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  1. There is a 100% chance I am not going to work tomorrow, but I also don't have even a very small percent of the lotto money.
  2. That's what Daddy Dee used to say, "another trip around the sun", he was a nice guy.
  3. Nope, I no longer have any boats but I like the idea. I will tell the wife what you said so I need a boat, but that will not work. The back door is facing south, the wind always is from the south in the summer or about 9 months out of the year, thought it might help keep it a little cooler. It's the same size as the front door, 9'H and 10'w so it would make an easy drive through.
  4. Happy Birthday MicroMara, seems to be a popular date, have a good day today. .
  5. A little off topic, I watched a bunch of videos yesterday of people being driven around a course by a professional racer, all different kinds of cars but it's really funny. People have no idea of what it's like in a race car. Many different types of cars. This is just one of them
  6. Now he tells us , I know, he needs to say something, if not how can we tease him about being old ?
  7. Remember when the calendar for birthdays was easy to find? They're still there, just harder to find. With the average around here most people don't care to be reminded. The good part is almost everything we buy has a lifetime guarantee.
  8. Happy Birthday, somedays it feels like 99 but it's only 66, many more years to go. Have a good day.
  9. Around here they call it a pole barn when there are no sides or cement, usually anyway. Like to store hay or park equipment under, but I don't care what it's called if I can put my stuff in it and work out of the sun. There will be a little wood for a counter and a couple rolling tables, but they will be treated wood, I have had enough termites already, they can do some damage quickly. One corner is all I need, the speakers will be the first thing to go in, even if I have to run it with an extension cord while wiring everything. Thanks everyone, seems like it took forever to have space to work.
  10. If it was not for the commute.
  11. Probably right, it happens to everyone. Going to try to keep it unfilled, I want a place to work, it's the main thing. But your right.
  12. Almost 24 hours since a post in this thread so an update. Almost done, a little trim on the back top rake edge and 2 roll up doors and it's done. Well except for electrical and a couple benches then deciding where the tools will go.
  13. I don't know but I do like older women.
  14. dtel

    What I Got Today!

    That's what his wife says. Good looking work Bobadono, no wonder you stay thin. Cool view .
  15. But if that happens I want to go out and take a couple with me, or at least make a few mad. I will not do like someone in the past did and erase hundreds of pages.........we should have never had that power, glad they changed that.
  16. It rained for a couple days and I had no project to work on, not good for my attitude, ask my wife, I need projects or my brain hurts doing nothing. Then I come here and see some whining and pushing the rules, that's all it took. But it is true I am tired of it, I don't need this stuff, not looking for and speakers and if I have an audio question I have someone to ask at anytime...........friends are the only reason I am still here.
  17. I wish PWK was still alive and on this forum, I highly doubt he would censure himself....but he would be the one to pay for it, it would be funny
  18. Anyone is on he list that can't follow the simple rules. I surely can't post what I want or what I would like to say, I am no different. Even if I think something is funny or true it makes no difference, I am not the one who sets the rules we have to follow. It is no fun for us either to moderate ourselves but there are rules. If I could say what I want the poop would hit the fan.
  19. I approve almost all the new peoples first post and remove a few inappropriate pictures and spam. I am not going to warn people for the 50th time to not talk about politics, I just erase it if I see it. I figure if your too dumb or hard headed to know that no politics means what it says I am not arguing it. NO there is no BS section and will not be again, get over it or move on. If I do anything about the 3-4 who persist with the political comments maby I should just ban them and they can whine to Chad about the rules or me, I DON"T CARE TO BABYSIT ANYMORE. If anyone has a problem with me or what I do , too bad, get ahold of Chad, I DON"T CARE anymore to deal with those who get off on pushing a few simple rules consistently or too slow to follow a few very simple rules. BAN ME I don't care, for years now I am just here for the friends I have made. I have asked for more and different moderators for a long time now and am tired of the few troublemakers, YES I get complaints from many about the few. I am NOT doing anymore than I am now, and this is even getting old real fast. I would just as soon quit. EDIT' Dave this is not directed at you it's for everyone .
  20. Like a friend of mine says, your an odd cat.
  21. I have no idea who the guy in my picture is, but thought the shirt was funny.
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