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  1. Well the problem returned last night. It did indeed follow the crossover from right to left speaker. Time for new caps.
  2. OK let's try it again. Look now.
  3. Because it will eventually break. I turn wrenches on Harleys. Been doing it long enough that I remember when they deserved that reputation of high maintenance. And I tend to apply that everywhere. Keeps me from having to wonder if I'm worrying about that device. I just know if I need it it will fail eventually. That doesn't bother me. it's when I cannot fix it that does.
  4. Noticed something while working on my Heresy. I don't have a TV so music is on 99% of the time I'm home. So I drug my Klipsch R-610f out from the bedroom to fill in for the H1. Just unplugged the Heresy from the KG sub and plugged the R-610f in. The sub really helped them. Soundstage was improved as was the mid. Unfortunately nothing will help them up high compared to the Heresy no matter what I hook up. So now I'm looking to find another KG SW.
  5. OK I finally made time to swap crossovers and measure the drivers. First the drivers. I measured at the spade connectors on the crossover end. All measurements listed are minus the .8 ohm resistance of the test leads. #1 tweeter 5.7 Ω squawker 9.8 Ω woofer 6.8 Ω #2-problem speaker tweeter 5.7 Ω squawker 9.9 Ω woofer 6.8 Ω While swapping I loosened/tighten all connections again just in case. Well seems to have worked. I listened to some very familiar songs (w/crossover swapped) and all sounds good from where I sit. I really enjoy the way they sound now. I am leery of changing for the change's sake because I'm keenly aware the subjective nature. I will purchase a pair of type E crossovers and rebuild them so going back will be an option. Are the type of capacitor that came with these available new? If so should I?
  6. I found the Klipsch KG sub integrates well with my H1. Just got lucky one came up for sale here close enough for a day trip to pick it up. Have to add I'm not a fan of tons of bass. Appears I favor a bright speaker.
  7. Checked where? At the barrier terminal? Forgive my ignorance I'm a mechanic. I can test circuits but have no experience here. I understand how they work far better than I used to from hanging around here. 1979 and as far as I can tell original.
  8. Over the past couple weeks I've noticed the right speaker becoming weaker. Just thought it was between my ears. Last night I swapped wires to see if it followed. No stayed in the right speaker. Pulled the back and checked for anything obvious and screws being loose. Nope. Even swapped amps to see if that was the case 'cause the main is a '65 Fisher receiver. Nah not that either. Speaker still plays but is just not as brilliant. I checked the woofer squawker and tweeter for resistance with a questionable meter. Anyone got numbers for what the drivers should read? I'll probably swap the crossovers to see if it follows. Any hints?
  9. I make my living turning wrenches. Have off and on for going on 40 years in one way or another. These days things tend to be easier to actually work on albeit far more complicated. No matter what some things have always been a tad fiddly to get back together properly. Just 'cause it bolts up and looks OK doesn't mean it's right. Manufacturers are actually making low maintenance a feature. That being said I am loathe to work on my own junk these days. I resist making modifications and spend more up front to get what I want in the first place. Can ya tell I gotta pull the Harley in for a tire today?
  10. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Don't care. 'Taint the first time you stuck yer beak in my posts.
  11. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Man my Dr. doesn't even five me grief about an occasional smoke. Go pet yer peeve somewhere else dammit.
  12. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Birthday is coming up and I've no family left to speak of. So I splurged and restocked the humidor with some Padrón.
  13. Stop stirring the pot. Serves no purpose.
  14. Yeah that's my assumption.
  15. At first I could (would?) hear where the bass was emanating from and it bugged me. As I listened it became less prominent. Or has it just receded back to where it belongs? Anyways I flipped the switch back to 94dB sensitivity. Better....
  16. I cannot think of one even remotely nice thing to say. So here's to you Mom....I ain't sayin' nuttin.
  17. Man I just adore the European women I've met. They have confidence without resorting to arrogance many American women seem to posses.
  18. Duke's is definitely worth the extra. Can't really figure out why but it's just better.
  19. Thanks for a great suggestion on what to play tonight.
  20. Care to share some recipes or where they may be found? Meat prices have got me seeking alternatives.
  21. Wow good thing I spent everything extra already.
  22. Ah a loss from the era of women who were happy to be women. R.I.P. Gina thanks for making the world a nicer place for almost a century.
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