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  1. ALLRIGHT a voice of sanity and no laser pointer stuff here either. I however do mine with a cup of coffee and my built in eyecrometer and earcrometer.
  2. Gentlemen start your wallets and please no fighting when you get there. Be graceful and allow the lucky winner to leave intact. MIT ACC 206 Articulation Control Console Speaker Cables Listing ID: lis92cei Classified Listed September 18, 2019 1:30pm · 3195 Views Time Left: 9 Days Ending: 10/18 at 1:30pm New Retail Price: $64,999.00 $42,250.00 Condition 8/10 Payment methods Contact seller after sale to pay via VISA/Mastercard or Wire Transfer Ships from Garland, TX, 75042 Ships to United States Package dimensions 35.0" × 24.0" × 24.0" (75.0 lbs.) Shipping carrier FedEx Shipping cost Get cost Original accessories Box, Manual Average Research Pricing Description Policies 8ft pair of MIT ACC 206 speaker cables with spades. This pair is actually 151.5"(12.63ft) tip to tip. The couplers(amp to network box) are 98.5", the box is 12" and the tails(network box to speaker) are 41". This pair was traded in to me toward the purchase of a pair of ACC 268 speaker cables. I received them with several paint chips and scratches, but with direction from MIT I touched up the chips in the front black band of the right channel network box. I did not touch up the very small corner scratches in the paint as they are not visible from the front and are hard to see. Contact Scott at matrixdude@verizon.net or call/text (972)754-8359 with any questions. From MIT; The moniker Note Perfect was chosen by Bruce Brisson to represent MIT product or products that meet or exceed his best expectations. Look for this symbol of excellence when working on systems that are intended to return performance without peer. ACC 206 and ACC 210BW are the culmination of the smaller size of the ACC 169 plus the stylish and vibration isolating features from the ACC 268. To increase performance MIT adds more poles of articulation, which are allowed by the slightly larger enclosure. This unit is beautifully designed to sit next to, or behind, a mid to large sized speaker enclosure. The ACC 206 and ACC 210BW enable the listener to enjoy increased saturation of image that will appear seamless to the listener with textures and timbre that are realistic, believable and hugely dimensional from left to right, from front to back and from top to bottom. The unique 2C3D capabilities of this design are astonishingly realistic, and at the same time invisible in terms of speakers and speaker placements. The “speakers disappear” is the description most commonly used by knowledgeable audiophiles when they first experience this model. No questions have been asked about this item. Ask the seller a public question Send a private message Related Listings Harmonic Technology Pro 9 plus Ref Tweater & Woofer in ... $625.00 Nordost Valhalla V2 3M Spades/Banana $6,450.00 Ansuz Acoustics DTC Jumpers 70% off INVENTORY BLOW OUT $4,320.00 McIntosh CS2M Speaker Cable 2M (2 Meter) EA $649.99 ANTICABLES Level 3 "Reference Series" 8 Foot Speaker wires $232.00 matrixdude member since November 2009 Supra HiFi Verified Dealer Last 12 months 24 100.0% All-time 1932 100.0% 3 Watchers Items from this seller Supra HiFi E-STORE
  3. I think his were with a factory crossover so one amp would run it all.
  4. You know you are just not right don't you🤔
  5. Precisely. We know this to be true from experience and we are suggesting if you like what you have right now you can make it better for a little money and time.
  6. Well you have been advised to upgrade capacitors at the very least more than once. I have gone through dozens of sets of speakers from that time frame from Klipsch and not ONE had capacitors worth keeping. Yes it will make a difference and it will be the cheapest improvement you can make that is worthwhile. You like them now believe me they get better. I have a really good meter to measure inductance and capacitance and I have proven to myself that every single crossover from back then has bad capacitors with high ESR at the very least.
  7. How you aim those 402's is important too. I find if I tilt them forward and then focus left to right to be at an imaginary point behind me they work better. You are going to be surprised at the difference just aiming them will make.
  8. Salt is not the only bad thing. I dearly love hot peppers and had been growing Carolina Reapers and Moruga Scorpions for years. I was eating one or two a day and eventually I was the only one sweating where ever I went. Then sleeplessness and finally one day I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. It was the peppers and after eating hot stuff from the age of nine at 63 I had to quit. Capsicum is a strong cardio vascular stimulant and apparently my diet of super hots for some ten years finally met rebellion from my body. Along the way after quitting them other things happened like my swollen nasal passages that made me sleep in certain positions only now were normal sized and I could sleep any way I wanted to. That hot stuff also makes you use the salt shaker so I just had to quit. Once every few weeks I splash a dab of hot sauce on things but that is it.
  9. Eminence Kappa 15LFA I never stopped my secret admiration of Bose and I am going to open the door for Bose to conquer the Klipsch forum and then the world. No lofty aspirations for Bose domination could ever be sated and you all will soon understand as you are overrun by the Bose Audio Juggernaut and sell your Klipsch junk to me for pennys on the dollar. I suspect most of you will actually PAY me to haul your junk off.
  10. Could be Salt Lake salt though😀
  11. Wow you mean that Himalayan pink glacier salt might be sales bunko and dye? Please tell me that's not so!
  12. I like that "little centers" comment.
  13. No fakebook here either. If I ever do go there it will be with a separate fakebook only email account that has nothing in it for fakebook to steal.
  14. You have one of the best sets going and when you get them dialed in they will be amazing. You will be ruined for anything less though but that is a small price to pay. The MWM may not go as deep as others but that single fold horn makes great sounding bass and this thing will just work at any volume level.
  15. Good luck and keep us posted on progress with pictures of course.
  16. Google images will lead you to a guy in Australia who has built the best I have seen. It is a good thing you are retired because you will be spending some real time on these.
  17. That's good but you will still need a way to accurately measure a horn first as there are no cad plans out there. Curious to know how you are going to form 24g and be true to life accurate.
  18. Yes and if you google wood k-402 horn you will find things of interest. I have to tell you it is a labor of love to do this and would take considerable time to build and accurate measuring both for a build model and during construction and I would never attempt a project like this over buying it outright from Klipsch or if you get really lucky a second hand set. You are talking a huge investment in time and I doubt highly that you can maintain the exact shape the 402 is so famous for.
  19. Nashville Plywood is it. There are also yards in Birmingham that carry Baltic Birch however they are much more $$ and I don't know if they have 25mm. You will not find the good stuff at Home Depot or Lowes or any other store like that. They will have Chinese birch and it is terrible. US Speaker or Parts Express will have them also and won't be calling them subwoofers which of course they are not. Good 2" drivers are not cheap but there is no substitute.
  20. Well a DB meter and a great set of 34db ear muffs will allow for safe testing. Works for Tanerite too at the front yard gun range. You do have one don't you?
  21. Here's a clue.DE1085TN_8Ω.pdf
  22. Klipsch sells them by the set. No one is going to sell you a single and you are going to be waiting forever.
  23. You have no idea of the prodigious output this thing will have and should go to the low 30's. I smell sawdust but unless you carry out that idle threat to appear you will never know.
  24. Came to a conclusion about unisaws also. To darned much trouble to use and keep things square and these sheets are big and hard to handle on that unisaw with precision. Selling it off and moving to mostly all Festool stuff it looks like.
  25. Well I am going for something capable of much more output and bass than that with great fidelity as well. Time will tell if the experiment will do it but I am pretty sure it will. Oh and by the way it is 25mm Baltic Birch through and though as this is a glued sawdust free shop. In Nashville there are tons of custom speakers being built I guess and 5' x 5' x 25mm runs $48 per sheet with tax. Three sheets will be used for this pair.
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