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  1. Seems some mdf, speaker cloth, & appropriate veneer could closely mimic the enclosures in the new AK6 Klipschorns... Anyone attempted? ***old thread alert***
  2. ***old thread alert*** See pages 4- 5 for False Corner Plans...
  3. ***old thread alert*** Anyone enclosed their Klipschorns AND using False Corners at the same time?
  4. ***old thread alert*** posting so I may easily find later
  5. Posted so I can find this old thread soon. ***old thread alert***
  6. I’m sticking with HIIs. Atmos is overrated.
  7. Ordered 3, but bank fraud protection whacked the order...by the time I got back the round 2 it, the price had gone up to two fitty. Ordered R-112SW & SPL-150 instead. If Costco blows out the last ones, I’ll reconsider...
  8. I’ve got a hard headed Beagle proving difficult to train. ”Daddy, get me some Klipschorns.”
  9. ^^^ Not for long. Enjoy while you can. Btw, my SPL-150 arrived yesterday, thank you. Will be awhile before I unbox & set it up. Remodeling that Room.
  10. Call me Frugal, I’ll stick with FREE for now. 10% hearing disability, ya know...
  11. Sancho Panza

    K Horns

    Among other things
  12. ^^^ thank you, as you prolly know, I already have a set like them...
  13. carlthess40 secured them for me, under a handshake agreement with the gentleman seller...
  14. Nice, for Black. Should clean up nicely...
  15. B & K (Bob Crites’ Company) R.i.P. Bob, sells a reasonable facsimile...
  16. Nice, a pair like that, with original Walnut Risers, is on my list; but, not for $900... Believe I can take my $200 pair of HIIs, find some used original risers, have new cane grilles attached to old frames, for much less...& get them updated to HIII specs...
  17. “Now, the problem is, how to divide five Afghans from three mules and have two Englishmen left over.” 😉
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