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  1. Just seeing this... I am also in York and can help re-home these.
  2. Looking for the last piece of the puzzle. I need 3 horn brackets… just the big ugly metal bracket from all you guys building pretty speakers.
  3. I have already built some stands for them... I am looking to get the real adjustable brackets. BCM
  4. I am about 13' from speaker in the MLP. I would like a little downward angle and a little toe.
  5. Anyone know a source for these? I am looking to buy and /or make 3 horn brackets to sit on top of some KPT LF cabinets. I have seen some boxes built but I would like to angle these slightly. These would go behind a screen so it's not a beauty contest.
  6. There is very little (A) curl in that picture compared to the OP picture (AAA)
  7. I bid but was out bid on these... totally forgot to check during the memorial day bbq on my bid.
  8. This is such an easy thing to google... http://www.alkeng.com/ap12_xo.html The AP12-xx series networks are designed to operate with the Klipsch K33 woofer which represents an impedance of 6 Ohms in series with 1 mHy voice coil inductance. AP12-500 This one is intended for the Belle Klipsch or the La Scala. The crossover is at 500 Hz. AP12-600 This one is intended for the Belle Klipsch or the La Scala using squawker drivers or horns that will not safely go down to 500 Hz.
  9. What if I swap the mid horn with a K510?
  10. So I am running DaveA excellent tweeters in my Cornwalls. would these be a good match?
  11. Can you run DaveA tweeters with these? I would think so b/c the driver is the same DE drivers
  12. Would you sell me 1? I am looking to rebuild a center
  13. What driver / woofer? Did you use the Dayton or SI?
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