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  1. great drink - lousy bartender - he uses the same ounce cup for all liquids , and doesnt rinse it -nasty -
  2. OO1


    What are those long black cabinets laying on their backs? I prefer the H3 CABS on the right - beautiful -
  3. if the Taxes on fuel were lowered , that could save jobs , we end up paying for it either way -it is all just greed -
  4. Defective string - that can happen anywhere in the world -
  5. it is only a movie -but great action - samuel jackson just doesnt get any better
  6. OO1

    La Scala NYC

    how can anyone go wrong with that deal -
  7. not a bad deal at all , the speakers are worth 1200$ - as long as you can deal with the man - 200$ should take it -
  8. oak is definitely a good choice - walnut on the other hand is very resistant to damage
  9. any decent 100 watts amp will do just fine -
  10. does anyone know a McDonalds with a girlfiend called Hamburger -
  11. I love how you post up this stuff but seem to repeatedly leave out the links to back up your points... do a google search -
  12. you are very funny , a 300kton yield B61 built with junked parts , cannibalized from defective units with vaccum tubes till 2020 -
  13. very nice old tube tester
  14. ok - lets be precise by looking at the numbers : a) 1 % of around 3150 B1 (plus or minus ) were made with tubes - 99% solid state- the B1 with tubes were the first units deployed in the early sixties -they have been out of operation since the late sixties - -the total production of B1 accounts for START due to the warheads -2950 B1 ( plus or minus ) are out of commission - c)-there are only 200 B1 in service in 2015 including spares -they are the latest generations of the B1 solid state - d) the 2950 Obsolete B1 were considered for a return to active duty - a remanufacturing process is needed , however , funding was denied -
  15. by the time , you build and load up the cornscalas with proper -woofers -drivers -horns -crossovers -wiring and then veneer the cabs -new grilles-fabric -badges-risers - insulation -you will end up paying just as much as CW3 from klipsch - a Cornscala is not a cheaper product to build -but it is tailored to your specifications - a one of a kind versus the factory ready made product -
  16. dont worry it will grow on you - sooner or later - just like all of us - you 'll buy more klipsch speakers - just wait and see when you will spot a deal here - another deal there - it is just as question of time -.
  17. It was a little tricky, which I expected...took a couple of times to figure out the cream hardener proportion, and how long I had to work with it, but overall it worked well. Sanded down nicely, took the primer well, and the Duratex. Looking forward to putting on the second coat and really smooth everything out. congratulations Jim , excellent job , , were you able to save the Klipsch laser logo on one of the cabs - these are the nicest logos klipsch made -IMHO
  18. Steve if the man who hit the car has no insurance , he definitely has no property - it is a catch 22 situation - the only way here for Rick Tate to get help is from his own insurance company , in so far as they would cover the third party liabilities like medical costs - his insurance broker would have to be involved and state what if any coverage he has .- -there is a lawyer - DWI LAWYER on this forum - let's hope he can give us a better legal opinion -
  19. or Orange juice from concentrate , vitamins -etc - they also produce food
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