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  1. I ended up getting them. $200. They are HEAVY! I just had shoulder surgery a couple days ago so the project will have to wait. Randy, do you think I should I just keep the ports as they are and not extend the motorboard?
  2. This is huge. Over 875 lots in Day 1, and there is some super cool equipment. Tons of vintage items. Day 1 - OLO Major Audio Equipment Estate Auction -Cedar Lake | Kraft Auction Service (hibid.com) Day 2 - OLO Major Audio Equipment Estate Auction -Cedar Lake | Kraft Auction Service (hibid.com) Pair of Klipsch "Chorus" Stereo Speakers. Wood | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com Klipsch KP-201 Floor Speakers 22.5" Tall | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com Pair of Klipsch Cornwall CBR speakers 25"x16"x38" | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  3. Hopefully that's what will work! I really don't want to mess with a motorboard build.
  4. Thanks! Reading Bob Crites info on his build it seems the horn is critical. But the specs on the KSM 1 seem like the horn would fit the bill! I'll have to see if they can send me a pic with the grills off and a pic of the terminal cup.
  5. Looking for insight: If I can get these for a good price (maybe under $200), I'm thinking Cornscala D style speaker (2-way). Pull the motorboards and build cabinets for them?? If so, would need to build the cabs as large as the D? (I'm pretty sure they're as large as the CW). That would mean new motorboards. Also, is the horn in the KSM going to be sufficient for a 2-way? OR... do I find tweeters and CW crossovers and make them CW clones? Cornscala D for reference
  6. They have them on two separate listings for some reason?? 28 days left. Vtg. Klipsch la scala type LS-BR | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com Vtg. Klipsch la scala type LS-BR | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  7. Eric! I found a pair of H3 Black in Salt Lake City! (I remembered seeing them months ago). They've had them for quite a while so maybe you can talk them down? I just called them and confirm they still have them. They're a bit dinged up but can probably be touched up without too much trouble. DM me if you'd like some help in checking them out/getting them closer to Boise. KLIPSCH HERESY III SPEAKER PAIR (BLACK) Very Good | Buya
  8. Eric, watch the Reno, Sacramento and Bay Area/NoCal Craigslist. Lots of Klipsch come up there if you're willing to drive a bit. Seattle and Portland are pretty good areas as well but normally a bit higher $$. Good luck!
  9. Are you selling the cabinets? If so, how much and where are you located?
  10. My H1's in Birch Raw with Watco Rejuvenating Oil.
  11. "An option to have raw birch stained was also used, but not often seen. The stain was applied by spraying, and the serial number stickers generally indicated this option. Example: H-WS would have been a Walnut stained Heresy made from "raw-birch". This option was more commonly seen on La Scala's" So, I'm guessing SRB = Stained Raw Birch
  12. Looks decent and only $900. Klipschorn k-b—wo - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  13. In case you haven't seen these: Klipsch La Scala - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) Not exactly what you're looking for and could probably use refinishing. I think the price is high as well but, who knows?!
  14. Thanks. I like black as well! My CW's are actually oak. When I rescued them the cabs were in super sad shape so i sanded, filled and painted them. I didn't go too crazy thick as I'm anticipating attempting a new veneer. I did 4 coats on those Heresy to really take out the grain. You can see how rotted those cabs were.
  15. I'm on my 4th and 5th set of H1's. My daily's are 1976 HWO and are the best sounding of all I've owned. I recently rescued a set with mismatched cabs that were actually built within a few weeks of each other. They had THICK black industrial paint on them. Looks like they were used in a commercial environment as they have mounting holes in the cabinets and the tweeters were blown. 3 of my sets in pics. Before and after with the grey and then black satin. My 2nd set of HBR's after a light sanding and Watco oil and my current set of HWO's in their natural environment with their big brother CW II's.
  16. A set just sold yesterday in my area for $800 (lasted on hour) and another are listed for $2000 (clearly over-priced). My brother sold his with Crites tweeters and crossovers for $1400 last year. You can almost double your $$ if you don't like them.
  17. Kind of depends on the part of the country you're in. You'd easily get $500 in the Western U.S. for HBR. As much as $750 for Walnut. GLWS
  18. Just an idea; took my old frames to the local high school wood shop and had the instructor create a new set for me. They have CNC router tables. He refused payment.
  19. the old tree behind my house a couple years ago. It’s surrounded by houses now.
  20. That's what I was thinking, using motorboards and backs with new BB. The difficulty in rehab is the HFB looks to be MDF with the Fir veneer. The HBR of course is no veneer. Pulling the veneer off won't be a good look. Plus, there are holes in the tops and sides where they hung them. Must have been used in a dance hall or something. Probably why the tweeters were blown.
  21. Looking for advice. I rescued a pair of H1's ($200) that had thick black industrial paint on them (1984). I wasn't paying close attention and didn't realize they were HBR and HFB until I was stripping the cabs. Both built within 2 weeks of each other with matched parts (E-2 XO, K-22-K "R", K-77 "R", K-52). I've only started stripping and already did replace tweeter diaphragms. Would you: Part out? Build new Birch Cabs? (I have some skillz) Rehab the mismatch cabs? (Done this a couple times with matched HBR) I would likely keep them if I built new cabs, and maybe sell my '77 HWO. What would you do?
  22. It's a multitude of scenarios. Hi-Bid doesn't own anything. It's an Auction/Advertising site that Estate companies, Bankruptcy liquidation companies, overstock liquidation companies, etc can all join to advertise local or on-line auctions. Most of what I share from them is Estate Sales/Auctions. So these are often speakers that Grandpa had and the kids just let the Estate Sale company handle. The Estate liquidation company takes that premium. I have seen consignments at times over the years, but that's usually a small percentage of what's seen. There's a bunch of Amazon overstock & returns sellers in Utah that use the site.
  23. Sheesh. $2900 final, plus taxes and 16% buyer premium! Someone really wanted those!
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