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    Parasound JC2 Preamp, Pass Labs X150.5 Main Amp, Yamaha YP-D8 Turntable with Shure V15 Type-IV and Jico Stylus, Cambridge Audio 640P Phono Stage, Yamaha T85 Tuner, Yamaha CDX-5000 CD Player, Oppo BDP-80 Disc Player, 1989 Klipschorns with ContracT Tweeter Horns and B&C DE120 CD's, Eliptrac 400 Squawker Horns with B&C DCM50 CD's, Crites 1526C Woofer Drivers, ALK ES400 & ES5800 Extreme slope Crossovers
  1. That's just the first bid. I doubt that they will sell for that price.
  2. Dave sells his Eliptrac400 squawker horn as a kit.
  3. It is confusing. In the "Item Specifics" it does say that the price for the pair which seems to contradict the quantity and availability numbers at the top.
  4. Nice job. Thanks for sharing your project.
  5. LOL. I see what you're saying. "Mongo like beans" comes to mind.
  6. My pre-amp does not have tone controls. Flat sounds great to me.
  7. Congratulations, they are beauties. I had a similar experience having to wait about 12-years from the time I first heard them to owning a set. I've had mine for 28-years. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Why do you say the Fastlane horn is not good?
  9. You'll fit in here just fine... Thanks for making me blow water out of my nose!
  10. Mancave Man, thank you for your reply. What is the hatch seal made from and do you lie the bass bins down on their front when you open the hatch ? Not sure what they're made of. They are thin gray strips. i left mine standing.Here's a picture of the seal.
  11. Jason, I'm at the tail end of updating the caps on my AK-3 equipped 1990 K-Horns and am gathering the courage to open the woofer hatch. What type of gasket tape do you recommend ? - neoprene sponge, polyethylene foam, PVC foam - there are so many different types and your post is the first reference I have found to any type of gasket on the woofer hatch. Jimjimbo, I got a capacitor upgrade kit from Bob Crites and on his recommendation two gaskets for the K55 Horn and a barrier terminal strip so that the leads to the speakers didn't hang off the crossover components. Bob also recommended I replace the Monster cable leads as they may have deteriorated with age - he was being diplomatic, the cable had gone a clerpy green and the plastic insulation was sticky. And the results so far.... It's like the K-Horns had a thick blanket over them and someone just pulled it off ! Sparkling sound, better imaging - very different sound. I too was apprehensive the first time I opened my Khorn bass bin hatches. My Khorns are older than yours but my hatch seals stayed in tact and are still pliable. In fact I have opened them several times and still have both of the originals in place. I carefully and slowly pry them open and have had no problems. It's probably a good idea to have some backups just in case.
  12. I bought an X150.5 but haven't had a chance to try it yet. I'll report back once I do.
  13. Good luck on your joint project. I'm always happy to see our hobby being passed on to new generations.
  14. Congratulations. Welcome to the club.
  15. A lot of reading forum posts and reviews. I started with Crites CT-125 tweeters and ALK Universal crossovers. When I decided to go further I wanted to stay with ALK since I was familiar with his crossovers and he was great to deal with. I learned of Dave's Eliptrac400 (2" midrange Horn) and ContracT (1" tweeter Horn) on Al's website and Al also sells the B&C compression drivers.