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    Amateur musician (Hammond B-3)
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    2 Channel - Cornwall III's, Parasound pre- and power amps, Pro-Ject Debut TT, Oppo 95, Denon tuner
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  1. Hey folks ...been a long time. Missed the Forum and you all. Doing ok. A few health challenges here and there but that's part of this life, right? Still playing the B3 and just had the Leslie power amp rebuilt. Will check in from time to time nd sorry for the long absence. Cheers!! Chuck
  2. Back from the tooth yanking yesterday ...the cheap ploy for sympathy and attention from Better half worked out ....probably no implant since the tooth was in the back. If it was in the front I'd either get the implant or take up the banjo. Happy Friday gang!!
  3. You guys are a riot. Glad I'm not in the cross fire. This is tooth 'extraction' day for me. Yippee. On the other hand, it's an opportunity for a cheap bid to get sympathy and attention. Have a great day and cheers to ya'll.
  4. I've used a CD with various overtures from Wagner's operas among others .
  5. Happy Wednesday, gang. Dropped off for a few days getting some medical issues taken care of. The joy of old age, ya know. Getting a tooth "extracted" tomorrow. Just a minor bump on the road as I see it. Life is good. On the bright side, we get our female German Shepard pup on Saturday. Better Half Unit has a list of about 15 names to pick from and I think I'll let her choose. My personal fav is "Maedchen" which simply means "girl". Would be funnier if the pup was not a girl, but we're not going there. Snake discussion is interesting. I recall my dad killing copperheads where I grew up. Nasty critters. He used a long handle weed whip. They eventually disappeared from the area as development of the area increased. Cheers..........
  6. Hey gang ...happy Tuesday. Had a dental Monday with a new dentist. Gonna get the offending sucker pulled after antibiotics. The good news on he horizon is that we've decided to adopt a German Shepherd pup from a breeder here in Colorado in the next 10 days or so. We still miss our Baxter and know he can't be replaced, but we do need a pup in the house to love and care for. And ....it will certainly keep me on my toes. Cheers.
  7. My first was in the 1950's and ongoing from there. My dad had a single (mono) K-Horn. Later we had LaScalas. As an adult, my first acquisition was a pair of lightly used Heresies (which I still have) and that was in late 1980.
  8. So sorry to see that JL. Hope insurance covers all the damage, but even that doesn't fix all the fear and other stuff one experiences.
  9. Seems like I have to try to catch up again. Been off with a toothache the past couple of days. Seeing dentist tomorrow ... could not go Friday since dentists around here only work 4 days a week. ##!! Anyway ....whining does NOT help so I stop it now. A few good tunes, some football and a new movie are on the agenda. Cheers guys.
  10. Pretty much caught up now. Loved the shots of Lake Mich. I took my one and only trip there as a kid in my early teens. Stayed at Crystal Lake which is close to Lake Mich. Beautiful country. Colorado is gorgeous, but in a different way. Spent yesterday goofing off and watching football. Also saw Mark Wahlberg's 'Deepwater' movie last night. Highly recommended, especially on HT. Good day for this retiree to stay put ... maybe 5 inches of snow so far and it's still coming down. Won't really relax until Better Half Unit is home from work. Cheers guys.
  11. Mornin' all. I've been off the tacos since I had to get off wheat flour, but damn I miss them. Best all time fav taco for me was served in 2 Pueblo, CO Mexican joints and was called a 'Chicken Taco on White'. Consisted of tender chicken on a fried flour tortilla with lettuce, cheese, etc. with a nice dose of Colorado style green chili spooned in. Sorry I've been off a couple of days. Been recovering from the crud that's going around. Finally feeling human again. Need to find a bubble to hide in until June. Cheers.
  12. You caught on at a younger age than I did, Mark. It's been 21 yrs for me and I stopped in June as well. We need to talk off line one of these days. There is indeed a life after booze. Chuck
  13. Happy Thursday all. Still cold as hell here but the wizzards fell short on the snow forecast. They had to jump in their vehicles and drive to nearby towns (where the snow was more plentiful) so they didn't look as stupid on the morning newscast. They did warn us about driving into the mountains - which ALWAYS get more snow - because there's more snow there. Big drama. No wonder the media is held in contempt. Think I'll stay in today, play some tunes and flip on the HT. Cheers to all.
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