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  1. What is in your system, belial? I take it from Klipsch-daddy's response that you have RB-5's. Do you have a subwoofer? Do you do mostly HT or music or 50/50? There may be better ways to upgrade the system than simply adding amplification. You seem interested in an upgrade/improvement to the system. While upgrading your amplifiers may have some benefits, there may be other upgrades that may make more sense right now. Getting real benefits from upgraded amplification (over and above the Denon) may cost bigger $$$ for the benefits. I am curious about your system as it stands now - give us the list of what is in your system now - it would be helpful. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  2. quote: So now I start doing online searches for what-the-hell other speakers are out there besides Cornwalls that would give me as much bang for the buck. This was not so easy and many of the alternatives I see you discussing or mentioning in this forum now I did not come across in my internet searches then. I only found exotic high-end speakers for much bigger prices. Admittedly I became hasty and I would be the first to admit I am not well informed about the subject, I just wanted to get some good speakers and move on to other things like listening to and making music. I started to get the impression that the Cornwalls filled a niche which was difficult or impossible to cover with more readily available items. I found this out very quickly with the Cornwalls....they are soooo addicting - unbeatable for the price, even at $1850. New Cornwall II's sold for close to that new when they went out of production. I could not find anything that I really liked as I do the Cornwalls (unless it's a set of Belles or KHorns). Like I said in my earlier post, "of course they are worth it....they're Cornwalls!" You'll love 'em! Yeah, I would say that you are "In The Club"! Thanks for the story! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 01-14-2002 at 11:29 PM
  3. Granted, that's a lot of dough for Cornwall I's, but the seller is only charging $70 for shipping (probably $300 or more depending on where the seller and buyer are located). This is a textbook example of how to sell an item on ebay - nice, detailed pics and descriptions. Plus, a mahhhvelous set of speakers in great shape. The buyer still got his/her money's worth! They're Cornwalls! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  4. Yes, they will handle it, but your ears may bleed before max volume! I am familiar with the Kenwood Basic series, and that amp is more than enough for the RF-7's - you will never use it all. You will have plenty of extra, unused watts, which is desirable. It will drive the RF-7's with ease. Keep the power clean, and you will have no problems. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  5. That's beeeeeeeeeeaaauuuuuuuuuuutiful!!!! I want one of those I showed those pics to my wife, and she loves the look too. I'm so glad that my wife likes those big Klipsch - no fighting the WAF here! So is basset slobber now the hot new method for oiling the Klipsch, LOL? Is it better than gun stock oil?? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  6. I saw this on the rec.audio.marketplace NG, thought I would pass it along. Its a single LaScala, the seller lives in Northern California, named SAL. Claims model year of 1987. No info given on finish. Seller is asking $390.00 - you pick it up. Thought this may be useful to those HT folks. Seller's email listed as brohamtnt@cs.com - I don't know this person, just passing along the info to the Klipschers on the BBS. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 01-10-2002 at 08:25 PM
  7. I attend concerts regularly, and this is a big reason that I am a Klipsch owner. Heritage speakers do a great job of re - creating that live concert sound (just as they sound great on everything else). Much of my music library is live music. I've seen literally hundreds of mostly rock and roll concerts over the years. 90 Grateful Dead shows, 40+ Phish shows, 23 String Cheese Incident shows and counting, plus lots of other acts too numerous to mention, in just about every imaginable venue type. The venue is 50% of the live show experience - it can really make or break the show. I travel long distances to see my favorite bands play the best places. Just a few of my favorites..... Red Rocks, Morrison, Co. (9900 cap) - This is a venue that everyone should go to in thier lifetime. See a musical act that you like here - regardless of the distance you must travel. Stand about half way up the slope of the bowl as 500+ foot jagged rocks reach for the sky on each side of you, with the Denver skyline looming off behind the stage in the distance. Sometimes the summer storms race across the plateau, adding an incredible light show to the one that the artists provide. Words cannot do this place justice. Gorge Ampitheatre, George, Wa. (30,000 cap) - My favorite "large" venue. Sometimes the most popular artists are forced to play huge places. In the case of The Gorge, this is not a bad thing. The size and scale of the Columbia river gorge provides the backdrop for this first rate spot. Views rate up there with Red Rocks. Greek Theatre, Berkeley, Ca. (cap 8900) - Greek style theatre on the University of California campus. Watch your favorite band as the sun sets behind the Golden Gate bridge. Find out what the Deadheads already know - superb sounds and views make this place one of the best. BTW, the Bay Area boasts an incredible music scene with lots of good venues, so spend a week here for a musical overdose. The Backyard, Austin, Tx. (cap 4000) - Another of the best locations for hot live music is , of course, Austin, Texas. The Backyard is about a thirty minute drive west of town in the heart of Texas hill country, nestled in a grove of oak trees. Small enough to have an intimate feel, yet draws a good list of artists. Watch the oaks dance in the wind behind the stage with the music. You may have guessed that I prefer the outdoor venues, and that assumption is correct. However, there are a few of my favorite indoor rooms, too. Radio City Music Hall, NY, NY (cap 6200) - Plush, very ornate, great sound, and in the heart of the Big Apple. Seeing concerts in New York is a different experience - critical, yet accepting audiences seem to bring out the best in musicians for whatever reason. Artists are always pumped up to play here, and RCMH books rock bands too, so that we less refined and cultured rockers can enjoy this wondrful room too. Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Ga, (cap 6000) and St. Louis, Mo. (cap 4200) - I'll lump these two together since they are similar in thier qualities. Great acoustics and decor make both of these winners. If the sound sucks in these two places, blame the band, not the building, because these two are as good as it gets for sound. Made for music and live performance. Both are very comfortable places to hear music. Arenas and stadiums generally stink for live music, as they are made for sports, and are too large to sound good. The only musical act that I have seen that is any good in this setting is Pink Floyd. I will give honorable mention to NYC's Madison Square Garden as an arena worth going to, though. The energy in this place is incredible, and if you play here, you have truly made "the big time". It is, after all, "the World's Most Famous Arena"; if Phish gets back together and plays here, I'll be there. Boa12 - It's interesting that you mention the old RKO (I live 10 minutes from the place). It's still operating, now named the Adler Theatre, but is severely underutilized. It books 6 or so symphony performances and a few Anne Murray type shows each year. Too bad the space is largely wasted - it is a good room for music and performance - I would like to see more acts booked there. This message has been edited by dndphishin on 01-07-2002 at 12:27 PM
  8. It's all about the sound, baybee!!! The first time I listened to a set of Heritage Klipsch (Klipschorns) I nearly wet myself. Later a friend purchased a set of Cornwall II's and I became addicted to those. He paid $1500 for them then, and I spent several years trying to find a speaker that would duplicate that sound for less money - uhhhh, guess what - they don't exist. The fact that these speakers can be had for $800-$1000 used today makes them a bargain, since they may last longer than I will. I paid $700 for my Cornwall II's and consider it to be a steal. I challenge anyone currently manufacturing speakers today to put their $1000-1500 speaker up against a Cornwall - guess what - the Cornwall will toast the competition every time. No offense to the RF - RP - Synergy crowd on this forum, but those speakers just can't touch a large Heritage, IMHO. I am aware that speakers are very individual (and I do like the RF series, BTW) - but not over Heritage. Give them a good listen when you get the opportunity. If after a couple of hours you are not helplessly addicted to them, consider yourself lucky. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  9. I had a similar experience when I purchased my Cornwall II's. The seller came here to this board to find out what they were worth, and he was told the usual 800-1200 figure. I emailed the seller immediately, and he sold them to me for 700 anyway. The seller seemed more interested in finding an owner who really wanted them than getting the top dollar, plus I was close enough to him to pick them up - no shipping hassles for him or me. After I first saw them in his home, there was no doubt that the condition of those Cornwalls would have drawn a much higher price on ebay than the price he sold them to me for. Sometimes, you get lucky. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  10. I have a copy of the Grateful Dead's "View From the Vault" which carries a "Dolby Digital" label, and is only 2 channel stereo. I thought that "Dolby Digital" meant 5.1 as well, but that is not always the case. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  11. If you are looking at the Velodyne CT-120, step up to the CT-150, available on onecall.com for a closeout price of $535 (shipped price). I just got this a few days ago, and is a wonderful HT performer for that price. It has current sensing servo - one of the lowest priced Velodynes with that feature, and good output at 25hz. To get good output at lower frequencies than that is where the $$$$ come in. Good punch to keep up with the KLF's. I was also interested in the PW2200, a good sub which consistently gets good reviews, but I could not get one for close to the price you are quoting. Those were the two finalists - I chose the Velodyne, it fit the budget better, good "bang for the buck". Benefits can certainly be had by doubling the budget for the sub - this gets you into SVS as an option, which have gotten rave reviews by all who have owned them. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  12. HT covers a broad area of options. It would be helpful to give us some more information, though. 1. What is your total system budget? Is it flexible? 2. What gear do you have now? - some of it may still be useful. 3. How much space do you have to work with in the listening/theater room? It is no secret to the members of this forum that great options are available on used gear - most of my speakers are in fact used, since they are no longer made. Systems are as individual and varied as their owners are. Here's a basic list of what you will need to do a home theater effectively. 1. Receiver, or combination of a preamp and amplifier. 2. Five speakers, plus a subwoofer. 3. DVD player to get 5.1 Dolby Digital and other movie formats to play back on your system. 4. Television to view the movies. 5. Any other tape decks, VCRs, or other components you will use as sources. 6. Cables, etc. to hook it all up. You can spend a lot, or a relative "little" to get a system in place. A bigger, more flexible budget helps, as this stuff can get expensive - but yields much better results. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 12-25-2001 at 11:53 PM
  13. So, Justin - was there any "goodies" in the HT room? Me and my wife watched Star Wars Episode I last night to "break in" the HT (front end only, though). During the bike race scene I had a thought - "I wonder how this sounds OUTSIDE the house" - Uhhhh, it sounded like an earthquake in progress! Hope the neighbors don't mind! It's clear that the Velodyne was made for HT - it is quite a performer in this area. I would say that it's just "OK" for music (this may improve a bit when I replace the pre/pro - better crossover flexibility), but a great HT unit, especially for $449. My wife commented about the great sound, (and it is awesome) but also about the small picture relative to that sound. It seems weird to have that big theatre sound with a small picture (and it is a 32" Sony). No room for a projection screen though. One happy camper! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  14. I'm using a 32" Sony monitor as picture. The sound is definitely bigger than the picture! I shared the same concern about the CT-150 during the decision making process. Budget was definitely a concern here - I would have liked to consider an SVS pair, an HGS series, or a Klipsch reference model, but I went for what I believed to be the most "bang for the buck". The good thing is if I outgrow it, I can sell it for most, if not what all of what I paid for it ($449). I don't expect $1500 worth of sub for $500, so it will have to serve the purpose. Now that the system is operational (and no real problems..yay!) the CT 150 does make a difference. My primary reason for purchasing the sub was for HT, but it seems to help for music as well, at least in the initial listening session. I especially like the added bass for softer, more moderate listening levels - when the bass tends to drop off anyway. I do have a smaller room, and the sub fills the room with low end quite nicely. It is running at 100hz crossover for now (that's what the H/K AV receiver sets the crossover at for sub), and will likely stay that way until the Outlaw 950 becomes available. It will offer much more flexibility in the crossover, to get a better match with the Cornwall IIs. I do have one question though. How loud is "reference level" anyway? I used the SPL meter to get an idea as to just how loud 100DB on the meter is, and it is quite loud. The sub had no problem keeping up at this level, and beyond - no apparent overworking, distortion, etc. Initially, I am quite pleased with the sound. The Outlaw 750 rocks, BTW - it is a five channel brute, especially for the Klipsch. I could see myself getting a few "disturbing the peace" citations as a result of this system! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  15. After 8 weeks of planning, and a wealth of information and advice gathered from the members of this forum, this Santa (also known as moi) is installing the new HT in our home today. Since the acquisition of the Cornwall II's in October, and a very fortunate location of an Academy center two weeks ago, I've gathered the necessary extras to get this set up. This will be our first HT. So, time to check the list! One Outlaw 750 five channel amplifier....check! One H/K AVR 75 - used as preamp - (from old system)....check! One Pioneer DV-333 DVD player (from old system)......check! One Panasonic Stereo HiFi VCR (from old system)......check! One General Instruments Digital Cable Box....check! Two Aiwa ADF 850 cassette decks (from old system)......check! One Velodyne CT-150 subwoofer.....check! One set of Klipsch Cornwall II's......check! One Klipsch Academy center channel speaker....check! One set of Klipsch Heresy Speakers for rear channels.......uhhhh, not yet. I put this off for a few months until the necessary funds can be obtained, so..... One set of Klipsch Quintet for the rears, to be used until Heresys are obtained....uhhhh....they'll be here Wednesday. Ordered from ubid, Fedex says they are in town, but won't arrive until then. 1 subwoofer cable, one toslink optical cable, 5 cables for preamp to Outlaw, 100 ft of Monster 12ga. cable, 20 banana tips...check! One IRIQ remote, to tie all of this stuff together into what I hope is an easy to use package.....check! One Avia test disc and Radio Shack analog SPL meter......check! One copy of "Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace" to break it in.......check! OK, wish me luck, folks! This forum has been a great resource for putting this together, you have already been more help than you realize! Hopefully it will be ready to go by this evening. Only one question remains. How am I gonna get that Velodyne down the chimney? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  16. Very niiiiice....... ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  17. I've heard the piece briefly, and my impression of it is much like all recent ES series amplifiers. They do seem more "warm", like the Denons. I do not own either, but have certainly heard a few of both brands. I haven't done any A/B comparisons, but I did hear this piece recently - and based on your comments so far, I think you will like it. I do not think it will be "harsh" - it seemed far from it to me. Probably not the most educated opinion you may find here, but FWIW..... ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  18. They are exactly what I need, unfortunately I don't have the funds to do it right now (just purchased the Outlaw 750 and Velodyne sub). The Chorus would be the perfect match for my Cornwall II's in my HT, as they have the same tweeter and squawker. I've been thinking Heresys for this too - but at that $600 price for the Chorus, it would be like a set of Heresys with built in stands and more bass to boot! Oh well, maybe in a few months...... ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  19. Our store carried Technics receivers back when I sold audio gear, and they all ran hot too. I always told the customer the usual spiel that they need ventilation, but the warm operating temperature was in fact, normal. They were extremely popular - decent sound for poor man's prices. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  20. You will be hard pressed to duplicate the slam of the Cornwalls that you are used to, unless you get back into Heritage series speakers. I first became knowledgeable about Cornwalls about 12 years ago, when a friend bought a pair. I spent several years trying to find a lower cost alternative that would produce similar sound - and it doesn't exist. I finally got satisfaction with a purchase of a set of Cornwall II's (used) a couple of months ago, and I am now satisfied. I would suggest one of two options: 1. Get on ebay or your local newspaper ads and find a set of Cornwalls (running $700-1100). They are out there, and you can't find equal performance in any new speaker that I am aware of at that price. These are no longer manufactured new, but there is nothing wrong with used - these last for years. 2. If you need a bookshelf sized model, go with a set of Heresys with a subwoofer. Heresys are still in production, and also available used (average $500 on ebay and other places). You will still get that horn sound that you are used to, in a much smaller package. You, my friend, have the "Heritage Bug". Once you get attached to Klipsch Heritage speakers, it becomes difficult to be satisfied with anything else. Perfectly normal - take two Heritage and call us in the morning. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 12-19-2001 at 09:27 AM
  21. I've always known that quality of recording between CD's vary, but this really became evident upon the acquisition of my Cornwall II's. The better your system is, the more it reveals - both good and bad. My latest favorites are Phish's "Slip, Stitch and Pass" on audio CD and the Grateful Dead's "View from the Vault" DVD. These recordings are super clean and crystal clear, especially given that these are live performances. Both bands feature bass players capable of irritating the neighbors. The bass lines in both are so tight and firm (both Phil Lesh of the GD and Mike Gordon of Phish use Modulus basses which produce a unique bass guitar sound). Gotta love those "Phil Bombs" - (after hearing View from the Vault, you'll understand why I say that). It shakes my room, and the new subwoofer isn't even installed yet! The subwoofer freaks in our forum should try these sometime. These recordings will knock the pictures off of your wall, with no additional bass attenuation necessary! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 12-19-2001 at 09:07 AM
  22. quote: Secondly, youll note in my prior posting that I indicated that no audible difference would be heard using a quality surge suppressor. Perhaps I should have been more descriptive, hence the confusion. Im not talking about the $2.99 power strip you pick up at Walmart. Im talking about one that doesnt insert inductors in series with the power, thereby limiting current. Most better units avoid using coils for the very reason you point out you can choke off current to a high drawing amp, which in theory will impact the sound. I say in theory because the real world impact which largely be determined by the load reflected by the speakers and the design of the amp. Assuming, however, that you are using a quality suppressor, this issue never comes up (the available current is the same as if youre wired to the wall), and therefore Im hard-pressed to believe you can hear any difference. OK, this discussion has piqued my interest. Does a Panamax audio video unit fit the above qualification? How much dough must one spend to do this properly? I see these Panamax units in high end stores (not that this would mean that they are any more effective) - and am curious if this is the type of unit that Chickey describes above. Another related question: If there is a 15 amp dedicated outlet in another area of our home (but not in the audio listening room), can I run an extension cord from that outlet to the audio listening area? I realize that not any cheapo ext. cord will do, but what are the requirements here? This is a rental home so I don't have the freedom to just build at will. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  23. It's funny that you are mentioning the "fireplace removal" when allocating space for the HT. We are using the fireplace wall to set up our HT, to make better use of the space in the room. The television sits in the mouth of the fireplace, with the associated gear on each side. I had been thinking about this for a while, when my wife said, "Why not use the fireplace wall - we don't use it". She joked that we need a DVD of a log burning to play on the TV. This WAF thing isn't as difficult as I thought it may be! She loves those Heritage Klipsch too - she thinks of our Cornwalls as fine furniture, as well as speakers (wait until she sees the subwoofer though!!!). I'm at about the same stage with my HT as Jim Cornell - just a Heresy pair away from completion (with exception to the new HT preamp which is on order). I just finished the shelf unit for the Academy center to position it above the television. It's not looking good to have it done by Christmas (my initial goal) - I may need to put off the Heresy purchase until after the holidays. I'll post pics when it's done. Whether you all know it or not, the advice given in this forum has been critical in setting this up. I've gotten more info from this board on the current state of audio (after a ten year hiatus from the biz) than one could ever hope for. Thanks to the forum! ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  24. Best bet is to call 1-800-KLIPSCH to find out if they are authorized dealers. Online dealers are not always "authorized", some online dealers who are not authorized will do the warranty work themselves - you send the speaker back to the online dealer for service, but not to any Klipsch service location. If the online dealer is truly "authorized", you can take it back to any Klipsch authorized service dealer to get the warranty work done. ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll!
  25. Those all wood, no grill CW's are beautiful!!!! Is that what makes them "Designer Series"? ------------------ First we Rock, then we Roll! This message has been edited by dndphishin on 12-11-2001 at 08:40 AM
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