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  1. Genesis in the 1970s... It completely passed by me without me noticing them. I only got to know Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Steve Winwood as solo-artists. So that means I can be on the look-out to by that 1970s Genesis vinyl when it is re-released on 180g vinyl! Here is a very interesting interview with Steve Hacket about the intricacies of Genesis' viny records. Because bass is really demanding (takes up much of the groove), they'd cut off the bass! https://www.analogplanet.com/content/steve-hackett-revisits-roots-genesis-seconds-out-and-more-vinyl-both-virgin-and-new-part-i
  2. A very nice room! I wonred where your speaker cables were, but then I saw them.
  3. I have that cd also. Going to check it out this evening. There a very nice Lou Reed cover on it: Sweet Jane. Back then, it was a hit single in Belgium.
  4. Well, I paid 700 euro for my 1972 H1 in 2018, in Brussels, Europe...
  5. Can you hear the pigeon cooing? Kate Bush does amazing things with pigeons cooing and her voice. This is no accidental recording but I'm sure some accidental recording gave her the idea. It continues throughout the whole Aerial album. In a later track she takes it to the extreme by imitating songbirds with her voice, the pigeon included:
  6. Most streaming services come with an app that will work as a remote for your streaming capable device., which could be built into your amp. Example: Spotify Connect. When you rip your CDs to your laptop, you must 'share' them over your wifi network. There is more than one protocol for this. DLNA is one of the older ones. If you want an all-in package, go for Roon, for which you pay a monthly fee. Roon is not a music streaming service, but it streamlines all your available music into one app. https://roonlabs.com/
  7. I'm totally fascinated by this... Yes, the weight seems to be right! I used a 'aluminium weight calculator'. A block this size would weigh 371kg!
  8. They are trying to sell a 350,000 dollar mono block, but they don't check what their copywriters hand in??? Not so 'strikingly elegant', if you ask me... Is this physically possible? 258Kg really?
  9. I've been listening to these three albums, and all three of them really good, of course, but Daft Punk's RAM really sounds fantastic. It's remarkable, because these guys use very modern (digital) technology, I guess... I was not familiar with the song below, but it caught my attention because of its full sound (bass!) and the stereo-image.
  10. There's one thing I like a lot about this thread: I don't have to defend myself when I buy 'new old' vinyl records. At the end of the summer holidays, I needed a 'fix' of well-recorded albums for the stormy autumn that's coming, so this is what I bought: Mark Knopfler, Privateering (very bluesy) Toto, Their Ultimate Collection Daft Punk, Ramdom Access Memories
  11. My main system is a Leben Hifi CS300 with a 1972 Heresy set. The XS is 15wpc, mine is 12wpc. Nothing else I own can compete with this combo. I never feel like needing a subwoofer. I put my speakers flat on the ground, as they were designed for.
  12. Gould can be a complete nutcase: Here he discusses the effect that music can have on animals: (no one above asked the question why *that* dog started barking in the first place. most likely, it was reacting to the music it was hearing, as is demonstrated in the video below, thank you Glenn Gould!) https://youtu.be/57kR6RsV2iA But then he can be a genius as well: https://youtu.be/57kR6RsV2iA
  13. I've read both, and they both keep very quiet about the whole 'patented' procedure. Vinyl on demand? Every album is 'first generation'? I suspect somewhere in the production line, it will be 'digital'. Ouch😱
  14. Books have been written about Glenn Gould's versions of The Goldberg Variations. And this was before the release of The silence of the lambs, the cult movie with Anthony Hopkins in the role of Hannibal Lecter, serial killer who kills and slashes two policemen and cuts off the face of one to stick it on his face in order to escape. (sorry, that was a spoiler...) Gould became notorious, not just for his humming, but also for his refusal to play for an audience, already at a young age. He recorded the Goldberg Variations twice, in 1955 and in 1981. In 1955 he played it much faster (38'26) than in 1981 (51'47). And he played it on a piano, not on a harpsichord, which the work was originally intended for. I like his recordings a lot because they are very dynamic, but for audio engineers, it must have been a nightmare working with Gould. Sometimes his humming is so loud you could call it 'howling' and then of course, it's really close to 'barking'! 😉 The aria of The Goldberg Variations, as used in The Silence of the Lambs, is not on the official soundtrack CD of the movie.
  15. There a lot of 'crap' here too. This crap may actually help you: https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360043032612-The-Fives-Connecting-to-TV-through-HDMI-ARC
  16. https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051127252-The-Fives-No-Sound-via-HDMI-ARC-Troubleshooting-
  17. Not sure what you mean... Are the Fives crap?
  18. On Sunday, I was driving from Austria to Belgium, a 14 hour drive. When we left in Austria, 1.800m altitude, with 7°C, as we were moving north (!) we saw the temperature steadily increasing, to 25 and then to 33°C around Frankfurt, Germany. When we arriived home at 00:20 in the west of Belgium, it was 28°C. Lots of traffic jams on German highways due to road works, with borders completely dry and then you notice fools smoking and shooting their cigarette away from the slow moving car's window... Luckily, Sunday was the last really hot day of the official heatwave. On Monday the temperature dropped to 28°C during the day, and today it is something like 26°C. Some Krautrock, great music for on the road: Scorpions, Blackout With the quote "We're gonna feel the heat tonight" (Dynamite)
  19. Forget the Beatles! Being back home from holiday in the Alps, I finally nailed it: it is on Roger Waters' Amused to Death album, the song: The Ballad of Bill Hubbard (around 12 seconds into the song...) It's an amazing song, btw. I apologize for completely ignoring the original post's mentioning a Beatle song... I read about the Roger Waters song ages ago, and now I'm glad I listened to it again. This was my initial source: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/amused-to-death-and-avalon-opus Not sure if it is a true test for your audio system: I can hear the dog barking on YT with my laptop speakers, in my Beyerdynamic TD990Pro earphones, and certainly with my Heresy speakers... Waters' inspiration came from this 1990 documentary:
  20. This one is too obvious!!!! Love Seamus and the whole album, btw. It's just one dog's short bark way in the background. I'm sure there's a link with Pink Floyd.
  21. I thought it was a Pink Floyd track, or a David Gilmore track... Please, somebody help us!
  22. LMC-5 Luxman brought a new cartridge to the market, the first in 40 years... Reason: 'to correctly reproduce the full scale, dynamics, and harmonic overtones of a concert grand piano'. The Stereophile reviewer completely ignores this in his 'listening' section, though. Kind of weird... Uber-specialized niche product costing 2,695 USD. https://www.stereophile.com/content/luxman-lmc-5-moving-coil-phono-cartridge
  23. Maybe this is the true reason why Michael Fremer was forced to resign from Analog Planet all of a sudden?
  24. I find your pictures with your Linn Sondek TT too distracting. There should should be a limit on the number you can post. Just in order to keep the rest of us from mental breakdown. 😉
  25. Yes, ARC... , as far as I remember, it was crucial for it to work properly.
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