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  1. I always thought beans and cabbage were great stimulants.
  2. This is Racer's set without the drivers installed.
  3. I have been through a fair number of Chorus 1's and all I have ever seem was the motorboard cutout with no tube.
  4. Just be aware that longer ports change the tuning of the system and what you may gain in deeper bass just might be mushy sounding and you can lose definition real easily doing this. At least port tubes allow for experimentation and easy reversal if you don't like them.
  5. I am a big fan of the Chorus 1 because you can play it anywhere. Outside, inside, in the middle of a room it does not matter because they do not need a wall or corner behind them to work right. Never tried port tubes just a recap and new tweeters and they sound really good. My favorite Vintage and only the KP-301 is better for my tastes.
  6. Dave A

    Car Thread

    Any of you have a chance stop by the Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham,AL. It will take a day to go through.
  7. Dave A

    Car Thread

    Somehow I can't see the smell of high octane and the thunder of huge horsepower connecting ever being replaced in drag racing. When I go I go for that audible and physical experience and if tire smoking and fast times is all it becomes due to regulations I wont be going again. Now the crashes might be a lot more exciting to see as fires that can't be easily put out exploding on to the scene could be interesting. Circle tracks and road courses would have to be short races too and no more long endurance races which would be impossible with batteries.
  8. I don't recall you ever asking for my designs but In the spirit of co-operation I will give you my old cad files for obsolete designs I no longer make and do you prefer .stp, .iges, or .par files? I have other translators too if you wish. Which design program are you using?
  9. Well I can get schematics from Crites I could find no where else and they were copies of schematics from Klipsch that found their way into the public domain some way or another. Lots of vintage crossovers from Klipsch in the crossover thread for example which has been my single largest source but not complete by any means. I still want that link to your source for schematics. Sure that is right but on the older vintage speakers, which is the topic of this thread after all, many schematics are out there and proof Klipsch did not and does not care is the thread on crossovers in the tech section. The OP was asking for the schematic first and second opinions on what to do. You even stated those old oil and paper caps were probably muted by now inferring that you just might change them out to new caps. I am interested in the idea of the mylar caps by the way so I am not dismissing what JEM sells. Have you tried them yet?
  10. Me too and I also could not find the Unicorn. You would think a Google expert would check his link for accuracy before posting.
  11. Yes they are supposed to be repairable but I have not seen any outside of some for sale in Europe. I will inquire on Monday about them.
  12. Dave A

    Car Thread

    The only pictorial evidence you will ever see of anything Klipscipedia owns.
  13. Dave A

    Car Thread

    Life has it's trials lately and that is just the way it goes as you get older. When you dumping LA?
  14. Dave A

    Car Thread

    @WestcoastdrumsNot that this was personally insulting or anything like that but now that you have been humbled by superior knowledge from Klipscipedia do you care to acknowledge your mistakes?
  15. Very concise answer to Wonder what was there before you deleted it.
  16. Micheal Crites sells replacement diaphragms for these and he knows what he is talking about. Send him a couple of pics and he is sure to help with accurate info.
  17. It is the end of the rod stock that is showing. When I mention "z" level that is the depth that was set wrong so the cut went through instead of only being 1.375" deep. A boo-boo in other words and to make it uniform I cut both the same. Here is one cut right. Say I know you like fancy wood and here is another Ambrosia Curly set.
  18. I have some empty cabinets here if you like them. That K-48 is gold the rest not so much. They are PA speakers for mobile sound venues and sound like it.
  19. Certainly looks like 320's. KP-201's will have a wider range of music then 320's and in my opinion having had both I would prefer the 201's. More bass with 320's but less of everything else.KP-320_635348946280518000.pdf KP-320_635348946280518000.pdf KP-201.pdf
  20. A reply to all of you who have commented on Janet. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes and yes she is doing much better but still some ways to go. It is kind of nerve wracking to see side effects of the stroke and wonder if this days speech and articulation woes mean a growing new problem or just normal recovery which does not always progress upwards each and every day.
  21. She is but no fun for either of us.
  22. I don't know. 3" diameter at 2750 rpm seems to work well but is it optimal? Getting some cabinets made at a cnc shop soon and I am going to ask them along with bringing samples of my woes with me.
  23. He never said it was. I have to admit I had tinkered around with a one piece stacked and milled Baltic Birch back side that eliminated all the angular and square points and replaced them all with arcs. Figuring like water the less turbulence introduced into the flow the better the output. Decided against building it because a horn that short does not give me the bass I want.
  24. Probably beyond your pay grade but yes, design and machining data as I mentioned would allow another owner of design software and CNC machining capability to build an exact duplicate. I never mentioned curves anywhere in my comment.
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