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  1. I did the same thing. It did make a difference to me and what was your opinion of the mod?
  2. " Summary So here we are. No matter which way we look at it, the X-curve does not pass the test of scrutiny. It would be wonderful if sound reproduced in a room followed such a simplified behavior. But it just doesn’t. There is much work to tweak the measured time interval and such, hoping to get that to correlate with real situations. But all of this I am afraid is misguided. The right knowledge of psychoacoustics and sound reproduction in the room needs to be used to determine the guidelines. Not something we cook up on the back of the envelop. Let’s hope that the standardization leads us to proper scientific solution. Until then, it is my sincere hope that people calibrating sound in theaters, do so using their ears and not compliance with X-curve. " I do not have capacitors on hand for a crossover refresh so what this will do is YTBD. I did however listen to a set of KPT-100's for a few hours and my conclusion was it was muffled sounding. I have heard the same thing with bad caps before also. However I decided to try the Crites mod since it is really easy to undo and it did make a difference and stopped most of the muffling sound. I should have caps in for a refresh soon and will also do that and see. My preference at this time is, for speakers I think are worthwhile to tinker with, to learn how to use REW or True RTA and set things up for my particular environment and most certainly not use one adapted for some movie theater standard. I find it interesting that the best Klipsch cinema gear have all gone to DSP's which indicates to me the x-curve is not something to strive for. I know other things are being done there also but there does not seem to be any mention of x-curves relative to DSP settings. Thanks for the link it was interesting.
  3. I have only had one JBL and it was not one of the older ones that had a better rep. It is purely a dog barker and after a year of trying to sell it I gave the junk away. It was odious.
  4. I did find the KPT-100 post. I have ten or so to do this mod to if it works well for one pair of them.
  5. The one I know of off hand is K-43 200 watts and K-45 400 watts
  6. Thanks Bruce I did get a picture of what to do on the 200. Now I need to get the same info for the KPT-100
  7. I am looking for specs on these and also I understand there is a way to defeat the THX crippling of the output on the crossover. I have looked tonight and there is very little out there so hoping someone can help.
  8. Costa Rican mild roast bring your own cup and remember tomorrow what you did today..
  9. Yeah you know I am thinking maybe the spaces should be for Keep Audio Great.
  10. I agree so bring me your donations this spring. ;D
  11. Taste shmaste. Stick the whole bottle in the freezer overnight and the next day pull it out and drink from the frosted mug until you can't remember your name.
  12. Yup those S-MWM's are MAGA inspired in every way. Tee shirts and hats not included so buy your own like I did.
  13. Sometimes you scratch your head over what could cause problems with the speaker you are working on that just does not sound right. I am going to list some odd ball ones I have encountered and hope as time goes on this list will be added to. Odd buzzing noises can drive you nuts and I have had three now that were a real puzzle. One had a strange buzz at certain frequencies that I had sold a customer. It started after he had gone home with them and hooked them up. They were fine here and he was satisfied and left with them. He was an auto repair guy and decided to try and find what the problem was on his own. Turns out that the bug screen had come loose and was in there behind the dust cap and would cause problems at certain frequencies. Another was an LSI I recently sold. Sounded fine here and the guy took off with a grin on his face. Later he calls and mentions an odd buzzing noise and asks for things to check. One of the things I mentioned was to get inside the doghouse and make sure the screws had not worked loose. What the problem turned out to be was the original Klipsch speaker wire was long enough to have made contact with the cone and that caused buzz at times.He made sure that could not happen again and all is well. Transportation is not kind to speakers at times. I had a Chorus I that gave me fits one time. Recapped and sounding really good except this buzz at certain frequencies. I finally found a screw that was on the magnet from when I had laid it down during work. That screw on the magnet believe it or not was enough to cause audible and distracting noise. Also a good idea to check that magnet for metal shavings before install because if it is magnetic your magnet will find it. That new Ti diaphragm sounds like crap. (well I think they do no matter what but anyway) Had a brand new set of Ti diaphragms for a set of K-792's and dropped them in. Decided just for the heck of it to do a frequency sweep test on them as I had heard the pro's did this while installing diaphragms. Well the one was just like it should be and the other was hardly audible. There are three detente pins on the body and I decided to rotate the diaphragm on them and see what would happen. Rotate it 120 degrees and no sound at all. Rotate it a further 120 degrees and perfect sound. I have no idea which was eccentric or if indeed they both were and I just arrived at the best alignment by rotation. This was the last time I ever tried those Ti tweeter diaphragms as they are just to darned shrill for my taste.
  14. +1 Bob is an outstanding guy and will walk you through whatever is wrong and I bet it is not the crossover. I have found those tweeter spade ends to be easy to twist and break the wire if you are not careful. Getting old connections loose sometimes can be tough and an ohm meter will tell the tale if you have broken the diaphragm wire.
  15. Thinking about data mining this morning and the theoretical "safety" Linux is supposed to have as compared to Win 10 which is a data slurper. There is only one way to have security and that is do not EVER go online and I don't care what OS you use this is the only way. I wonder how many of you Linux box guys are twitter and google and facebook and Linkedin and other data swiping social media and search engine program users that you use because they are free. Android is on many more devices than Linux and all you with smart phones just sit there and feed data slurpers. Same for iPhones with your current location and sound and videos turned on when you don't know it. I find the idea that Linux is secure to be quite amusing. It is a part of the mystique Linux has acquired from it's very small but loyal desktop user base who then go online. What is Linux in the PC world as a percentage? Or as a percentage of operating systems? Anyone care to guess or answer? Today IF Linux is safer it is because it's usefulness to many people is so small, it is 2% estimated for PC installs, that hackers don't bother to mess with it. Sadly neither do many program developers and coders of useful software so it is an interesting but purely a niche product.
  16. The K-45 is a 15" woofer as it is what is in my 415's and 904 lf's.
  17. Well Joe you got the Linux people after you now and they don't relent. Enjoy!!
  18. AMEN to that Chris and you and I at least can go find an alcohol free corner to talk speakers and programs in. I am keenly interested in meeting you and would love to spend some time being a sponge. Of knowledge that is not booze.
  19. He needs much more density than wood though.
  20. Never had any idea how diverse the market is for machined audio parts.
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