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  1. Congratulations Chuck...heck of a game!
  2. tnr


    He is an awesome guitarist. Population Override is a great album. If I could play the guitar anywhere close to that, I wouldn't wear a bucket on my head.
  3. I too am only using the pre/processor with an external Outlaw amp. I have the SC-63 for about 1.5 years and have been happy with it. Only my opinion, but I would go Pioneer Elite over Denon, based on my experience, build quality and performance.
  4. Happy Birthday Chuck! I hope you had a great one Sir Charles! and more
  5. I gave up half & half about 4 months ago. Been drinking coffee black. Slept in and finding black coffee is getting boring today. Just added a shot of Christian Brother's brandy. Much better. Now maybe I can finish the pot!
  6. Those are really groovy baby...I dig em' a lot!
  7. Happy Birthday Gary & Derrick! I hope you are both having a great day, and continue the partying!
  8. Chuck, try this stuff...kind of like bondo but less messy and you only need water. Just mix up a little at a time. You have a short window of time to shape it...before you know it, it is hard as rock. Really cheap too. Do you have Menards down there? Only $2.38 for a 16 oz can. I have used it to fill rotten logs on my log barn and house. It holds up well. You can either try to put a dye in it to match, or paint it. I have not tried dying it.
  9. tnr

    Life Line Screening

    I used it once, about 5 years ago. If you are not seeing a primary care physician at least annually and having your blood drawn and lab results reviewed, then I think it is very worthwhile and inexpensive. I would have used them again, but I see my primary doctor annually and get my blood tests monitored because I am on cholesterol and blood pressure meds...hereditary.
  10. You have me missing my boat again Mark... It was a mini-cig type boat with a Chevy 350. Had it 18 years, and should have kept it. I asked the guy we sold it to if he would will it to me. I hope you get that bad azz black beauty someday. Double trouble and yikes on the gas consumption!
  11. Happy belated birthday minermark! I hope you are still partying now the weekend is here.
  12. Chuck, I couldn't find the 99% isopropyl alcohol. I picked up some 91% last night. Do you think 91% is acceptable to use on the RTR tape heads and just distilled water on the rollers? Anyone else have any input? Yes, welcome MKP's Boss! I have some catching up to do here.
  13. Good morning everyone. Second cup in hand. Just saw this from my Amazon feed...Bye, bye Bananas! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/12/04/the-worlds-most-popular-banana-could-go-extinct/?tid=pm_business_pop_b
  14. I think we will be late for a lot of gatherings going forward, because I don't think I can pass by another garage sale without hitting it. Listening to with the horns vertical and inside, and it sounds pristine.
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