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    Parasound JC2 Preamp, Pass Labs X150.5 Main Amp, Yamaha YP-D8 Turntable with Shure V15 Type-IV and Jico Stylus, Cambridge Audio 640P Phono Stage, Yamaha T85 Tuner, Yamaha CDX-5000 CD Player, Oppo BDP-80 Disc Player, 1989 Klipschorns with ContracT Tweeter Horns and B&C DE120 CD's, Eliptrac 400 Squawker Horns with B&C DCM50 CD's, Crites 1526C Woofer Drivers, ALK ES400 & ES5800 Extreme slope Crossovers

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  1. Mancave Man

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    I've never driven my Klipschorns with Emotiva amps but I've had good luck with the XPA-2 & 3 in my HT. This a review of their TA-100 integrated amp. https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2018/09/02/emotiva-ta-100-review/
  2. Mancave Man

    When I get rich

    Check out this guy's system. https://www.blu-ray.com/community/gallery.php?u=42003
  3. Mancave Man

    KnuKoncept speaker wire

    I use their 12-G wire. As mentioned, very flexible and overall good quality.
  4. Mancave Man

    Jimjimbo made me do it ...

    I hadn't that Dave shut down his shop. Sorry to hear that. I'm very happy with the Eliptrac-400 & ContracT horns I bought from him. Good guy to deal with.
  5. Mancave Man

    Anyone here still using AudiogoN?

    I bought my Pass Labs amp there about 18 months ago. Very happy with the price and condition of the amp. The things I have sold were on eBay.
  6. Mancave Man

    Your Daily Ear Worm

    This one always sticks in my head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VShpcqd3zE
  7. Mancave Man

    Preamp Owners....What Are You Using?

    I'm using a Parasound JC2 BP. It replaced a Yamaha CX-1000.
  8. Mancave Man

    Deoxit on a Crown K2 pot...

    Great product. Worked well on my Yamaha CX-1000 pot.
  9. Mancave Man

    1966 Klipschorns

    Great looking Khorns. Congratulations.
  10. That's just the first bid. I doubt that they will sell for that price.
  11. Dave sells his Eliptrac400 squawker horn as a kit. http://www.fastlaneaudio.com/eliptrac.html
  12. Mancave Man

    Belle Klipsch for sale on EBay

    It is confusing. In the "Item Specifics" it does say that the price for the pair which seems to contradict the quantity and availability numbers at the top.
  13. Mancave Man

    Klipschorn Portable Corner Walls

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing your project.
  14. Mancave Man

    Where do you run your tone controls?

    LOL. I see what you're saying. "Mongo like beans" comes to mind.