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  1. Yes for sure but my question was how to visually identify them since the drivers I got recently had all ID and serial numbers pulled off them. The visual clue is the rubber thing around the outside of the magnet which denotes the 1132.
  2. It is funny how the things we do each day for our lifetimes that can sneak up on you. The diabetes from over eating. The hypertension from to much salt or bacon. Circulation problems from overeating. Exposure to bad things we breathe in. After 66 years and over forty of them in welding or smoky work environments I got a minor case of bladder cancer which I guess is from that exact kind of thing. The very biggest killer of all, besides the fact will will all die or at least our bodies will, is life style choices. A choice to avoid potential exposure is certainly an option easily exercised. Take heart though there is very good news in all this mess. Here’s The Good COVID-19 News That’s Being Buried By The Press – Issues & Insights By the way, your music is the gift that keeps giving and I have yet to actually listen to all of it.
  3. Yup the numbers and the actual risk is so small. I have a friend close by who also has his parents living with him one of whom is high risk. They have a mechanic business and have to take care of business or lose the business. Of course they have never quit working and they have a common sense approach to it all. The elderly stay away from customers and don't go to public places hardly at all since they have children there to do that for them. Perfect and correct response where those in peril quarantine themselves and the rest do not. Since state of the art government protection seems to be masks and sanitizer for even medical people that is what they do when needed and the rest of the time just stay away from others. They have also made the decision to avoid old folks home which seem to be the greatest risk of all.
  4. I know that is your opinion Chris and I respect it for you. I choose to think otherwise and looking at the numbers I am just as likely to get wiped out by a drunk driver on my way over. We each will act accordingly and I have too much respect for you to try and sway or change your mind. Our life experiences shape what we fear and respond too and I know you had a bad time with swine flu. I simply choose to think the way I do based on the evidence I have seen. If various state agencies had not stuffed wuhan positive people into old folks homes and the collection of data was honest I figure this is no worse than a severe flu but the societal consequences, if they continue, will destroy the nation and a bankrupt nation in chaos can't fight anything. Frankly many more people have died around here from denied treatment than wuhan. I do hope to meet you one day but I figured you would sit this one out.
  5. If it is a go I will be there. The percentage of people effected is so small as a percentage of population, especially when you exclude the small group of elderly with complications so susceptible to this, that I do not worry. I understand those who won't be there and surely would have liked to meet them.
  6. Prayers can change things and it is good you reached out.
  7. Dave A

    Covid19 redux

    Say what about farts since were getting serious here? Are you guys bored or hunting for things to worry about?
  8. On a PC board from the 60's no less.
  9. Dave A

    Covid19 redux

    What a fabulous picture and sure do wish I was there!
  10. Really good speakers especially the first ones with cloth grilles. I found the KP301 II to be harsh but the first two versions were good. With a simple recap you will have very good speakers capable of high fidelity and much more output than Chorus speakers. Front ported and will work anywhere. One of the few sets I really regret selling was a cloth grille 301 from the late 80's.
  11. Back in 1981 an instrument tech from the Baton Rouge Exxon refinery invited me over to hear his stereo system. Meh, ok I guess and over I go. He had two goofy looking things in the corners of his living room, two more diagonally out from them , one chair, one coffee table and one receiver. So he puts on Toccata in D Minor and Mellancamps Crumbling down. The look on my face must have been priceless as he went out and came back with his db meter which read 113db and we could still actually speak and hear each other. About 22 years later I was going to Orlando for a welding job and decided for the heck of it to see if there were any Klipsch for sale there. Bought twp pairs of LS for $1800 and it has been downhill since. Oh, his system was a set of KHorns and LS's. He told me every once in a while people would break in to get his stereo but they never took the ugly big black box looking things.
  12. Try hard and he might budge to $1500.
  13. Allright calm down. He meant the price was rare and you have the chance to become a rare buyer here.
  14. Say a single set of MCM 1900's is easy peasy. It's when you have more than that that things can get crowded. All you need are pallet jacks and a forklift.
  15. I am no expert on the Xilica and I have had the Xilica and two types of the DBX too. The Xilica I believe has more fine tuning abilities than the DBX although for quick down and dirty stuff DBX along with a mike can do better room EQ than the old Integra I had with Audessy on it. Again I say that without having real comprehensive knowledge on how to really use any of these. Post a thread on this topic and get feedback from the guys who know. I am going to try out a Mini DSP HD soon and see how that goes after reading comments on the forum. The Xilica is supposed to be quieter and is surely the most expensive of the three mentioned here. Have you considered that it might be a bad recording? I have had to dump many favorites over time since I could not stand the bad engineering on them. Audacity can help here and Chris A has some great writeups on this. Sad thing about great fidelity speakers is they make great recordings a thing of joy and bad ones untenable. HEY PM me your address and contact info again. I will be in Nashville on and off and would like to stop in and visit.
  16. I did do a pair of earlier ones with music symbols on them.
  17. Dave A

    Censorship II

    Reading the major network news and forum comments is kind of saddening. I will say though that what many people want today they are going to get and they won't want it when it gets there. I watched Detroit from 1967 until 1981 so I am a first person witness. I am so glad I live in the country away from all the insanity heading to many major cities. For those who can see get out now. When Detroit really started firing up the burning you had to give your houses away and leave with nothing. There was a summer where Coleman Young decided that he was not going after street gangs and the police were under fire just like now. Every day when we left Lynch Rd Assembly where I worked in the northern edge of Hamtramack there were fires from burning detached garages and boarded up houses rising up around us. That year began the wholesale exodus from Detroit. Today you can google Lynch Road Assembly and do the satellite view and zoom in. In 8-18-72 when I hired in there was not one empty lot around the plant and you could reach out and touch the walls with your arms spread wide. It was the typical northern high density lower middle class neighborhood where garages were on common alleys behind the house as there was no way you could drive a car between them. I saw the destruction with my own eyes and if you have never seen it in person the humanities side of you says what I say is gross exaggeration and did not happen. Google satellite will help you see it does and will happen where it is invited in. When I worked at Lynch Rd there were up to 4500 people under one roof. The building is mostly there today and last I read employs maybe 300. Next to Lynch Rd was Eldon Axle and Huber foundry (both now gone) and probably over a square mile under roofs next to each other.
  18. The people at Duratex who suggested this maintain there are speaker companies that do this with no trouble. Now what no trouble really means I don't know but saw horses are easy to set up away from things. When it gets up to 90 or better I have real trouble with that stuff if I need to re-roll.
  19. Textured. I have thought about getting a hopper sprayer and trying that out as there is a spray grade. Have you tried spraying?
  20. I have a gallon of brown Duratex.
  21. Dave A

    Covid19 redux

    Truth on both accounts. Record spike in cases = record spike in testing. Simple cause and effect.
  22. Oh wow you mean you weren't serious??
  23. I am not sure what is driving this but in part I think it is the last round of Klipsch price increases. The other and perhaps biggest part since the price increases started before the wuhan red death is a cultural change. Appreciation of various things seems to go in cycles and I think good home audio is becoming more popular and of course the stay at home thing had to have helped this along. I have had the average age of prospective buyers steadily drop in the last year or so. The last KPT-456 and KPT904's I have sold both went to men in their low thirties guessing on their ages.
  24. These things are sure getting expensive fast. Last one I know of close by sold for $2,000 and another one is listed for $2900 and the dude has not budged for a month now.
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