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  1. There's a OM-20 Super on Audiogon right now that was apparently only used for a week or two: $80. Pretty decent deal on that cartridge IMHO. The usual disclaimers: no affiliation with the seller, etc., etc.
  2. Thebes, Is that big rascal with the rack handles a Kenwood? I can't recall the model number, but one of my roomates had one of those at 160 wpc and it was a beast. It looks to me more like one of the old Concept line of receivers.
  3. Receivers from the '70's from the likes of Pioneer, Marantz and Sansui were very well built, well designed and in some case actually "over-engineered". As can be seen from these posts, much of this gear is still out there and in use today, which is a far cry from some of the recent crop of gear that seems to have a planned obsolecense cycle. How many '90's receivers do you think will still be playing into the next decade? I suspect not as many, as a percentage, than the 70's receivers that are still playing today. One does not purchase one of these units because they want the ultimate in souond reproduction, although many of them can sound very good. However, the price to performance ratio for those of us on a budget can really make some of these units very attractive. For those who can do some light to moderate electronics work to keep the units in spec, they can be an exceptional value and deliver great sound for a long time.
  4. One aspect of getting the kids grown and "getting my life back" will be the ability to start going to concerts again. Until then, I live vicariously through others. I'd heard they were coming, and glad to hear they put on a good show for you, Rick!
  5. I'd prefer the link to an eBay auction NOT be posted here. I'd rather this site not be used as an advertising vehicle for member's eBay auctions.
  6. " Top 10: 1 "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967) -- Beatles 2 "Thriller" (1982) -- Michael Jackson 3 "The Joshua Tree" (1987) -- U2 4 "Rumours" (1977) -- Fleetwood Mac 5 "Wish You Were Here" (1975) -- Pink Floyd 6 "Revolver" (1966) -- Beatles 7 "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (1970) -- Simon and Garfunkel 8 "Abbey Road" (1969) -- Beatles 9 "A Night At The Opera" (1975) -- Queen 10 "The Beatles" (1968) -- Beatles" I really can't argue with the list at all. While DSOTM is a great album, I've always though that "Wish You Were Here" was the better to the two albums from Pink Floyd.
  7. I know a whole buch of guys who will ONLY use heavy and massive tonearms. Not a negative at all. No, its not negative in as much as its a "bad" tonearm. It does, however, as I stated, limit your choice of cartridges a bit. To some, that is a drawback.
  8. Of course they all have the same expressions. They all have hooks in their mouths! Looks like a great time on a family vacation!
  9. Pioneer made some nice tables in the mid - late '70's. After that, they made some serious junk. So, if you have the model number of the table, I'd be able to give you a better sense of what you have. Even with the well-made tables from the '70's, the one negative you'll encounter is the tonearm. These are typically HEAVY, MASSIVE arms by today's standards, and you might be limited with the selection of cartridges that you'll be able to pair the arm with. Still, with the right cartridge, some of the old Pioneers can still make nice music. I've got a Pioneer PL-600, the earlier version, which is nearly as heavy as a modern Technics 1200. Direct drive, and the platter speed is still dead-accurate. Again, massive tonearm, but still a very nice sounding table. Don't use it quite so much anymore, as I have a project Thorens that I'm tinkering with.
  10. This article sums it up well: http://www.stereophile.com/asweseeit/1096awsi/
  11. I wasn't trying to pee in anyone's Corn Flakes. However, home theater equipment is designed to do certain things well, and 2 channel equipment is designed to do other things well. Sure, you can certainly play 2 channel music on a 5.1 system and enjoy the heck out of it. However, speakers, equipment, room accoutics, speaker placement, etc., that is optimal for HT doesn't necessarily produce the MOST OPTIMAL results for 2 channel listening. So, either you can buy one system that does both, and put up with certain compromises, or pursue the path that will optimize one or the other.
  12. Well, this particular 2 channel guy kissed multi channel music and movies goodbye about 8 months ago and has never looked back. 2 channel is fully capable of producing a satisfying musical and theatrical experience. Just depends on what your priorities are. If music is the passion, then realize that you'd have to drop A TON of cash into a multi-channel system to get it to produce a satisfying 2 channel experience, IMHO. If you're info movies more than music, then by all means go grab a respectable mutli-channel receiver and have a ball.
  13. Echoing some other sentiments posted regarding your question over your two threads, I just can't help but wondering if you wouldn't be better off upgrading the elctronics first, then see where you are. My suspicion is that you've got a whole new world of sound awaiting you by updating your receiver to a good quality amp/pre-amp combo. The right integrated amp can also give you excellent results. This upgrade would probably give you the best taste of what the RF-7's are really capable of. Then, if you want to tweak them with a crossover upgrade, you'll be able to approach that decision knowing how the RF-7's sound when the upstream equipment is at it's best.
  14. Can I have a job with Klipsch please? []
  15. Rick, when is the Belle party?? []
  16. This all sounds logical and appropriate to me. I've got my eye on a Yorx all-in-one system on eBay. If I'm the lucky winner, I'll give my Mac integrated and Thorens TT the heave-ho.
  17. Unless it is completely mint AND has a brand new $200 retail cartridge on it, $350 seems pricey to me for this table. Its a fine example of a direct drive table, but I'm thinking that $350 for a used table could also get you a fine Thorens or Rega table that just might outperform the Denon.
  18. "I'll say again, that I have used that arm with some very standard Moving Magnet cartridges including a Stanton 681EEE and they sound fabulous." Very true. I've got a Thorens TD-145 which has the same TP-16 tonearm, and use an Ortofon OM 10 Super. The combo really sounds nice. I may upgrade to an OM 30 or 40 stylus when I get my bonus next month. One day, I might also give that Stanton a try if I can find one at a reasonable price, maybe used.
  19. You'll want to spin it up before you buy it. The spindle should turn w/o any wobble to it. If the platter starts slowly, the table will need a new belt. $85 is a good deal. Its an even better deal if the cartridge is in good shape. Its a fully manual table, and has the classic Thorens fully sprung suspension. TD 316 Mfg from 1985 - 1988http://www.vinylengine.com/library_model.php?make=Thorens&selected_model=TD%20316
  20. There isn't universal agreement to this question. Most folks think that vintage leaves off somewhere around 1980 or so.
  21. Just for the fun of it, Craig! This could really be a hoot. I'll throw in a Marantz 2330B, a 2020B and/or a 1060, and Sansui 9090. I can bring my RF-7's if I can get some help moving 'em.
  22. Nice little combo. Nice cartridge and nice table. Good job.
  23. I've said it once, I'll say it again. The RB-5 is a special little speaker. It is very smooth and robust sounding, and plenty of punch for a bookshelf / stand mounted speaker. The KG might go lower, but I seriously doubt is will sound more appealing than the RB-5.
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