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  1. Damn sight better than what I had at 15.
  2. As someone who just bought a pair of Cornwalls blind to have them shipped to me up in the Arctic, I have some sympathy for someone buying a set in Reunion Island.
  3. Back in the 80s I graduated from an RD50 straight to an FJ1200. The first three weeks were sheer terror.
  4. This is a bit of a hail Mary, but I have two weeks to find a pair of Cornwall 1 or 2 speakers for sale in Canada, preferably eastern Canada and then ship them to the Arctic. I did have an agreement in place with an acquaintance for a lovely mintish set of IIs but two days before the shipping company was due to pick them up, my acquaintance suffered a house fire and those lovely Cornwalls are no more. I now have an empty slot on the boat, a huge gap in my living room and no speakers to ship. After waiting all year for the annual shipping season, I am now in a desultory panic and pretty much just want to sit in the corner and eat candy bars whilst crying like a schoolgirl. Sooo, if you or anyone you know has a nice pair of Cornwalls looking for a new loving home in the Canadian far north for a fair price, please, please be sure to give us a heads up. I can have them picked up and shipped. You could make a frozen old codger very, very happy. Any finish but black. It took me two years to convince the better half to accept huge speakers in the living space but she drew a concrete line at black. Thanks and all the best.
  5. I may have to go and have a little cry in my whisky.
  6. I had the same amp some moons ago; it was great. The headphone output on the 500c is no slouch either.
  7. If only they were closer to the Arctic Circle ...
  8. Roger Waters is a supersonic wanker ... who happened to spend some time in a great band.
  9. Wow. If only I were a couple of thousand miles closer.
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