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  1. I use RP-150m speakers for computer audio and find they perform very well within their limits. I also own RP-600m's and don't think their tweeters are a big step up.
  2. Between the BA-1 and the Schade feedback amp, I will be able to scratch my amp building itch for some time to come. Thanks for the advice!
  3. I built the M2x, F5 and ACA. I prefer the M2x over the F5. I didn't win the Vfet lottery, so bought Tokin SITs and am building a Sissy SIT. I am hoping it combines the best traits of my SS class A amps, and my 300b SE tube amp. I have been sidetracked by my newly acquired K-402s, I have to re-arrange my living room to fit them in, then I will get back to amp building.
  4. I agree, I am using DIY PASS design class A amps for mids and highs and can highly recommend them. I am also building a SIT amp and hope it out performs the M2x I am using for mids. If it does, I will move the M2x to HF duty and retire the ACA I am using now.
  5. I listened to this combo at Dave A's a few weeks ago, you don't need new speakers ever.
  6. I am using these horns with BMS 4592ND drivers. I am running active with Quarter Pies and it sounds good. I am getting K-402 horns in a few weeks and will compare.
  7. I have a Topping DX7s. Excellent unit, top notch for the money.
  8. I have a PLX-1804 and RF7-IIIs and can confirm that the combo has serious slam. Daft punk for the win!
  9. I have built several amps for both speakers and phones. Tube amps include Elekit TU-8600S and VTA M-125 monoblocks and KGST for electrostatic headphones. Solid state amps I have built are Pass DIY M2x, F5, and ACA, also DIY Krell KSA-5 clone for dynamic, and KGSSHV Carbon for electrostatic phones. For high efficiency speakers, the Pass M2x is outstanding but it does generate some heat. I am in the process of building a class A SIT amp. I hope it will dethrone the M2x for mids.
  10. I don' have a ST35, but I did build the M-125 monoblocks. High quality parts, good instructions and very good sound in Triode mode. Jay
  11. Crites sells a bracket that goes between a 2" CD and horn. I am using this for a 10" x 18" ZXPC horn with a BMS neo CD and it works well.
  12. As one of the "guinea pigs" I found both Claude's and Dave's systems impressive as hell. The SMWMs with K-402s were all I was expecting and more. Totally effortless and natural. His wood mid horns were also excellent. Claude's setup with 3 SH-50s in front was also great. The SH-50s gave the best imaging I have heard. Especially with his 11.2 (now 11.3) surround playing, it was superbly immersive. Once my ears stop ringing I will take inspiration from Dave and Claude and continue to improve my system. Jay
  13. Another option is a used QSC PLX or PLX-2 amp. These are overkill for power, but sound very good, are quiet, and are available for a reasonable price. They do have a fan, but the fan can be switched out for a quieter one. I have also built a TU-8600S with the Lundahl transformers. LCD-3 phones sound very good with it.
  14. I changed from Faital HF200s to 4592NDs. The Faitals were very good, but the BMS drivers are better to my ears, smoother and more natural. They do require EQ, but I have a Xilica XP-4080. I am building Quarter Pies for completely horn loaded speakers (except for my IB subs).
  15. I had a XLS-1502 for a while and sold it. It was a bit noisy on a 109 Db/watt CD, but I was able to turn the amp down and the pre up and lower the noise to acceptable levels. I sold it because I found it harsh in the treble. I was comparing it to tube and class A amps, so the comparison may not have been fair. I was using titanium diaphragm drivers (HF200) at the time which may have made the speakers more sensitive to this than the Mylar ones I use now (4592-ND). It would probably have been fine for woofer duty, but I have a QSC PLX-1804 which to my ears sounds much better.
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