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  1. Just finished for the umpteenth time, Jon Krakauer's "Into Thin Air." My all time favorite read. Can't even photo the cover cuz it's toast. Now on to a reread of this... "The Worst Hard Times." When there was real hardship in America. Almost funny how a mask can change that. We don't know hardship. Especially after only a couple months.
  2. This guy (Flight To Mars) playing this guy's (UFO) music.
  3. Yeah... (laughing emoji) . Made by Dick Cheney's Republican daughter, Liz, the 3rd highest ranking member of the House. Some do get it.
  4. Bobby Brown, Catholic Princess, WPLJ (white port & lemon juice) some really funny stuff in there.
  5. KlipschFish

    Food Porn

    Del Taco used to make the absolute best pork carnitas burritos back in the day. I worked with a lot of Hispanics for a few years and ate their homemade food a lot. Then we went on strike for a couple weeks and I brought us all burritos from DT. They gave enthusiastic thumbs up and would not believe where they came from until I took them there. I don't know if the place was franchised and the owners had the best recipe or if it was store-wide but they were good. Yummy memories.
  6. You planted a seed. Weenies.
  7. "Poodle Bites... Poodle Chews It!" It's kinda sad I know so many Zappa lyrics. Or maybe not.
  8. The world needs more dental floss. And for people to use it.
  9. My understanding is it was to be put out somewhere in the early 70's(?) Does it sound inline to the records of that era? Goldrush? Harvest? That was/is my favorite timeframe for his releases.
  10. I learned of her when "The Wall" first came out.
  11. "We would meet again, some sunny day" Reast in Peace at 103yrs old.
  12. You're not trying very hard if you're looking to Fox for it. Put "fox news takes down altered images" in your browser and you will find something.
  13. They expunged them immediately after the Seattle Times outed them. You won't find it.
  14. This guy? Believe it if you want. Like the rumor that 'antifa' will come to your town in Snohomish and you met them with armed gunmen? And absolutely nothing happened? These appeared on Fox News for days. A mashup of Getty images taken at different places on different days.
  15. KlipschFish

    Food Porn

    "I want some American food, damnit! I want French Fries!" Remember the movie?
  16. KlipschFish

    Food Porn

    My mom made bacon and eggs every morning that I can remember as a kid. Then she saved the bacon grease (I do to) and cooked virtually every thing else in it. Except on Friday. We were Catholics. I think that's why I prefer warm weather. It helps the grease flow through my veins.
  17. They are not antifa. Unless the 7 year old kids with their parents are indoctrinated like you think. And done with cooperation from the Police's East Precinct.
  18. KlipschFish

    Car Thread

    A short clip of Kyle's building exploits. The lone rotary in Formula Drift. Using sustainable products... fuel and lubricant.
  19. KlipschFish


    We can't even trust Darwin, anymore.
  20. It's got to be one of the worst lead-ins to start a song.
  21. We hang fuschias every year under our eaves. There is always at least one nest made in them when I'm not looking. Then I go to water it and get my shorts scared off by the little wrens. It's part of Spring we look forward too. We have a couple little bird houses on posts in the back 40 but the birds like the hanging pots better.
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