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Found 19 results

  1. This Academy was used for about 5 years in my surround system (Forte2’s and Quartet’s). However, I have moved and decided to go 2channel only. I am selling my entire surround system to fund a new 2 channel system. When purchased it had water rings and scratches. Rather than try to refinish back to oiled oak, I painted it black to match my right and left Forte’s. It sounds great and the drivers appear to be in good shape. The grill is also in good shape but does not have a grill badge. Local sale only, can audition Forte2s and Quartets posted separately. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/220873-fs-forte2s-750-kansas-city/ https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/220874-fs-quartets-600-kansas-city/
  2. *After a bit of consideration I dropped the price for forum members.* I have for sale an Academy speaker in black. I bought a pair from an older lady but I'm only going to use one. If someone really wants the pair though I'm not married to them. They are both in overall great condition. The lady I got them from used them in the vertical configuration so the bottom has some scuffs on it. Not really a big deal to me but it may be the end of the world for someone. I'm asking $225 for the single or $400 for the pair....YES, $400 for a PAIR OF Academys!! If your interested in the pair message me. I live in Central Arkansas and would prefer to meet in the general area but if you want the speaker(s) and need it shipped and you don't mind paying for shipping I can ship it. Its a heavy rascal though, 30lbs or better. The Elmo chair in the background is not for sale, sorry, my chihuahua would kill me. Thanks for looking.
  3. Hi all - Noticed that one of the woofers on my beloved Academy has a rattle to it - looks like this is no longer made any chance anyone has a "Spare" they might be willing to sell?? Thanks! James
  4. Greetings! I am in the market for a Klipsch Academy center shelf speaker. Hoping to find the clear or oiled oak finish to match for my Forte 2s. I am in the greater Chicago area and would be happy to pick it up if not too far. Otherwise, shipping would be needed. Thanks, Paul Academy-brochure.pdf
  5. Title says it all. Take a look. Pricing as follows. Forte II - 500 (sold) Quartet- 500 (sold) 3 Academy-600 All the grills are mint and original. Forte's and Quartets are Mint Mint. Acadamy's vary in condition, price is for ALL 3.
  6. I have been acquiring and accumulating a collection of extended heritage Klipsch over the last 10 years, most being more recent. I decided to ask the members to help me choose what to keep, sell, trade, replace, upgrade, modify, or put in cryogenic storage . I have a 5.4.1 channel set up in my main listening space of approx. 15'W x 29"L with a sort of U-shape. The rest of the equipment I use is finally up in my signature. If anyone wants to PM me for an offer that is fine, but this is not intended as a sell thread, I will do that later on as a parallel thread to this one in the garage section, if/when/what goes up for sale. I am located 30 miles outside Madison, Wisconsin and anyone wanting to have a listening session may also send a PM. I am not affiliated with any business, not in sales, not flipping for profit, not trying to fish, not trying to donate my stuff. I am trying to contribute here. Try to stay on topic please. If anyone would like to start or suggest another thread to address any specific A/B comparisons, I would contribute to another thread as well. I will be doing some A/B here, but large heavy speakers are not easily rotated in and out. All these Klipsch speakers are of the passive radiator type, so placement here does apply. I intend to move the Quartets off the stands and place their replacements directly on the floor at the same location they are in currently. The single RSW-10 subwoofer, also passive radiator, is currently under the Quartet on the right in the pic. I have just added another to my collection, a matched pair of Oiled Oak Chorus II that will be replacing something in my listening space to accommodate them according to how this thread goes. -My Center channel is a Black lacquer HALF of a matched pair of Forte II + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Klipsch sourced k-53-ti midrange driver assembly + Crites bandpass board + Crites crossovers. It sits sideways on a Black glass tv stand underneath the tv 15" clearance from the back wall 28" up to centerline. -The other HALF is stored with equal modifications intact. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100 The other center channel speakers I have stored are: -1 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossover. All original parts are stored. Condition = 98/100 -2 of 3 Academy Black lacquer + Original box, styrofoam, and plastic sleeve. Condition 92/100 -3 of 3 Academy Oiled Oak stock. Condition 93/100 -1 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100 -2 of 2 KV-3 Oiled Oak. Condition 98/100 -My Front channel is set as matched pair of Chorus II Oiled Walnut with Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers. Condition 96/100 Maybe I should upgrade change the Chorus II midrange to Ti as I did with the Forte II? All original parts are stored -My Surround channel is a matched pair of Oiled Oak Quartets + Crites titanium tweeter diaphram + Crites crossovers. All original parts are stored. Condition 98/100 -My Single Subwoofer is Black lacquer RSW-10. Space and neighbors are a concern here. The flow chart of the proposed changes is as follows: Should I keep looking for another pair of Chorus II to split up with another local I know of who is trying for a 5 channel all Chorus II room. Should I replace rear Quartets with newly acquired Chorus II in stock condition, with modifications to follow later Should I Put 1 pair Quartets up for sale Should I split a matched pair Forte II and put HALF up for sale Should I Put 3 Academy centers up for sale individually, 2 in Black could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations Should I Put 2 KV-3 centers up for sale individually, 2 in Oak could be used as an expansion to 7.1 or 9.1 in height/rear/surround locations I will be editing this post as needed as the thread develops. Any of my Klipsch could go into my second listening space that is currently occupied by JBL L100T3 and other T3 variants. I did just sell a pair of JBL L80T3 in light oak. Not sure why I would move the rest. I am thankful for all those here who have gotten me to this point.
  7. Hi All, I am seeking a walnut Academy to join my Chorus I speakers. I am located in DFW and willing to pay for shipping, for the right deal/speaker. Thank you all. -Alex
  8. Looking for an Academy center channel speaker for my home theater. Prefer oil walnut but open to all available speakers. Live in Central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. Any help would really be appreciated!
  9. Whilst perusing the Bay for a center speaker to go with my CF-4 fronts (the prime candidates are the KV-4 and KLF-C7), I happened across this interesting item. Apparently, in addition to upgrading to a Crites crossover, someone replaced this Academy's stock front baffle to one that mounts the tweeter horn horizontally for wider dispersion. Personally, the horn should've been oriented that way, to begin with, but whatever. Probably not as much of an issue for the larger-horned ones I'm going after. I guess the mods warrant the high price. Not a bad look, either. Local pick-up in the Toledo, OH, area only. Definitely don't have the time or money to drive all the way out there. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-CENTER-SPEAKER-ACADEMY-WITH-UP-GRADES-/152479801327?hash=item2380811fef:g:b~AAAOSwzgBY0Hq
  10. Selling my black Academy. I was going to refinish it to match my refinished Chorus IIs but I just bought another oak Academy so this one is for sale. I bought it about 10 years ago from a forum member. Cabinet is in great shape. Speakers are all good. I noticed when I took off the grill for the pictures that it appears the previous owner re-glued the dust cap. I guess this is a common issue that is easily fixed. There is no buzzing from the speakers as the result of the dust cap repair. It has served me well for 10 years and sounds great. Selling it for the same price I paid for my oak version. SOLD $325 $300 Would like to sell locally as this is a heavy speaker. Chicago northwest suburbs.
  11. I have an Academy in light oak. Great condition and sounds amazing like it should. Was using it for rear surround but changed my system and no longer have a need. sold Located in Boise. Buyer pays shippng and fees
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Klipsch-Academy-Center-Speaker-/232090825970?hash=item3609b0f4f2:g:OXIAAOSwgZ1Xu5Qz Academy in black on Ebay....no affiliation
  13. EDIT: FOUND ONE. Thanks all for the help! I'm looking for an Academy to go along with my Heresy IIs. Ideally local pickup in the NYC area, but willing to pay for shipping. Color/finish is less important than overall condition, but black would be best. Thanks!
  14. Folks, I am going to try again. I have a black Academy for sale in very good condition. Corners are sharp, bottom paint is dull and has a drag mark but nothing breaking through the paint. Screen is excellent and original, no snags or frayed corners. The logo color is fading a bit on the right side (see pics). Drivers excellent; I have not had this thing in system since I have had it, dreams of a 5.1 Cornwall HT didn't materialize. Asking $300.00 in Knoxville, TN.
  15. Black Academy speaker for sale. Cabinet could use refinish but otherwise in good condition. Local pickup in Austin, TX.
  16. For sale are a pair of Klipsch Quartet floor standing speakers. They are completely original and perform flawlessly. Aesthetically they are a solid 9, with only a few minor scratches on the risers and one scratch on the top of one of the boxes. I've had these speakers for about 3 years, 2 of them were spent in a closet. Just figured someone else might get more enjoyment out of them. More images upon request. Local (San Antonio) cash sale only. Sorry, No Shipping. Price is $350, firm & fair.
  17. I'm offering up a pair of oak oil Chorus IIs, for pick up in South Orange County. Speakers sound terrific, but have a few cosmetic issues. There are stains on both tops from the previous owner, one looking like maybe it was left by a flower pot, the other much smaller. There are also some scratches on tops, but nothing major. For some reason, the previous owner put 5 pin holes across each front above the grill, which are noticeable up close, but start to blend in from a few feet away. Other than the above, they look pretty good. I used Howard Restor-A-Finish followed by Howard Feed-N-Wax on the cabinets, and the grills, speakers and radiators are in nice shape. One set of binding posts has been changed out, for whatever reason, to gold plated ones, while the other remains the red and black plastic ones that came stock. I opened the modified one up to make sure that the crossover had not been replaced, and it hadn't. The Chorus II binding post cup remains, as well. When I bought them, both speakers had aftermarket tweeter diaphragms, which I replaced with Crites. All other drivers and speakers appeared to be stock. Serial numbers are sequential. I do not have boxes for them. I am asking $500 $475 for them, which I think is more than fair. *SOLD I have a nice walnut Academy as well (see multiple photos below), which I would like $200 $185 for, also available for local pick up only (sorry). *SOLD For possible trade options, see post #20. If you are interested, and would like more photos, I will send via email.
  18. I am selling my 1987 Cornwall II's & a matching Academy Center Channel speaker. Both in Oak Oil with the usual nicks and dings in speakers of this vintage. CW's have cane grills, Academy has a black one. One CW grill is bent & the other has a stain on the bottom, which I didn't even notice when I bought them. I would rate the CW 7-7.5 & the Academy 6.5-7, both reside in my living room so they are certainly presentable. These are stock Klipsch, no mods. I do not have the capability to ship these, so this is a cash & carry trade. These are priced to travel @ $900 for the 3 speakers. I am in Lower Manhattan, easy access to the Holland tunnel or Brooklyn bridge. I have loaded the photos to Photobucket, let's see if the link works. http://s1288.photobucket.com/user/SDSchaffer/library/?sort=2&page=1
  19. I am selling a variety of audio equipment that I no longer have a need for due to downtown condo living. Due to the quantity of items, I am not posting pictures. However, I am happy to send you some pictures or show any item to you in person if you are in the Denver area. Klipsch Chorus speakers -- Black. The venerable Chorus speaker delivers room-filling impact with very high efficiency. The clarity of the sound from these speakers is outstanding. Condition Very Good. $650/pair. (http://www.klipsch.com/chorus-floorstanding-speaker/details#description)Klipsch Academy center channel speakers -- 2 available. Oiled Oak finish. This is the highly sought after center speaker match for the Heritage line of speakers in the Chorus/Forte/Quartet family. Condition is good to very good. There are a few small bruises on a couple of corners from when they were shipped to me. $330 each. (http://www.klipsch.com/academy-center-speaker/details)Klipsch SW-8 subwoofer -- 8" powered sub. Oiled Oak finish. Condition -- Good to Very Good. $150 (http://www.klipsch.com/sw-8/details)Mondial/Acurus amplifiers -- The Acurus line of amplifiers produce outstanding sound and are very conservatively rated in their power output. A200x5 -- 200 watts per channel, 5 channels - $725. Condition excellent. A200x3 -- 200 watts per channel, 3 channels - $450. Condition excellent. A250x2 -- 250 watts per channel, 2 channels - $250. Condition: Operation -- Very good. Appearance -- Fair. (This unit was used by its previous owner for stage amplification, and had 1/4" input jacks added to it which I removed. Thus, there are a couple extra holes in the back, and the casing shows some signs of wear. The top cover is missing the screws. Runs like a champ, though!) Outlaw Audio ICBM-1: The Outlaw Audio ICBM-1 is a sophisticated, audiophile-grade six-channel bass management system. (http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/icbm.html) . Condition is excellent. $160Bang and Olufsen Beogram 1800 turntable. Condition is excellent. $150I am also selling some Berkline electric reclining home theater seats - posting here: http://denver.craigslist.org/fuo/4141058308.html Please contact me via the craigslist postings, or via this forum, or directly via my email at drakedw@yahoo.com. Thanks, Doug
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