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  1. That guy Ross on TV painted one too.
  2. Just for grins and giggles I posted "Building a 27hz single fold horn for a two way horn system" on Audiogon. 63 views and no comments because I guess dirty hands are the tools of plebes. Perhaps I will go back and post an article talking about the improvement $10,000 speaker wires made on the same system and see what happens. Some interesting posts over there but mainly of interest as an unmeant kind of amusing satire on pretentious elitist human behavior. There is a profound difference between those who seek stature as an audiophile and those who are audiophiles because of love of music.
  3. Well yes. Round caps make sine waves and rectangular ones make square waves.🤱🧟‍♂️
  4. OK I have a correction to make on these MWM's. I thought they were doubles from the pictures but I was told tonight they were stacked singles so much easier to move. I believe this will be the only correction made and all is now accurate. For what it is worth he will be trying Craigslist soon.
  5. Hey Dean, Do those Jupiters have better square wave output?
  6. Don't forget when you change capacitors to make sure you also dig all that impacted ear wax out. Very important for critical listening. OK I was looking for an appropriate emoji and I have a moderator question. You guys trying to come up with the most comprehensive list of irrelevent emoji's or what. I thought to use the breast feeding one but decided it was so small no one could tell.
  7. I saw Xenia just after the tornado years ago. F5 and very sobering to see that kind of damage.
  8. Hey there are audiophiles and then name dropper audiophooles. There IS a difference. I'm with you. Hi Fi Buys here in Nashville is the ,ahem, high end audio store. Used to sell Klipsch years ago. I went in there a couple of years ago to ask about a DAC. I was steered towards their high end listening room that had some B&W buck rodgers looking thing he insisted I hear. First thing I see is "Please do not touch our $1,000.00 Diamond Tweeter" Then I am positioned in the captains chair and the dude fires up those $22,000.00 fabulous bits of audio wizardry. I had some one piece fiberglass covered LSI's with KP-480's under them at the time and had under $1,200 in them. Those B&W's were pathetic. There are no true high end stores here I guess where you can go hear the value of $60,000 dollar power cords and I guess that means we are not cultured. Speaking of culture the plywood suppliers sell the heck out of baltic birch here to custom builders for the music industry. For some reason they are not high brow enough to use MDF like all the "expensive" builders do. I just love to slap MDF on my way by.
  9. I sold a set of KPT-456's to an Audiogon refugee. He was distraught over the idea that with his income he could never have a good system as he had been assured by the local self anointed ones there that good systems STARTED OFF at $80,000+. Long story short as I watched his jaw drop when I fired those babies up he left with a set of speakers that cost him $1,500 and sound quality he had been assured he could never afford. What he listened to was was dirt simple. The KPT-456's and I fed my Crown xli800 directly from my PC and used 12g zip cord and he was in heaven on the cheap. I will never forget what he said about those $$$$$$$ purists. They had him convinced that pure tonal quality was paramount. He had not considered Klipsch until he was really desperate because they had told him Klipsch was to "life like" and not tonally pure. He started off with all that nonsense those guys throw around like "Do you have Dana Crall" or whatever that womans name is the name droppers think is the ultimate.
  10. No doubt this is an Audiophile forum. The big difference here is many have high end SOUNDING systems but do not have $100,000 price tags they feel compelled to brag on. They know what they have and how it works and in many cases are hands on as compared to those who buy by audio reviews that suspiciously tout nothing but $$$$$$$ gear. I just sold an Integra 50.4 which is supposed to be a very good receiver but certainly not one of those multi thousand dollar deals. I figure I have a pretty high end system and I have migrated to purely Crown amps because in my personal experience they have the best price per watt + quality output and ample capacity for anything. I basically also migrated to purely Pro type speakers because they too have the best sound and I base this on what I have heard personally. I have a system now where the throat length difference between the bass bin woofer and the K-402 horn is 88" and so I have to time align. I had an MCM 1900 three way system before my current one and it was outstanding but with my newest system I am finding out what all these guys were telling me about bi-amping is true and it brings another whole level of sound quality out. I have never done it with smaller systems so I don't know what the improvement there would be.
  11. On my last set of Chorus I's I used the Audyns you mention but I also used a 68uf Audyn on the woofer section too and it made a real difference over the electrolytic. All in all I put my MAHL tweeter + the Audyn's in there and they sold for $1,100 to the first person to come and hear them. They were remarkable. When I first fired these up they were pretty sour sounding and those old caps were total garbage. So are you still on track to get your tweeters installed by 2022?
  12. They have started handling more Audyns too. I recapped a set recently with them and they sounded really good. Problem with doing recaps and then comparing various brands is I never do a set with two types in them to compare side A to side B. And I never have them stacked up so I can compare this set with another one. Working from what you "remember" is at best a guide and not a real definition of quality. I end up using Sonicaps often now because Bob has established a real market for them and so many expect to see them in "quality" rebuilds. One thing I can say with measuring capacitors with an accurate meter is Bob is correct when he says they measure consistently and very low ESR. Not all that much better than Daytons or Audyns though and I am rethinking spending the extra money on them. I tend to fall in the camp of if it measures well it will do well. One of the claims for Sonicap that Bob quotes is expected life. I do know that mylars and oil cans sure do not have the life Sonicap claims for their product. Neither he nor I will be here long enough to verify Sonicaps claim though.
  13. This year for the 4th the grandkids are stopping in and it will be .308 and tannerite.
  14. 4TH of July coming up. You can throw them in a fire and watch them pop. Little lithium batteries work too.
  15. Here you go John, https://nashville.craigslist.org/ele/d/hendersonville-klipsch-cornwall/6909752232.html Same seller had a set of Heresy's for sale for $650 earlier this week and they are not there now so no linky. They had "Famous Bob Crites Crossovers" in them. Two 2uf Sonicaps evidently makes them Famous Bob's I guess. They were there for some time so I have no idea what they sold for if they even sold at that price. I guess I can now list all my Sonicap jobs as Famous Bob's now eh🤔
  16. https://www.lessloss.com/blackbody-p-200.html http://www.aaudioimports.com/ShowProduct.asp?hProduct=12
  17. I wonder if they make a Shakti spatula for cooking? Better yet a Shakti beanie cap to replace my tinfoil one.
  18. I just measured 10 2uf oil cans from crossovers I am rebuilding and the smallest ESR on any of them was .78 and up to almost 1. Capacitance was within 10% on all but one. Of the dozens I have measured not one was worthwhile and every crossover improved with rebuilds no matter which poly caps I used.
  19. You know the more I think about your comment the more I realize the van has no front teeth either.
  20. Hi Chris, They are not mine and I have no profit in helping the sale. What I stated in the original post is what I meant and I would just like to see this guy get fair value. If fair value is cheap enough I could be tempted but I already have something better. I am not going to be the one to set the price though. Funny thing about these big systems is people who have actually heard them want them. I had a line of KPT-456 buyers who wanted to be told when my MCM 1900's were for sale. They were not your average Klipsch veneer customers though. First guy I called took the three way with passive Klipsch OEM crossovers for $2,500. Pretty sure these are pick up only and bring your needed muscle with you.
  21. I never swerve for animals although I try to slow down to avoid them. They are not worth a wreck and I have no idea why Deer are so dumb about vehicles.
  22. There were some but not good ones. Some people think their cheesy cell phones work well and don't own cameras. Google satellite would have prevented the trip though and that's what I intend to do in the future. Lets just say that for $700 I could take the chance.
  23. Yes on my 41st van I can do that.
  24. With the E-150 I could barely see the deer's head over the hood before the thump and that was it. The Caravan on the other hand sits much lower and would have probably rolled it up over the hood. For some reason they are everywhere right now so I think I may slow down for a while.
  25. That big old van just had a healthy thump and the deer rolled under the vehicle which has enough clearance to easily go over it with no problems. Had this been my wife's Dodge Caravan it would have been a different story
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