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  1. I'm no expert, but the lines on the stain job are so perfect that I think it is factory. They still have the sheen of the poly and I believe the speakers have been kept out of the sunlight for 50+ years. I'm the third owner, and the second owner had them completely out of the sunlight. I'm the second owner of the 77's, and they had a bit of water damage on the bottom that I am eliminating with the sand/stain. Thanks for the input, Mo
  2. Thank you. I've tried them both and although close, they don't match. I have not been able to find any color identifying information from the historical Klipsch archives I have looked into to see if certain serial number groupings were stained a certain stain.
  3. Any idea what this color is? I'm staining my 77 Birch Klipschorns and trying to match my pair of stained Klipschorns. The serial numbers for the stained Klipschorn speakers are 1C999 and 2C000. Thanks! Mo
  4. So I got this bug ... and its contagious. Its called the Heritage bug. I've been hearing about the sound of Klipsch for 20 years and personally experienced the warmth and depth of the sound every time I used to visit Little Rock, Arkansas during late night jam sessions in the 90's, so ... I finally bought a pair of LaScalas two years ago. And then I bought a pair of Heresy speakers a couple of months later. And then I bought a pair of Khorns a few months later and then I bought another pair of Khorns a few months later. STOP! (talking to myself) I don't want to get rid of anything, so do you think it is okay for me to stack the Khorns with the upper pair turned upside down? Any of you forum members ever done that? Thanks for your thoughts on this. moriceman
  5. I have no affiliation with the seller. Thanks, Moriceman He or she is asking $150.00 https://neworleans.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-k400-vintage-horns/6762532006.html
  6. I am looking for one for my center channel. Anyone out there want to split the pair? Moriceman
  7. I bought my trusted CV 380 SE's in 1991 and I've travelled with them through 12 moves and used them indoors, outdoors, on the back of pickups, from rooftops, in the rain and generally abused them in almost every way that a speaker could be abused. In fact, I installed cut-off bolts in the rear where the fuses used to go because I was tired of blowing fuses when I was rocking along. That was 27 years ago. They have always been powered by a Hafler XL600 (I had to replace the fuses with screws in the amplifier too), and have consistently produced a well balanced sound for me. That being said, in a side-by-side, my La Scalas are more accurate and do produce more bass. Not sure how the La Scalas sound from a rooftop or a beach on Spring Break because those days have temporarily passed, but I'm glad to read this discussion on the XLS 215's because I thought that CV had been relegated to mediocre and was comfortable in that space. I'd love to hear your XLS 215's, and I promise if you loan them to me for a week or two ... I won't replace the fuses with screws. promise. ;-) moriceman
  8. PM sent to you Jim. Thanks, Moriceman
  9. Located down in New Orleans. Do you have an idea for me? Thanks, Moriceman
  10. I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks Coytee for the kind offer, but I must confess ... I have too many (unfinished) projects going on right now to take on a build/rebuild/repair. While I have learned a bunch from reading many community members' posts, I haven't amassed the technical knowledge to put one of these together with the confidence that I hit the 100% mark. So, I'm KooKoo over the beauty and the sound of my La Scalas and Heresys, and I have a healthy respect for the engineering, but I lack the skillset to diagnose and repair. I have about another 6 weeks until I finish my HT room, and I don't mind shipping or driving to pick one up if anyone out there has any ideas where to find an extra. After reading hundreds of posts in this forum on the topic, I'm sure that I want to find a La Scala for the center and not try something else. All good things in time ... Thanks, Moriceman
  11. Howdy, Please let my people know if your people know of a La Scala collecting dust or being used as a storage rack somewhere. I couldn't split up a happy home if the La Scala is being cared for and loved. I only need one, so maybe someone out there wants to split a pair with me. AA would be preferable in order to match my existing pair for the center channel. Thanks! Moriceman from N'Awlins
  12. 2 emails sent. I had a premature firing on the first one. thanks Moriceman
  13. Is it sold? Are they sold? What exactly is up for sale? Is it 2 for $4,500? Thanks
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