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    2 Klipsch Rp-280f's L&R channel
    1 Klipsch Rp-450c center channel
    2 Klipsch Rf-82ii's SL&SR
    2 Klipsch KS-14 SBL & SBR
    2 Klipsch R-115sw subwoofers
    65 in Samsung Curved 4k
    Denon Avr-x3200w
    Emotiva Xpa-7

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  1. I have both. The 280s are not near as bright as the 82s. They're both great speakers but the 280s win for me. I'm currently using my 82s as side surrounds.
  2. The rp-450c is rated for 100 lbs so I think the rc-64ii would have no problem shouldering the extra 25 lbs
  3. Why? They're just not very good in cold climates, once the temperature gets below 30° it's really hard for them to keep up and will run for hours upon hours. If the temp is in the 20's you could have your heat set at 70 and the air coming out of your vents will be like 74°. They're great for places that don't really get below freezing put poor in cold climates.
  4. Yeah I've eaten at that one several times. I've been going up there several times a year for the past 6 years. They have a really nice white Castle in Maple Grove now which isn't far from brooklyn park.
  5. I currently live in central illinois and have a heat pump in my current house, I can't stand it and I'm a hvac guy.
  6. If I see some nice klf-30s on there you'll definitely have some competition lol
  7. I'm not hiring movers I'm doing it myself so it will be in good hands lol.
  8. The amount of detail and craftsmanship that was put into this build is simply stunning, when this build is done it's going to be a piece of art. Well done on a truly amazing looking home theater. I can't wait to see the final results, so I can't imagine how excited you must be.
  9. I'm so glad I was able to hold onto my original boxes since we ware moving from Illinois to Minneapolis next week. Hopefully everything goes off without a hitch, fingers crossed.
  10. The amount of money you spent on them to be brand new speakers, that's what they need to give you... brand new unblemished speakers. I'd send them back
  11. Where did you get your theater seating ? I really like those seats you have. The whole room looks great.
  12. 13 hours is going to be atmos, I just watched it and it was great!! With all the gun fights in the movie it should be a great addition to a atmos collection
  13. http://jwhometheater.com He also has a Facebook page
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