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  1. Rick Steves: Pot is now used by Mom and Dad. And Grandma's rubbing it on her elbows A good read https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/30/opinions/its-time-to-legalize-marijuana-rick-steves/index.html
  2. The good news is that an eruption of this scale isn't likely in any of our lifetimes. Yellowstone last erupted about 640,000 years ago, and the U.S. Geological Survey says the probability that it will blow its top again is about 0.00014 percent each year [source: USGS]. https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/yellowstone-overdue-eruption-when-will-yellowstone-erupt?qt-news_science_products=0#qt-news_science_products https://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/what-if/what-if-yellowstone-supervolcano-erupted.htm
  3. MyOwn

    What Is Wrong

    I want a Klingon woman...Can you imagine the bedroom scene? LOL 🍻
  4. Bitburger and the following 🍻
  5. @RandyH001 I've not had this, It looks very tasty It is the result of a production process that has remained almost unchanged since 1859.
  6. Posted November 21, 2015 the powers to be made that thread a no fly zone. it was going well until you guys started insulting Ketchup. and still going 🍻
  7. MyOwn


    matt gaetz 🍻
  8. This is why this forum is soooooooooooooooo awesome 🍻
  9. My insides hurt the day after.
  10. I wish I could drink bourbon.
  11. They don't stay like this forever
  12. ZZ's 2021 tour schedule...If I'm reading this correctly, looks like Canada is scheduled for 2022. https://www.zztop.com/tour
  13. @BigStewMan I think It is worth every penny 🍻 @billybob although I posted on 6/3 I have restocked the fridge with the same LOL. Hope all is good with all here. It hit 105 yesterday, CWS is kicking off tomorrow, I'm on a quest not to take any vacation days the rest of this year. Why you ask? Because I can have 400 hours on the books every year and 400 is where I'm headed. The payout looks really good when I walk out the door. Saw these two on the 4th....Good Stuff 🍻
  14. Found some 4Pack Bitburger beers at my local HyVee. Bought 3 of them. So on this Thursday my ears are full of tunes and Bitburger is flowing. 🍻
  15. MyOwn

    What Is Wrong

    call 911 First responders see crap that is way way out there. Not just calls about a kitty being stuck in a tree. I've seen the toll it takes on the folks that are First Responders.
  16. Isaac Asimov "There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been." https://aphelis.net/cult-ignorance-isaac-asimov-1980/
  17. ^^Climbing, I've been watching the folks putting a new roof on my building. These folks walk up and down the ladder like it is nothing. The ladder is fully extended and up tight against the building. In my military days, I was climbing poles with climbers, and towers with safety harness to get to where I needed to be, just to hang antenna...Did this for a bit over six years...I vowed once I got out I would never climb again. And I haven't.
  18. MyOwn

    What Is Wrong

    indeed my friend 🍻
  19. MyOwn

    What Is Wrong

    This is coming. Imagine some one locked into a spacesuit doing stupid chit, I'm guessing they will be floated for doing so. LOL
  20. MyOwn

    What Is Wrong

    Yep....Q.... Look at all the folks that drink the kool aid
  21. MyOwn

    Old eyes

    I moved to another state and had to get a new drivers license, I told the clerk I forgot my glasses before taking the eye exam. He stated it wouldn't matter. I passed.
  22. MyOwn

    What Is Wrong

    perhaps oxygen deprivation caused by wearing them?
  23. I have not gotten this, I feel left out. Sadly as said before in this thread, there are folks that will believe it but my guess most won't know how to get bitcoin lol
  24. MyOwn

    What Is Wrong

    Yep, folks are heading to bat chit crazy. "In a typical year, the agency sees 100 to 150 formal cases of bad passenger behavior. Since the start of this year, that number has jumped to 2,500, including about 1,900 passengers who refused to comply with the federal mask mandate, according to the FAA." Something in the water?
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