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  1. Derrick

    Let's Go Raptors!!!

  2. Neil Young live at Massey Hall 1971. Amazing album.
  3. Sorbothane is amazing but a bit pricey. I use hemispheres under my turntable.
  4. Just got Neil Young’s Live at Massey Hall 1971. Incredible sounding album. Having been to Massey Hall many times I can tell you that is a special place to hear a musician.
  5. It’s in a cool neighbourhood. Lots of pubs and restaurants to check out for lunch. A bit hipster-ish but that’s Ottawa. I moved from Toronto 5 years ago. Born and raised in Sudbury.
  6. They have a nice Marantz 4270 but I am not big on quads if you only really want 2 channel. Too many parts to replace and too many things to go wrong. Nice unit though
  7. At least you are not traveling while the Brier is on! Pretty sure no one else will know what we are talking about.
  8. Close to downtown. Westborough area. 1099 Wellington street. Worth the trip especially when a band is on which I usually every weekend. They actually record live shows on reel to reel and release records. http://www.therecordcentre.com/
  9. Picked up the latest Paul Simon album. Well recorded. Sounds great. Most of his albums do.
  10. The Record Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Cool shop. They often have live bands playing while you flip through records. The Tannoys are on a half wall at the back of the store. They are impressive.
  11. A local record store here has a pair of Tannoy Westminster’s as their house speakers. They occasionally turn them up a bit and all I can say is wow! Powerhouse speakers. Should be for 40k I guess. I wonder how they would compare to Khorns? https://www.tannoy.com/Categories/Tannoy/PRESTIGE-GR/WESTMINSTER-ROYAL-GR-OW/p/P0DER#googtrans(en|en)
  12. I would drink the booze to make room for the amp on the shelf. Two problems solved.
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