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  1. or Orange juice from concentrate , vitamins -etc - they also produce food
  2. no humanity Oh, I didn't post the bad pictures of what they do to pets, don't want inject too much reality on the leaders here or ruin anyone's week. You said it. I know many there are doing what they have to do to survive, but there are so many that have no soul whatsoever. Asia in general is pure filth and its a shame because there so much beauty in the landscapes over there. We are very lucky to be in the US of A. I have watched their incredible growth since the 80's , I have seen bare villages become huges cities in a matter of 1 year , aeroports are dug out of the water , skycrapers are built like we build homes , they are a non-stop machine ,in fact we are asleep in the West in comparison -
  3. DWI LAWYER on this forum is the man to ask about the legal questions -he is a lawyer that know about car litigations - maybe he can counsel Rick Tate as to how to better get compensation for this accident -
  4. OO1

    Derrick Tate fund

    no , it is ricktate
  5. how about the insurance coverage of your car - are you insured and will your insurance pick up any of the costs -
  6. it has not so far , they have no limit as to how much they can pollute their own people - we just hired a Chinese person and he mentionned that in his city ,in the winter , the snow is black -
  7. I don't know if this one has been mentioned before: http://photo.qip.ru/users/tda-audio/182333/3269763/#mainImageLink yes that is the Classic the Dean is designed to fit into a right angle corner or into a floor/ceiling wall position. There has been print to say the horn goes up to 600 Hz but I wonder how well that high but I would be interested to hear what crossover points people have had success with. That is part of the beauty of this horn it is easier to match up to a mid horn that is not huge. Best regards Moray James. sorry to ask and I do wish to say that I know nothing about these speakers - why all the hype about the University Classic -
  8. China is the world 's biggest manufacturer - pollution is a byproduct - they know how to make it - but they dont know how to clean it up -
  9. China produces it for us - and pollutes it's cities so we dont have to pollute our own - if we produced it , we would have the same end result - -the only way to clean this up is to levy a recycling fee on every item they sell in order to have the funds to industrialize the recycling of these toxic rejects - the stuff does dry up and what you see is just the top layer - these particles are toxic and the people in these factories are eventually going to be sick with deadly deceases and problems with new borns , genetic defects - etc - we have to help - as the planet is indirectly polluting their environment for us to enjoy the latest - this is just the tip of the iceberg , scenes like these are all over China -with all of their industries polluting their country - China is the world's manufacturer ,and that only comes at a price -
  10. if this is the byproduct of the manufacturing process and the rejected materials -then we have a big problem -
  11. As well as USA Military, as least in our nukes. - current operational nukes in the USA have solid state systems components since the late 60's --whether they fail or not , the components are changed as their end of life is reached - generally 5 years - -as components age and degrade , and NOS components cannot be used due to their age , a newly manufactured certified part is required , and the USA has been out of the Vaccum tubes manufacturing since the late 60's -
  12. DJK -1 ) does the k-horn go lower than the Jubilee - 2) what similarities do you see with the Roy Delgado 's Jubilee vs the JBL Hartfield bass bin -
  13. I am surprised that you did not build a Jubilee rather than the jamboree -There are plans for the Jamboree, and some folks think it is better than the Jubilee. Plus, there are no real plans for the Jub, except at Klipsch. Dana's designs are good, even if he may have borrowed heavily from others work. To answer your question Randy, marvel kind of hit it on the nose. Plus I had the drivers. I would rather go with plans I know are good than some that are pieced together. Plus the jamboree looked easier to build. Some day if I have the funds I would love to purchase a set of Jubilees. for the Jubilee , these carry maximum efficiency and balance with dual 12 inchers passive or active , 2 or 3 way ,and the owner is free to create his own masterpiece -
  14. Russia is a superpower , would they still be using tubes , they would be considered a third world country at best -
  15. That radar is pretty old stuff - even with a 6C33C , it was not a technology marvel of any kind
  16. emp Proof? - what a whole lot of nostalgia -EMP hardening has ebabled the military forces across the world to replace Tubes - and than includes the Russians -tubes amps are not immuned to EMP either -the Russians have new technology that is devoid of tubes since the 70's - -in todays world where you need a brain in the electronics of military equipment - unfortunately - tubes are obsolete - on the other hand , if you are a music sound audiophile - tubes are high end equipment -for the ones who can afford it - And you get the entirety of the above information from where? Link please. - they used to use the 6C33C in the 70's and that proved to the West that the feared Mig 25 was a DUD - and obsolete technology - the Russians lack of modern technology became so evident that the Soviet Union collapsed for the reason of obsolescence - one main reason to use tubes in the 70's was the inability of the russians to manufacture solid state quality components - they have however evolved in the interim - EMP had nothing to do with the choice of Tubes
  17. no worry here - they have it by the spades -and far ahead of the game -
  18. OO1

    'jailbroken' T.V. ?

    just a bit confused here - would this type of box be the same as cable tv - or better - or less
  19. OO1

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter - folks - and the best to all your families -32 F over here -
  20. PWK thought the Jubilee was so much better than the khorn and heritage that it deserved its own designation. The bass quality of the Jubilee is top notch and not fair to compare to the La Scala. The La Scala and Belle are great with similar qualities but they don't go as low as the Khorn and the Jubilee goes a little lower than that. Its not a slam against La Scala or Belle I have lived with both them and would love another pair of either. The design goals for PWK and Roy's Jubilee was: Smoother response in the passband. Distortion lower than the Khorn. Decrease in second and third harmonic distortion Extended LF response past 600hz and it hits about 1200hz. Bass response lower than the Khorn. All design goals met. perfect answer -thank you -
  21. I am surprised that you did not build a Jubilee rather than the jamboree -
  22. the OP had and I quote this question - " My question is how does the Jub bass compare to the bass of the la scalas? The tightness, the impact, the spl, and over all quality of the bass " -
  23. super nice , and beautiful - I have a whole pile of high end tuners as well - but I havent used these in over 20 years -
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