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  1. MyOwn

    Corona Virus

    Talked with my dentist today and conversation turned to this. So after some thought I decided not to post.
  2. This cracked me up...☺️
  3. TDY to Ewa Beach. A bar across the way from crash pad we would frequent quite a bit. Myself and a couple friends from, TDY party, went to this bar. We were sitting at the bar and there were booths to our right. A couple, "two guys" at one of the booths kept staring in our direction. I had enough in me to ask simply, "what TF are you looking at?" Reply.... "Just admiring the way you look" Umm... we left.... About 2am sirens blaring over at the bar. Went that day to the bar after work. Asked the BT what had happened. One of the dudes in that booth shot the other dude in the head. Edit to add picture, this is what we were installing
  4. Ran one in my basement back in 2010, amazing how often I emptied the bucket. Once a week. good size bucket too. Edit to add this was summer months. winter not an issue.
  5. MyOwn

    To my chiropractor

    Umm... he is a she, and No πŸ˜‰
  6. LOL...Yes to all of it 7 kids here, 2 bedrooms for the kids...Ahh, cbs abc and nbc on regular channels PBS above regular
  7. 🍻There's not an emoji I can find on here to join glencairn glass together Enjoy!
  8. 25 degrees, grey and I think cold. This isn't cold as it "is still above zero" but damn the chill is there...To think as a kid I used to play in this stuff 🀣
  9. MyOwn

    To my chiropractor

    Wow!! I came to you a while ago...Hip problems, back problems, feet problems. I'm getting old I said. You told me I'm not old. After three months "the first month seeing you every week" I can walk without right hip joint pain, my back feels so much stronger and my feet are much better. Thank You 😊
  10. Yes....I have never thought of myself in a group until now 🍻 What happens after the current Old White Men?
  11. I only have enough coffee for 2 cups tomorrow. This is gonna be rough tomorrow. Drink 2 cups then perform the SSS just to purchase Coffee.
  12. Hmmmmmmmmmm https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/23/fico-10-credit-score-changes.html
  13. Tried to query this on the Weather Channel. I think what I allow is causing problems.
  14. How about Just ? Twisted Klipsch... Maybe a new Klipsch speaker named Twisted Klipsch? 🍻
  15. Woot Woot.... Sat 47 and Sunny Sun 54 and the same. Wash vehicle weekend
  16. I grew up on Neils music....Who gives a Chit about his beliefs and Politics... Neil is an Icon.....🍻
  17. How about a couple of fingers and than add the ice. Swirl the glass after adding the ice and put to lips.
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