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  1. Moosee1955

    Cd versus vinyl side by side

    Fruit you can sample before you buy, reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer says this fruit has no taste! I too am old enough to remember Stereo stores that would play a few cuts of an album on their Ess heil speakers, or JBL. But it always seemed like it was such an imposition for them. Especially if it didn't sound right and you said no! Oh the look on their face when you walked out. You didn't dare suggest a second album. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  2. Moosee1955

    Klipschorn ID help

    You might even be able to buy corners to augment your room, if you don't want to build them. I remember awhile back online seeing them Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  3. Moosee1955

    Cd versus vinyl side by side

    I've never had any problem with bass loss on Lp's. Actually on older recordings like Beatles and singers like Sinatra and Tony Bennett, the albums sounded better. I have a Tom Jones album I recorded to cassette years back, that blows away my CD version of same songs. Problem with a lot of albums, is the person doing the recording didn't care. Can't tell you how disappointed I was after purchase. Just sat in my collection. Back in the days Tower records or whomever wouldn't take it back just because it didn't sound good! Like buying fruit, no return. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  4. Moosee1955

    Cornwall in room with large windows?

    Put a set of thick drapes over windows. It will make the bass sound better, and keep out pesky neighbor's! It's your house, crank em up! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  5. Moosee1955

    Cd versus vinyl side by side

    Want the best of both worlds. Record your new vinyl onto a quality CD recorder. A nice moving coil cartridge will give you the sound, the CD will give you the ease of digital, and no wear to your albums. Just be sure to spring for the better quality blank disc's, the cheap ones go bad after a year or so. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  6. Moosee1955

    '56/'57 Klipschorn restoration/repair

    I won't be any help on where to purchase classic raw driver's, but as far as determining what the impedance is on the individual driver's, why not use an ohm meter and measure it. Also most speakers have the impedance stamped on the magnet area. This is a long shot, but how bout getting ahold of Klipsch themselves and see if they might have or know of anyone that specializes in vintage Khorns and their parts. Getting ahold of a 1956-57 schematic would be priceless. Their was a guy on eBay a few months back selling a set of early Khorns, don't know if he's still out there. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  7. Well next time you leave your sand box in Nevada and come our way, you've got a few places to kill an hour or two. A nicer way to treat your ears I can't think of. Course you guys got the girls there to occupy an hour or so. Trade yah! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  8. Wow you guys are making me feel my age. The listening post, I remember that place. And yes Matthews was a Klipsch dealer, and they were high pressure. I used tell the salesman let me wander by myself, and I'll grab you if I need you. The album that the salesman had on the turntable in 74 was roundabout by yes. When the full band kicked in after the intro, it made my heart jump. I was only 19 then. At 63 now, I don't know if my ticker could handle it. Keep a crash cart in the listening room these days. Theirs still a Harmony stereo in West portal area of SF. He's been around since early 80's. Doesn't carry Klipsch though. He used to have a second location that I heard the B&W 802's back in the 90's though . Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  9. Schu, I live just south of SF, and don't know of anybody that sells heritage line of Klipsch. I've listened and owned a lot of speakers in my years. The 2 that made my heart skip a beat were Klipsch horns circa 1974 at the now defunct Matthews TV, and B&W 802's circa 1990, hooked up to Boulder mono blocks. The B&W was so real playing Sinatra through an amazing turntable/ moving coil cartridge setup. Most speakers leave me with yeah, ok. When I said months ago they haven't changed I wasn't refererring to the original 1946 version comparing to the 2018. Although I'll bet the '46 version probably ain't bad. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  10. When you think about it, nothing has surpassed the original designs. Of course tweaks to improve on originals, but that's progress. You want that, to get it as great as you can get, tweaking capacitors, inductor's, newer smoother drivers, but really a clean 50 watt amp that can stand up, or surpass a 500 watt b&w 801 speaker combo, for live sound, that's pretty amazing in this day and age. You guys/girls that own them know what I mean! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  11. Moosee1955

    Klipsch vs. Axiom Audio, Fact or Fiction

    I've been around our hobby a long time, and only a few systems made me sit up and say wow. I've been in stores where the salesman would tout how great those speakers are, or that amplifier. But most of the time I just played along. My ears are always listening for Nirvana. Couple of wows come to mind, listenenig to cornerhorns circa 1973, album was roundabout , when the band kicked in after soft intro, my heart jumped! I was only 17 at time don't know if heart could take today. Bottom line its got to make you drool when you hear it, well at least pant! Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
  12. Moosee1955

    What is the Least Expensive Amplifier?

    I don't know if any of the other members mentioned it, but you might consider a quality used piece of equipment from the 70's or 80's. Their sound is so much better than most of the under $1,000 stuff that's available new. A couple of ones that come to mind are Yamaha receiver 70's vintage best. Concept 4.5 or larger, I had a 5.5 it was amazing! Sansui also made some sweet sounding stuff, that will make your klipsch sing. The biggest problem with new stuff, is crappy pre-amp sections, and small power transformers. Oh yeah Nad from 80's and early nineties pretty clean stuff. Just my 2cents. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk