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  1. I like the reverb I get from using a ping pong ball.
  2. geezin'


    Fine be that way.
  3. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    Please tell me what you think of them. I've read they are outstanding as far as measurements but no experience first or second hand. I like my Topping PA3s and have been looking (and considering) at the L90 Discrete.
  4. No different from that hot dog you pay $11 for at the ball park.
  5. This one always makes people sit up and listen....love to hear it on some big speakers.
  6. geezin'

    What I Got Today!

    5 pounds of good old Columbian beans roasted a little on the dark side.
  7. While numbers one and two are important they are the only ones the general public seems to know. While the fourth and eighth carry a heavier burden. Now go on google away....
  8. Is it just me or does it appear AI bots resurrecting old threads around here?
  9. Yellowfin Tuna. From a can packed in EVO.
  10. Anyone who pays that for two Klipsch boxes unopened is nuts.
  11. geezin'


    Dayum. Between the price and...uhm...looks I thought they'd be keeping them awhile.
  12. Maxed out the RAM on my iMac. No pictures I yanked the old and in with the new. Nothing like a new computer at a fraction of the cost.
  13. Yeah knew that would be long.
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