead that the gases interact -it is called global warming -
  13. they used to give smog warnings - now - they only tell you that the air quality is at a lower level - they say things are improving - that makes me feel a bit better -
  14. the icebergs are like waterfalls in the middle - sort of like a big sink drain -
  15. in NY , you cant see the sky on smog days , the air has a kinda of a nice odor -like the smell of a car's muffler - you need a mask to filter the nasty dust particles that burn the eyes but again that is not man made ,yep , just natural
  16. ecological business practises cost the same in 2015 as the offensive- the local authorities do not issue the required operation permits unless volontary inspections are mandatory and implemented with strict Federal requirements - until the industry cleans up it's act and invests in EPA approved solutions , the industry will not bounce back - and the high paying jobs as well -
  17. klipsch should have these in stock or ebay -
  18. you should reach colterphoto1 on this forum - Michael is the guru for Klpsch Pro -
  19. Paul Klipsch was in fact dead right on all of his creations - the k400 dates back to 64 -half a decade , if is was good enough for PWK then I would think that it deserves our respect - the day that Klipsch will retire the k401 and replace it with a newer concept - I will take note -
  20. this guy is a good organ player - now what he plays is so unrelated to an organ's true sound - that is , he makes the organ sound awful - he should be playing a piano instead like jerry lee lewis -now he may look like jerry lee and want to play like jerry lee -but as he is using the wrong instrument -the result is a total waste of talent and a dead end for this artist - what a shame -the synthesizer was invented years ago
  21. dont forget that you can always use a 4th speaker to achieve a quadraphonic sound -PWK was not a man to limit sound - there is nothing wrong with 2 speakers in the center - if 3 is better than 2 -4 is better than 3 -
  22. a threshold amp -most definitely -they have huge power sections - 1kw
  23. Wilton is good but I found out that there are Chinese ones and U.S. ones and there is a difference in quality and you get what you pay for. the USA made ones are good for life - and the fit is perfect
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