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  1. Chris, An OTL has no taps as there is no output transformer, the reason for its unique design. Bruce R. has info on the Transcendent website. The HIGHER the load impedance is the better the amp likes it, see the power ratings. 16 ohms is a good load. It worked nicely with 16 ohm khorns. Fred
  2. Mint condition factory built with ultra low noise power supply option. Circumstances require me to part with this (and some other items), it's a marvelous sounding amplifier. http://www.transcendentsound.com/T16OTL.htm price is 900. The new factory assembled amp is priced at 1770 (with low noise option), so this is a great deal. Next stop will be ePay......
  3. IMHO, It's tough to beat the older Marantz receivers. They are very good in that 'first watt' and are built like a brick *********. Appearance wise they can't be beat, especially in a dimly lit room. The gyroscopic flywheel tuning is a joy. I've been driving a pair of industrial LaScalas with my 2325. Great combo. http://www.classic-audio.com/marantz/mindex.html
  4. AS I recall it, the field coil served two purposes, as a smoothing choke in a B+ power supply and eliminated the need for a permanent magnet in the speaker. To use an amp designed for a field coil speaker you would need to use a smoothing choke in the B+ supply and a permanent magnet speaker with a voice coil matching the output transformer. The B+ supply *may* work out with a resistor in place of the choke....
  5. Contact American Express and see if you were insured by them as well. Mastercard insures any purchases you make using their card, as well as extending a warranty on an item by 50%, for up to one year. Pretty handy on a major appliance.
  6. Hey Craig, Your CD arrived today. I listened on my La Scalas and Marantz 2325....like it a lot. SPL: unknown , but adequate! favorite tracks: new boy, dreamship. anecdote: my geriatric cat (15) was walking past a La Scala as the disc started....he went straight up! he's ok with it. good recording! Thanks. Fred
  7. http://vincent.brient.free.fr/bass_horn.htm now THAT'S a horn!
  8. I recall seeing the kHorn listed as one of the suitable speakers on the Transcendant site. The amps are fine seeing 8 ohms but the power does increase with 16. At least that is what I recall. Check his website. There's much info there, and helpful people (in addition to the proprietor) on the forum. BTW, vintage kHorns are stated to be 16 ohms....different drivers/crossovers though.... Post your results please...
  9. Arrto - Do you have a link to such a HVAC ? I am going to be replacing mine VERY soon and would like to see such a system. If there isn't a website, who makes it?
  10. I realize that this a bit unusual, but two variations on the traditional CS I make occasionally: a) Gorgonzola cheese Sharp imported provolone
  11. Pat's is the best, be sure you get a bunch of the fried chiles to munch on!! Tony Lukes is good also, but Pat's is still the best.
  12. Amost missed this thread! I will check in for the record. My former calls were: WN2BZB, WA2JFF, KB2BF. The station is disassembled due to home renovation/addition, so I am on HF mobile presently. My main interest has shifted to AM again (along with DX). I've been collecting some vintage (as in hollow state) gear as well and a Gates BC1t broadcast transmitter. Perhaps someshould organize a Klipsch net? I would think 40 meters, Saturday or Sunday would be the best bet? Maybe a different thread with an Amateur Radio title would be good. I recall seeing other callsigns in the member roster and it's likely some don't read this forum. 73, Fred k2dx
  13. I had been unable to log in for some reason. Fred
  14. Jon, Sometimes the speaker protective relays can require contact cleaning, especially if inactive for extended periods. The relay is in a clear cover. Caig De-Oxit is a good thing to protect the contacts.... I know your Marantz is gone but if anyone else encounters a lack of audio on one or both channels....sometimes clicking the unit on/off waiting for the relay to energize is a quick test.
  15. IMHO, the '70's Marantz SS receivers are really special. I have a 2325 packed away in my vault. It weighs about 50 lbs and is rated at 125 WPC. It can produce bass with slam. But it's still clean at very low (klipsch) average levels. And in a dark room the appearance is hard to beat. The heavy flywheel gyro tuning feels great. These Marantz receivers are waiting to be rediscovered. You couldn't go wrong with a clean one.
  16. Thanks for advertising, I was another one waiting to try for it. Nothing like a helpful Hannah!
  17. I hope to be able to get #145 out for some pics soon, maybe this weekend. I will post the pics. Fred
  18. Maron, I got it from an elderly gent in North Jersey, and it really didn't look like much, it had been wallpapered and painted. The woofer is a later Klipsch, with a square magnet. The xover is apparently a late 500/5000 as it has one iron core inductor, early ones had all air core inductors. I believe that there was an 'update' at some point when the woofer and xover were changed. There are some differences from my '54 Klipsch bass bin. The squawker has the ribs in the throat and a SA-HF University driver. k-5. Dated '48 #103. I would like to put the original woofer back in (if I can locate one), plans are to veneeer it for appearance. The wallpaper is tacky! I can take some pics this week (it's in storage). As it looks now I fondly call it the craphorn! Fred
  19. Cap'n Bob,Maron, The date of the bass bin isn't marked, the elderly previous owner said '52 or '53 (but he could be mistaken). The number is Brociner Klipsch K-3-B #145. The squawker is Klipsch K-5 #103 dated '48. University SA-HF driver. If you find any info regarding these I really would like to see it! Does this numbering mean this khorn is actually #45? I've been unable to find anything about Brociner Laboratories, NYC. I did see a Brociner amplifier on ePay about a year ago. Fred
  20. If you could find the Brociner auction, could you please post it? I have (presently in storage) a Brociner bass bin (labeled licensed by Klipsch) with a '52 or '53 date. The squawker is labeled Klipsch and dated '47. The 500/5000 xover seems later as one inductor is an iron core. The woofer is later Klipsch (square magnet).
  21. This year I didn't make the ride out west and the 100th, here's a pic from last year. This Hog is no trailer queen, she's set up for travelin... Pass thru your area from NJ. Fred
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