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  1. Hi OD I see you heh-heh-heh. I never expected this kind of great mileage out of MDF but there you are once again. 🤣
  2. I recommend rare earth high density metal for the conductors. The interstices between the atoms is smaller and so therefore you have less chance of electrons puddling where ever the audio super conductor is lower than the amp dac DSP and speaker drivers.
  3. Well I know I do as I use 12g zip cord.
  4. I am not a normal situation with all the switching back and forth that I do but I have noticed some types of banana plugs tend to loosen up on their own and if you do not regularly check make for bad connections. The other problem is how well the sets make contact together over time and some are quite loose which causes connection problems. I like the convenience of them but I am using fork end crimp connectors and tightening down on those and have less trouble now. In the course on a busy month I might switch things around dozens of times though so my problems are not normal.
  5. How are you making your design choices?
  6. I am curious too and would like to know why you used K-45's and not K-48's
  7. Roy is a stand up guy and took care of a legacy problem I had too and this was on drivers from the 90's. They failed because of a manufacturing defect and he stood behind it.
  8. Carl I would be interested in the K-45's
  9. I am not picking on Klipsch by the way as this is common across many companies.
  10. Yes and be ready to have to paint over the mistake of sanding through. I have done this and only sanded through one time but there is that risk.
  11. The primary reason people want sequential numbered speakers is that Klipsch did match the veneers so they would have similar patterns. Walnut is the most forgiving here so the difference will not be much.
  12. If you are handy you can make that mid brace yourself and I have provided dimensions for this here. A very worthwhile upgrade and along with crossover capacitor recapping one of two things I would do with new to me La Scalas with out fail. Cheapest bang for the buck and both will give real improvement.
  13. Look for Barkeepers Friend on the forums regarding stain removal. Sequential numbers generally mean the veneer is bookend and otherwise not. If they look close and are in good shape otherwise beat on the guy because of the stains and if you get a good price take them home and enjoy them.
  14. Since I stick MAHL's into everything I rework here that will take them I have run across two pleasant surprises this past couple of weeks. One is the Heresy I's have enough clearance that you can use the B&C DE10 driver instead of the DE120. I am also finding this to be true with LSI's from the early 80's. The DE10 is better than the DE120 and as a bonus it is cheaper too. Now since the diameter of the drivers that fit here is larger this will also allow for people to try out a wider range of drivers than you might think. The DE10 has a 5mm two hole mount on 3" centers. By the way if you have a driver you want to experiment with give me the info on it and I will tell you if my clamp plate can be altered for adding the new mounting bolt pattern. At least on the Heresy I and LSI's from the early 80's as long as you do not exceed the DE10 diameter I can probably make it work. Of course that does not mean it will work right without some effort on your part regarding crossovers and it may not work at all but you now have a chance to experiment with different drivers on the same horn lens which you have never had before. For reference the DE10 is 3.55" or 3 9/16" in diameter. The DE120 is 2.8" in diameter. Measure from the top of the cutout to the bottom side of the top. The cutout is right at 1.6" so add .8" to your first measurement (yes there are fractional to decimal convertors online) and allow a little clearance and you can quickly tell if the DE10 will fit.
  15. I finally figured out another resonance creating thing on these LSI's. I had a second set doing the same thing and the answer turned out to be get rid of the Peavey metal outer rubber inner feet I had screwed to the bottoms. Replaced them with all rubber feet and 90% of the objectionable went away. This is of course after I had found the self inflicted wound of loose tweeters.
  16. No actually it beats the La Scala for lower hz bass. It does not beat the La Scala for thump though.
  17. There is always some bogus stuff that goes along with things like this. The same people that send our jobs overseas or want to replace us with cheap immigrant labor are also not above saying a 10% tariff increase is really a 20% and pocket the money once again. It's just like all this Chinese stuff was supposed to dramatically cut costs but what was cut was production costs and the middle men importers MBA/CPA types discovered they could still charge the same but expenses went down. Then quality went down but prices didn't and the end buyers now have to replace things more often so win win for everyone but the consumer. A perfect example of this is the cost of upper management, often MBA types and not engineer types that understand what they make, who now make far more as a multiple of the average wages in the companies they manage then they did when my Dad was last in corporate management in the mid 80's. Their compensation and golden parachutes have exploded into a historical aberration while they have sent jobs overseas for their method of growing their companies primarily for investor funds who want their reward in a year or two through plunder buyouts and stock manipulation. Nothing is for the long term and nothing is for America first anymore with these people. The days of Henry Ford saying that his factory workers making enough to afford what they built have been past up by those who don't care if their neighbors can afford what they make as long as the MBA(MBS) dude and investor sharks get theirs. Red Wing Shoes have been my favorites for some time. Last two times I went there to buy I paid attention to where they were made. What started this was a trip there where I had to go down a big list to find things even assembled here with foreign parts and then the sales dude had the nerve to ask me if I wanted a USA thing that would go on my boot laces. I let him have it with both barrels and asked him just what part of America was that chinese forced labor camp that made most of these assembled in USA shoes that somehow never went down in price. Bet they use a 10% cost increase to raise their stuff 20% too. No I am not there to see the actual prices so what I speak is conjecture which however is based on what I have to pay for things and how crummy many things have gotten in quality. PWK did not use MDF for instance.
  18. Carl if you build a set of these and stick them in there you better clear those shelves off before your Super Heresy's do it for you.
  19. Precisely what I built the Super MWM for. Nothing beats sitting next to the big pipes. Good Cello music right up there too.
  20. Yes but no pics no price and no location.
  21. Per Claude's suggestion I switched the 2uf mid capacitor for a 4uf and unwound the 2.5mh coil to 1.5uf. If you do not have a meter this is right at 109" of wire you take off. I thought at first they were a bit muddy but when I put the tweeter at sitting ear level the definition was much better. Before I had them sitting on a set of La Scalas and they were up to high. The bass is startling from a box that small and if you don't have the space for a Cornwall or Chorus this is a great substitute. I have a small belt 3/4" wide belt belt sander and I used it to bevel the inside of the woofer cutout as the cloth surround will hit it in heavy bass and sound like crap. It is a project well worth doing if you already have that Heresy I sitting there. I would not do it with the later Heresy's since they do not have the K-55-V K700 horn and are not plywood.
  22. Well it's even better than that. I happen to have a single Forte II and a single KP-301 and he has been invited to hear them both since it is a short trip for him to get here. I have already replaced the 301 tweeter with a MAHL so I will have to switch that back to stock for the comparison. The Forte also responds well to the MAHL upgrade but the efficiency is lower so I normally stick an L-Pad in there whereas the Chorus requires nothing but the tweeter.
  23. Chorus. It is my favorite vintage speaker over the Forte and Cornwall. I prefer the Chorus I because it is front ported and will work anywhere, no wall required and the minor amount of bass you give up does not bother me. The Chorus also responds well to recaps and when I stick one of my larger MAHL tweeters on there they are really good. I would not go the Ti diaphragm route and leave them stock if need be as I find those very harsh sounding.
  24. You mean there could actually be a question? Assuming both have good recapped crossovers it is not even close for me.
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