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  1. RIP Gord, You were ahead by a century

    The New York Times said it best; “The place of honor that Mr. Downie occupies in Canada’s national imagination has no parallel in the United States. Imagine Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Michael Stipe combined into one sensitive, oblique poet-philosopher, and you’re getting close.” I would say close but not very close. The documentary “Long Time Running” will be on utube soon. It was on national tv tonight and if you are a music fan of any genre it is not to be missed. Not just about the music but a touching view of a band coming to an end.
  2. RIP Gord, You were ahead by a century

    Just to give everyone an idea of how important this band is here, they had a moment of silence in our parliament for Gord today. The Prime Minister gave a tearful speech on the influence that he had on the country. The main rock station in Ottawa is calling themselves Gord FM and they are playing nothing but The Tragically Hip songs until Monday. It’s not too often a major radio station in a city of 1 million people will play one band, 24 hours a day, for 4 days. Classy move Chez 106.1. Yes, the avatar that I have been using on this forum for awhile now is Gord Downie at his best. RIP my friend.
  3. All of Canada weeps today for the loss of a rock legend and cultural icon. Gord Downie, the lead singer of The Tragically Hip, the lead singer of Canada, passed away last night. Some may not be familiar with their music, the band is as big as it gets here. Only other Canadian's will understand what I am saying. There will be many campfires across the country tonight with The Hip providing the soundtrack. Rest in Fiddler's Green Gord, you earned it.
  4. Max Volume!

  5. Max Volume!

  6. Max Volume!

    Refuge - Tom Petty Still of the Night - Whitesnake Battle of Evermore - Zepplin
  7. Need Help Understanding Audio Resolution

    It is my understanding that the Apple Express will down sample all formats to 16/44 as that is the maximum resolution that it will stream. I was using an Apple TV box to stream via AirPlay and this was the case. I spent a lot of time researching this. I bought an Audioengine D2 streamer which streams all music at 24/96 on a dedicated wifi network. The sound is outstanding and the link is very reliable.
  8. RIP Tom Petty

    Another legend has left us. RIP Tom. You touched us all.
  9. My music is my constant

    Thank you gentlemen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
  10. My music is my constant

    Thank you DizRotus. Much appreciated. It is only occasions like this that we reflect on what is really important in life. I’m sure that many of us have found medicine in our music. I know I have.
  11. My music is my constant

    I lost my best friend yesterday. He had all of the opportunities in life and missed nothing. Still difficult to deal with. I love music’s ability to console and educate. I take solice in the poems of the greats. RIP my friend.
  12. What I Got Today!

    I got an Audioengine D2 wireless streamer today. Just set it up. Very easy. Sounds great out of the box. Instructions say that there is a 40 hour break-in period so I have some listening to do. It streams real 24/96khz files on a separate dedicated network so it doesn't have to run on your home wifi with everything else. I have had no drop outs. I was using an Apple TV box but airplay down samples to 16/44khz and the signal wasn't very stable. This solves my problem of having my stereo system in ne room and my computer in another. It wasn't feasible to run a cable between the rooms. So so far so good. I'm happy and would recommend the product. Couldn't be easier to use.
  13. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    I would hook up that Marantz 7005 and her rip!!!!!
  14. snowfall

    Go'in to watch ma stories.....
  15. What I Got Today!

    $100 each. Custom woodwork is not cheap but I am getting a furniture grade item. Looks better than a milk crate.