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  1. I'm considering upgrading my current Denon 4500x receiver to the Emotiva RMC-1, but I'm not sure how to hook up the subs because the Emotiva only has XLR outs, while the subs only have LFE/RCA inputs. One thing to note that because the location of my components are in the utility room, I've had to run 2 x 70 ft RCA cables next to each other to reach the subs in their current location. Also I've heard that I can get an XLR splitter to connect the 2 subs that way to the RMC-1. So even with the splitter, I'm still stuck with what to do about the cables.


    A.) Do I get 2 x 70 ft XLR cables to run through my walls and then get a small RCA -> XLR adapter to connect the sub?

    B.) Keep the current RCA cables in wall, and get a small RCA to XLR adapter to connect in the utility room

    C.) Sell subs and upgrade to SVS - (most expensive and hardest to try and get the wife on board with lol).

    D.) Another option I'm not aware of?


    Additionally, what sound am I'm compromising by not having a true XLR connection?


    Thanks for any help or ideas!

  2. Hello!

    I'm about to upgrade to a JVC nx7 projector and I want to get a blue ray player that will really take advantage of its capabilities. So I've been looking at the Panasonic DP-UB9000 and the UB820. Basically everyone says if you don't have audiophile audio get the 820. So I'm wondering what would I need to get audiophile quality audio out of the player? A pre-processor or can I use my current AV Denon 4500H? Do I still need to hook it up via HDMI? Basically need help understanding how to take advantage of the 9000's super high quality DAC




  3. @angelluisg


    Wow thanks for all the tips! Yea I can't wait to set it up and tweak it!. Right now the amp is on the L, R & center front stage like you suggested, and I would like to get another amp just for the atmos. You will like those speakers when you get them :) Well you have given me a lot to think about and try out in the coming weeks. I'll post back here when I have some real world results. Until then I have some speakers to try and Ebay haha.




  4. @angelluisg


    Thx for the help! Interesting, so try the 502s closer to the couch. My original layout concept was looking at what dolby specs out for surround placement. I always thought speakers needed to be at least 3-4 feat away from the listener. Of course I could be totally wrong too lol.


    Speaking of the AV I have a Denon 4500H and an Emotiva Gen 3. 5 channel amp. The rest of my setup so far are 2 rf-7 III(fronts) and the rc-64 III(center) + 2 R115sw subs. Its a lot of system that I am hoping to cover the larger room.


    The room is about 25x28 ft ( the main area with the couch) 


    I suppose I'll have to sell that 2nd set of 502s that I am using as rears currently and pick up the 600m to optimize it.


    Yea the main goal is to try and figure out a good layout with out it being in the way of walking areas or have wires laying out. Its why I naturally first thought of hanging everything.




  5. @Univek Thank you for the response and thoughts on the layout. I'll respond to each one to at least understand where I was coming from in the design.


    2 hours ago, Univek said:

    Is there a reason why you choose to hang the surround vs placing on speaker stand?

    Maybe its my basic illustration, but on the left there are double pane doors near the dart board, so I'm not 100% sure I could have a stand there but you are right if I can I will have them on stands/ wall mount them. It's the other side that is the issue. There is a bar with a stools there- Ill upload a pic. If I add a stand there it would be basically in the middle of the bar / walkway. It would have to be placed like on the end of the bar right lol?


    The rear left speaker could def be wall mounted but the rear right I think would end up right were the pool table is, however I have read that I could possibly mount them right next to each other directly behind the couch on the edge of the wall with the 3 guitars. Its not what dolby specs out but I've read a lot of blogs that have said it can work because the speakers are not bookshelf, they are the 502s. So again that is why I was wondering about ceiling mounting them and pointing them down. Then you start to loose that bed layer separation like you mentioned from the atmos layer. What are your thoughts on the surrounds, RP-502's, being slightly behind the main listening position and not exactly 90 degrees?


    Great idea on the panels in the rear. I was looking up a blackout curtain for the sliding doors as well as one that could be sound proof as much as curtains can be to help with that first reflection point on that left side. The reflection point on the right side from the Front Right Speaker I think ends up being in the bar, so I am just kinda not sure what to do with that bar area in general. Def not ideal so I was seeing if anyone had any good ideas on problem solving.

    Again I really appreciate your thoughts on the matter!




  6. Hey Guys,


    I have 2 pair of RP-500SA that I need to sell. Basically mint condition, will ship in original boxes with original packaging. Looking to sell them for $300 ea pair. Buyer pays shipping which will be about $20-$50. I also have a pair of rp-502's for sale - $450 + shipping also in excellent condition. Give me your zip and I can give you a quote for shipping.


    First pair



    second pair






    Shipping via Fedex or UPS ground


    Message me if interested.





  7. Hey guys,


    It's been awhile since I last posted, but I just am about to move into my new house and am trying to figure out a good compromise for this basement I'll be using for my theater. Its a nice wide open space which is great but its not as ideal as something like a dedicated movie room. The previous owner had 4 in ceiling speakers that I will be using as atmos, and I'm thinking about hangin my rears and my surrounds. Aside from having sound reflecting issues in a space like this, are there any other recommended ways to setup this room for a 7.2.4 system?


    I've added a rough sketch from top view for speaker placement, keep in mind the rears and surrounds would be mounted to ceiling pointed down at the listener. Last image is a bad photoshop job to get an idea of placement as well.


    The speakers Ill be hanging are 4 RP-502s. Also just noting that I have 4(2-pair) RP-500SA that I want to sell ( 1 yr old low use ) I'll post about this in the sellers area, but thought I would mention it just in case. 





    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.44.41 PM.png

  8. I just did my calibration on the Denon 4500H + Emotiva xpa 5 gen3 and when the volume is moderate I feel like I need to edit the calibration settings to turn up the center channel and turn down the rears. However when the volume is turned up for like a movie, I then feel like the center needs to be re adjusted again. So what level of volume does Audyssey recommend for movie viewing when it does its calibration? In my room almost all the speakers get -5 or -7db with the exception of the atmos and sub. Tv listening is usually around a 45 or 50. Movie is 60 - 65 max and then it starts to shake the whole house.


    Thanks for any help!



  9. 7 hours ago, wuzzzer said:

    Is it a low frequency hum or high frequency hiss?

    Low frequency him would be a ground loop.  Try a different outlet for your receiver and/or amp.  Are you using shielded RCA cables?

    If it's a high frequency hiss, very common with Klipsch due to their high sensitivity rating.


    I think it's more of the high frequency hiss because it comes out of the tweeter. I can't hear anything coming from the copper cone in the speaker...

    Of course this is when my ear is right up on the speaker, but when I move a foot away I can't hear it. Obviously not a realistic scenario but you know us audiophiles! ;)

    Thanks for the help @wuzzzer

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  10. Hey all,


    I just got my new system hooked up: Denon 4500h, Emotiva XPA-5 Gen3, 11 speakers - no sub yet. 

    I have the 3 front speakers + 2 surrounds coming from the amp, the rest are hooked up through the AVR.


    I'm watching game of thrones streaming through laptop -> chromecast and noticed a slight hum the the 2 surround speakers (rp - 500's). Only noticeable if there is a quiet scene and year head is next to the speaker. The front speakers have no hum I can hear.


    Any ideas what is going on?






  11. Well I just installed my new Denon 4500H receiver, an Emotiva XPA-5 Gen3 amp, with 4 atmos speakers "mounted" in the front and rear of the room. I have an 11 speaker setup right now total with no sub yet. I just watched BladeRunner 2049 4kUHD and DAMN! Atmos does work pretty well, I didn't even try up firing as I have vaulted ceilings. I also setup the calibrated speaker EQ with Denon. I will admit this is my first major system and first atmos system, but during some of the scenes the sound really does go all around you. An echo for example in a hallway doesn't just echo to the side, it's above you as well - crazy.

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  12. If you don't want to hang from the ceiling I would still try and put them up on the wall about 2ft above the MLP. So on the left you might want to remove the picture frames. On the right I would put it above the lamp and just mount it to the wall. Klipsch I think recommends 502's be above the ear to really help hide where the speaker is located. Then you will just need to run your EQ wizard to account for the new speaker positions, cus the left will be a little further away than the right from the MLP.

  13. If it was me I would move the Rears up a few feet to basically the back of the couch, just before the door/opening to the left of the couch. I would also hang them from the ceiling pointing down at the MLP.  It won't be directly to the left and right of the couch, slightly behind, but close enough I think. Ideally upgrade to a 7.1 system, leave the rears and add 502's just a bit in front of the main couch.


    Something like the image attached

    Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 11.03.37 PM.png

  14. Streaming + compression is pretty darn close to 4k, but if you have a nice system you can usually tell both in audio and video. Just watch some of the apple 4k reviews vs. blu-ray on youtube. I agree though it's a dying medium for sure, especially with 5g right around the corner - you can kiss blu-rays goodbye. Download a blu-ray in like 20s if you have a good connection.

  15. @PK09 - So awesome man! I think you'd notice a difference once you turn up the volume with and without it. That would be my guess anyways - I have yet to get my amp in the mail yet. I'll have more for you when I get mine - maybe it will help, maybe not. 


    As for the amp assignment question to the speakers, I think if you are hearing audio it means you hooked it up right lol. If you want to test watts per channel, I think you will need a multimeter to do that. Here is a video I googled that came up - it might work. I think you just need to touch the red and black ends of the multimeter to the amp for one speaker channel and see what the results are. You could do the same for the receiver as well...


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