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  1. Like it says what are the crossover points on a Type E crossover? Thanks.
  2. Not necessarily a bad thing. Some things are best not experienced.
  3. Those tools are best used with two hands to keep them fully engaged. Not being engaged can strip small fastener heads easy.
  4. watching the video I was wondering how much sitting on those tubs affected the sound. Even of the La Scala behind them.
  5. There's a guy on utoob who hacks the phone scammers. I'd like to see get a hold of this guy and publish it.
  6. geezin'

    Car Thread

    Car rentals are out of the question with prices like they are. And they'll never decrease. I hope they lose millions. I am so sick and tired of the unabashed greed from American business. When coupled with the decline in quality and service I see profits continuing to drop no matter what the price.
  7. I'll have to find a way to try that with my H1.
  8. New? Not really but not an old timer either.
  9. If I have something to say about other's choices it will be clearly stated. Otherwise I say what pertains to my choices on the subject at hand. Man this place is getting touchy since I came back. What happened? Not accepting it's the change in policy concerning changing speaker components. C'mon we're supposed to be sharing something we enjoy and not seeing a lot of enjoyment here.
  10. My source isn't clean enough to bother with big dollar cables. It's a budget thang.
  11. I was using a Logitech Bluetooth adapter on my Fisher 440T receiver for phone/Spotify and was unhappy with the sound. Installed my Schiit Modi 3+/WiiM mini and was blown away with the improvement. So I'd say yes definitely use a stand alone DAC. I do not use Bluetooh with the WiiM it's just a remote in practice. Bluetooth isn't geat if you seek good sound.
  12. I make my own from decent but far from expensive parts. Oxygen free copper zip cord heat shrink and gold plated banana plugs from Amazon.
  13. Yeah if only $200 cheaper I could afford them.
  14. Yeah I have to remind myself sometimes...
  15. One of the prices I pay for living rural is crap 'net service. All that's available is satellite (no way) DSL (same) and 5G. It's decent tonight but sometimes I cannot even get phone service. They tell me there's nothing wrong even though my phone says SOS where it should be bars. Frustrating to say the least.
  16. Bought my H1 without hearing them. But I have another pair of Klipsch floorstanders speakers so I had an idea of what I was getting.
  17. Gotta love an easy cheap fix. 👌
  18. Orwell's Animal Farm. Again...seems appropriate.
  19. geezin'

    Heresy II

    I love my H1. All original other than a recap.
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