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  1. Not affiliated. PM me if you cannot find these on the AK site. Need a paid account to access. I can give more details if you really want to buy. Beautiful condition Walnut Oiled from 1989. Only a few normal wear marks, one radiator dust cap has a slight push. One little white paint back corner if one that im sure can be removed ( leaving as is) See last pic. Purchased from original owners. Sound great! All drivers perform peefectly. New Crites X-overs and Crites Titanium Tweeters installed. Just decided it’s time to downsize, wonderful sounding speakers. Pick up 30 minutes north of Baltimore. $800 firm
  2. Very strange how all of those new stock large heritage Klipsch were completely removed from the site. Have they simply sold out? Could they have received a nasty letter or similar? Breach of ..., cease and desist, etc. IMHO that is a pretty sketchy company, both in buying and in selling.
  3. OO oiled oak. Really poor stain job with some crap minwax cherry. I would hate to have to fix that F@(%up
  4. They spent years. All by hand. Inch by inch. Full restoration. Not a remodel
  5. Sorry we are so far apart. I am looking for something similar for my father. I really would buy them. Sorry we are so far apart. Easy for me to say with with 1700 miles between us, but I don't see any other reason not to. You will make someone very happy with these I am sure.
  6. Don't worry. When I find what I am looking for, I will sell you my pair of Forte II.
  7. Keep an eye on this one. It is possible they could post Forte III for a discount in the next couple days. This is like their scratch and dent pricing from past deals. Also, Adorama has a history of goods damaged in shipping. Horrible customer service. Could be worth the risk if you are willing and are able to inspect upon delivery, and refuse to accept delivery if there is visible damage. In weeks to come, more listings on the site will populate various grades and pricing on damaged goods they get back from pissed customers. Not trying to say this is not a good deal, or you could not have a good experience. Just grains of salt
  8. Sure, now that my father is taking his own sweet time deciding if he wants to keep my subwoofer, I get 3 phone calls in one day from local guys on craigslist with buy it now offers. I had to decline the offers for the time being.
  9. The Denon will output power to speakers properly connected to the Denon speaker terminals. The external amplifier will power speakers properly connected to its own speaker terminals, provided that you have made the proper RCA pre-out on the Denon to the pre-in connections on the amplifier. The only thing you need to set within the Denon GUI is what configuration you are intending to use. Denon has a walkthough GUI that is very simple to follow. Make your choice in the GUI, and with now with the setting matching the cabling, the Denon and amp will do the rest without anymore action required from you. Or as I like to say RTFM....Read The F*(%!$g Manual. That's how I got so smart.😎
  10. And very quick. There is a waiting line. Usually first come basis.
  11. Mine are all black lacquer. You could buy now, sell later whenever your walnut version appears later. Check my ad.
  12. @jon91661 I sent a PM, but no response yet so I am going to step on this thread. Cool. Thanks for the update. Sorry you lost your dad. Hate to be MR. 100 questions, but when I am buying used, I either get all the details upfront, or I buy it cheap, or I move on. Still looking for a location. Hiding from the feds? Have any paperwork to verify that "bill of health" Send a me a PM if you want. I am going back to my corner.
  13. I'm bustin out the seams and need some space back.
  14. Location? Original box, packing, manual, paperwork? Original owner? Repair history?
  15. Welcome to the forum @lupp5214. I am near Madison. I have used both amplifers at the top of @willland list. I ultimately went with 7 channel 200W external amplification, but that is only because there was a small $200 difference between the 5 and 7 channel amp I chose. 5 channel external was a minimum for me in my 5.1.4 configuration. That's because I limit my AVR to driving 4 channels so it can produce around 100W/C intead of around 75W/C driving 6. Typical AVR's loose about 25W/C for every pair added due to undersized power supplies. Can only fit so much into one chassis. FWIW my 5 channel base is set to large in Audyssey so my sub is only handling LFE most of the time.
  16. edited with new pics
  17. FWIW my Denon x6200W has 2 internal fans that are factory set to turn on when the unit reaches 158 degrees F. That has never happened in my unit. Apparently D&M feel that the electrical components they choose have a high enough thermal threshold that active cooling is not necessary. Having active fans running does cause some noise output, therefore making the sound to noise ratio a moot point as there will be a louder ambient sound from the fans than there is from the speakers when idle.
  18. I don't do facebook, so can't comment on that thread. I could see that type of discussion providing motivation for anyone to pull a pair out from the hoard though. Could be the same guy, but I do not know how the one I posted gets his pricing. These are $950, and average pairs would be average looking and average price at like $450 or whatever. The thing is find another museum piece then find it for less money. Like I said before, only true collectors need apply. I am not in that group.
  19. @wvu80 I don't know who posts stuff where, or what other usernames they would have at potential other locations. I doubt that is the case here though. This guy seems like he gets something out from the hoard and usually posts it for sale on CL immediately, then takes pics later. He posted this one 8 days ago. Maybe someone else can advise.
  20. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/milwaukee-rare-klipsch-model-h700/6842652786.html No photos now, but If someone really wants to buy them I can contact the seller for you and ask for more information. I think the price is sky high, but I know this seller as being a local source for NOS electronics dating back 40+ years. If he says museum quality, covered in a back bedroom, he is telling the truth. He bought everything, stored it, now decades later, it is all getting sold as he peels back the layers of his collection. He usually has very low serial #'s. He also has some very high prices on the hard to find stuff. Low prices on the common stuff. Only true collectors need apply for this one.
  21. Nice. What are your plans? Have you been there before?
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