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  1. Yeah knew that would be long.
  2. Not paying the prices they ask these days. The only one I wanted to see but didn't see was Elvis. My parents saw him in '69. They were excited in a way I didn't see often.
  3. Rain last night as well as tonight. Oh well talk is the sun is prepping for some large scale events soon.
  4. Or at least wipe the dust away...
  5. Been awhile since they did that. I think '12 was the last year but?????
  6. Do they (Leftys) torque steer under heavy braking?
  7. I do not care for dishwashers. Inconsistent results IMHO. And I'm single.
  8. Thanks. You verified I might be able to hear after all 'cause I agree with all your assessments.
  9. If it sounds good to you go for it. Please don't let this thread go down that road.
  10. Now....what about the "low watt [i]high current[/i] thing I've read about here and there? Would this help my Heresy 1 perform at low volume? Or is that just my brutalized hearing....
  11. Quit with the politics. Ruins everything.
  12. Am I to infer the twice the rated power handling comes into play at high volumes when demanding everything from the speaker/amp? So would it be safe at lower volumes to use a lower powered amp?
  13. They're definitely "vintage." Everything looks sound....and old. Any way to demo them? I'd wanna hear them before knowing what I'd pay for them. That being said I'd love to find a pair like that. Oh I'd plan on recapping the crossovers after seeing them. What's the asking price? I'd move on these quick before someone else finds them.
  14. Pretty speakers. GLWS. If I didn't have to spend $$$$ getting the car sorted out they'd be mine.
  15. I find my Modi 3+ a good deal/ Cheap and improves the sound over built in DACs. I have a Saga S preamp as well It does the job well too.
  16. Give 'em a listen before buying if you can. If not inspect for obvious damage and price accordingly. Don't worry about replacing anything that's not obviously bad. Leaking capacitors and damaged drivers if present should be accounted for in price. If that all works I would take them home set up and play some music. If there aren't any issues I'd listen for awhile before spending money. See what you like and don't care for before spending money so that when you do spend money it will be well spent. Good luck.
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