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  1. I waited 14 weeks for mine, good luck!
  2. I have not owned a 7705, so I can't say.
  3. I have a AV8802a and it is an excellent unit. Good DACs and discrete buffers on the XLR outputs. Good luck with the sale.
  4. I have found this as well. I am using a PassDiy M2 which sounds great at low volumes. I have class D on subs, and class H on woofers, but class A rules for mids and highs.
  5. Here is one of them, opposed drivers with a double layer box. 3/4" MDF and 3/4" plywood. Drivers are Fi Car Audio.
  6. I am not good at describing the sound of speakers, but I can relate what I hear. I have a IB subwoofer system, 2 manifolds with 2 18" drivers in each. This sub is flat to 12Hz with very low distortion and prodigious output. Woofers are Claude's Quarter Pies with Kappa 15C drivers. These are very articulate. I never knew how much clarity I was missing until I tried horn loaded bass. Mid and high frequency is K-402 with AXI2050. I was using BMS 4592-ND drivers until I received the new ones (only 14 weeks on backorder). The BMS drivers were very clean and sounded wonderful. I figured if the Celestion drivers were not an improvement, I could flip them for not much loss. To my ears the AXI2050s are better with a glorious midrange and good highs. Not needing to crossover to a tweeter gives a seamless sound. Once I had the PEQs and delays figured out, I started with Chris Askew's Xilica settings for the AXI2050, the sound is very well integrated and holographic. I attended Axpona this year and listened to dozens of stupid expensive systems. What I have in my house for maybe $10,000 easily beats most of the $50,000 to $100,000 systems. The only thing I still want is the dispersing lens Roy designed to improve the polars at high frequency. These are patented, and I wouldn't want to step on toes, but it sure would be nice.
  7. I had my Q Pies vertical with ZXPC 10x18" and BMS 4592-NDs. I had the horns mounted like carlthess40. This was quite good. I imagine K-510s would also work well. I now have the Q Pies laying down with K-402s and AXI2050s on top, even better.
  8. I wired a 12v transformer in a buck configuration. If you use a variac, it has to be rated for the entire load. A bucking transformer only needs to be rated for the percentage of the voltage reduced (or boosted). So a 1KVA 120VAC load with a 12VAC buck or boost only needs a 100VA transformer. This is much cheaper than a decent variac. I used a center tapped transformer with a DPDT switch so I could switch between 6 and 12 volt reduction. If you do this, add a fuse, size the transformer conservatively and make sure there is enough cooling.
  9. I adjust the line voltage to my amps to keep the filament and B+ voltages near design values. Not necessary, but I think a good investment for reliability and tube life.
  10. I built a bucking transformer for my M-125 monoblocks. Mine is switchable between 6 and 12 volt drop. Works well. If you are handy with a soldering iron it could be a good route to go.
  11. I have owned RF7-IIIs and an RC64-III and I didn't find this to be true. The RC64-III did add vocal clarity for video, but didn't sound as balanced for music as the RF7-IIIs. I listened to music in 2 channel mode.
  12. I bought a 4U 400mm Dissipante case from the Diyaudio store for my SIT amp. Nice case but also not cheap.
  13. This is what I used: https://www.ebay.com/itm/323530741005?hash=item4b53ef550d:g:xTIAAOSwOxRb3HG5 Nicely made
  14. No, I bought a nice Chinese one (yes they do exist).
  15. I just bought a ticket. I am looking forward to hearing the Jubes.
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