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  1. Original equipment 8” Klipsch K-1083-SB woofers. Absolutely in perfect condition. These are becoming very difficult to find these days, as the new replacement versions have a different dust cap arrangement. These are the direct replacement for and will fit: RF-3, RF-3 II, RF-35, RF-5, RC-7, RF-82 II This is a great opportunity to return your speakers to perfect original condition if you have damage to one (or more) of your drivers. I can have it connected in my garage to verify that it works to your satisfaction. I'm asking $120 for the pair or $65 for just one. I am located in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago near Naperville, IL. I'm looking for local pick up only at the moment. If they don't sell locally after a bit, I will entertain the idea of shipping as I do have the plastic shipping covers to protect the cones.
  2. For Sale: As we prepare for downsizing it is time to sell my beloved Klipsch speakers. In excellent to near mint condition the speakers are: the Klipsch RF-5s in Cherry real wood veneer, RC-7 in Cherry real wood veneer and the RS-7 Black surround speakers. I believe the RF5’s and RC7 were built in the Hope Arkansas facility. I am the original owner, have all the original factory cartons and manuals. All the speakers have 8” woofers and 8” Tractrix horns with 1” titanium drivers. 2each 8” woofer in each RF5, 2 ea 8” woofer in the center MTM channel and 1 ea” woofers in the RS7s. The RS-7s have dual 8” tractrix horns with 1” titanium drivers. For Hifi Audio - the RF’5s are simple outstanding and very efficient. I’ve run McIntosh tube as well as Arcam and Outlaw Audio SS equipment for power. For surround sound and Home Theater applications, this system delivers an enveloping movie theater experience. I thought these would by my end game speakers, but the need to downsize has made the painful decision to part with them, necessary. Grills are still in working order - one grill posts did crack on one of the RF5s, but was repaired and is fully functional. I take excellent care of my equipment and these are extremely close to new condition. No smoking, pets, and the kids never used the system. It was only used for music and occasional movies. See the pictures for details. I also have both stock or upgraded crossovers for the RF-5’s (factory crossovers with upgraded Clarity and Mundorf capacitors, Mills resistors and original factory inductors, and solid copper speaker jacks). I have additional pictures available to send for details of these beautiful speakers. Local pickup in ILLINOIS (Chicago suburbs). RF-5’s:$700.00 RC-7: $650.00 RS-7’s: $500.00
  3. Hope everyone's having a good weekend and thanks for stopping by! I've been looking for a cherry RC-7 to match my RF-7 mk I's(eye candy of mine attached). I always seem to just miss them, SO I decided trying be a little more proactive and make my first post. I'm located in New Orleans, and would be willing to drive a bit to meet up. I know I'm new here, but I have rep over reddit if you need some other verification I'm real. p.s. I would also consider a cherry RC-64 II or combos, if I still come up dry. Basically if you're in driving distance, feel free to let me know what you've got. p.p.s. I know he probably won't see this, but shout out to youthman for having some great rf-7 videos and posts that have helped me 👏
  4. *6/10: dropped take it all price Hi all, Listing these items for my brother. He's the original owner and curiosity lead him to replacing these with the DIY 1099s and two Martys for the sub. All are black cabinets and in good shape and made at the Hope HQ. They've served as a home theater setup in a non-smoking home. RC-7: The woofers do show some signs of battles with the kiddos growing up; however, no impact to sound and with the grill in place, you won't know the difference. $300 RF-7: Good shape, clean woofers and grills. Sequential serials as well $1,000 RSW-15: The grill has suffered from the common pin break, but he's currently repairing them using this method: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/183054-plastic-grill-pin-fix-for-rf-series-speakers/ . It has also been updated/upgraded with the SVS Isolation System $500 Take the whole lot for $1,400! These are located in Edwardsville, IL (62025), basically St. Louis area. Not looking to ship these as weight and risks are too much. Probably willing to drive 30-50 miles if that helps. No original boxes. Thanks for your interest!
  5. Selling my trusty RF-7 (pair) and RC-7 in Cherry. These are the last of my home theater Klipsch setup. I've gone through many different speakers (from Heritage, RF62, RF83, to Ultra2 THX and then to these) and RF-7/RC-7 were the ones I've kept long term. They sound amazing and are in great shape for the age. There are a few minor scuffs here and there, but nothing big. All grills are in original condition, no broken pegs or holes, speaker cones are not dented. The best sounding speakers I've had, work great at any volume and are a pure joy to listen to. EXTRA - a spare 10" RF-7 woofer. I bought it and kept a spare just in case one ever got damaged. That never happened, so it's been sitting in the original shipping box all this time. I think I also have some of the original paperwork/brochures for these, but not 100% certain I can find them. EXTRA - speaker cables with banana plugs EXTRA - Monster cable SUB cables (thick, but soft) SOLD
  6. This looks like a great Reference package for $1200. RF-7, RC-7 and RS-7. No affil. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch/6270902796.html
  7. Clean, fair/good condition RC-7 center speaker. [front grill fasteners have been replaced w/magnetic fasteners.] North TX. Any reasonable offer. Thinking $250?
  8. Hello! I am a new owner of a pair of cherry RF-7's. Could not be happier with the purchase! Now for the challenging part - finding a matching cherry RC-7. Found one on US Audio Mart, had the sale ready to go, but THE DAY he was supposed to be shipping it out informed me that the post was incorrect, and that it was in fact black. Found one on CL in Minneapolis, but the owner is unwilling to ship. If I weren't booked for the next 3 weekends, I may have just bit the bullet and flew there with a huge suitcase. The struggle is real... if your struggle is to stop compulsively buying speakers and upgrading, anyways. At any rate, if anybody is by chance willing to part with one or knows the whereabouts of where I might find one, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Bob
  9. I have a Klipsch RC-7 center channel speaker for sale in Central Florida (Melbourne). It is in good functional shape. I am the only owner. One of the woofers has a small line on it but does not affect the sound quality. I noticed several people have woofers this way. The grill has one broken peg. The Klipsch logo on the grill fell off and I lost it. Otherwise, works and sounds great. I had them together with my RF-5 fronts. Always played them responsibly. I sold my RF-5s but the buyer did not want the center. I would like to get $300 firm for it. I noticed people are paying more for them online. I will be driving on I-95 next week (22nd or 23rd) towards Raleigh. So, if someone along I-95 wants to buy it between Melbourne, Florida and Raleigh - send me a note. if you are in the Orlando area - let me know. I can even bring it to you.
  10. Following speakers for sale: RC-7 in maple that is immaculate and barely used. It as been in storage for the past 10 years. Flawless. Pair of RB41ii's for sale brand new in box. Only opened to verify contents. Pair of RB51 Ref IV's for sale minimal usage only in 2-channel light listening. Mostly classical music. Excellent condition. Light wear on the bottom of the speakers (light light scratches) from sitting on a bookshelf. These are available for pickup in the Los Angeles area or I can ship them at buyers expense. Message me if you are interested.
  11. I'm looking for a second RC-7 in blond maple. Not looking for any other color. Just maple. Thanks for looking
  12. Joe879


    Hi I'm looking to buy a rc-7 speaker, whatever color black or cherry.
  13. ***SOLD*** I am selling my beloved pair of cherry Klipsch RB-75s. They are in very good condition and sound amazing (of course). The woofers have no dents or scratches and the magnetic screens are in great shape. The only real flaw is that one of them has a small dent on the back, top right hand corner due to moving (...I was pissed). But I have tried to take a very close picture of that to show it. Here is an imgur link with some quick picks before I boxed them up about 2 weeks ago. Oh yea I have the original Klipsch boxes too. http://imgur.com/a/n2CEZ CL post for RB-75s http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5379499052.html !!UPDATED!!: Special Klipsch forum price: $600 -- SOLD I am also selling a pair of black RF-82s. These are in great shape too. Screens are all intact and no real damage to speak of. I'm guessing these were B stock originally though because near the back bottom on one you can see some non-uniform coloring in the paint. Not like it matters but just mentioning it to be as honest as I can be. -- SOLD SOLD -- CL post for RF-82s -- SOLD http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5281143005.html I'm not super interested in shipping these but I suppose if the buyer wants to pay for it and is interested enough I could do it.
  14. From the album: 3.1

    RF-7's, RC-7, UMC-1, XPA-3, SUNFIRE TRUE BOB CARVER SIGNATURE 12" SUB, FURMAN 20PFI, PS3, WII, CUSTOM MADE ET CENTER, ALL CUSTOM CABLES. this is my new 3.1 set up. i moved into this new "open floor plan" home and have no way of adding any surrounds. sure, i could place one in non-optimum positions, but that won't mean i'll get a turn "surround" sound. i'll get 5-7 speakers that make noise! before the comments roll in, yes, there is a plan to "upgrade" the 42" TV to something nicer. it's been 6 months, so isn't it time to upgrade your tv? lmao! i had this TV when i moved into a very small duplex and 42" was (literally) the biggest TV that would fit. any bigger, the front door would smack the edge. i'm thinking of 60"+. i have pics on here with a smaller living room wall (7.1 set up) and a 50" TV, and that even looks a little small.
  15. Hello fellow K-heads! i've had a complete 7.1 setup (RF-7/Emotiva) , dual amps, total blow your hair back set up.... i had to move and box it up for several years.... i've recently started back over but i can only do a 3.1. it's set up, tuned in, and still sounds good when i run the THX demo. here's my thoughts...i'm thinking of putting the entire 7 series away. i already have 1 amp, and 4 RS-42's boxed up. i doubt i can sell my set up due to all the mods. my mods don't come with a "name brand" just me, my word, and the caps i chose (which differ from the norm). i'm thinking of going with a G42 because it's very clean and i can mount it below my future 75" TV. i would leave my entertainment system alone, because i would still use my UMC-1 with XPA-3. i know, the XPA is a little overkill, but it's what i have. this way i can still use my Sunfire Sub and not need to do any additional cabling. my concern... the G42 will sound so much worse than the 7 series. i've never heard one but i know it can't compete with any reference speaker. i was also thinking of 3 G-28's, but they are $350 each. just a bit much for what you get. i know that series is about performance with a certain look (which i like), but i don't want to run all the wires in the walls. (i know, silly reason). so what does everyone think? is this just a dumb idea? will i regret the switch? oh, the G42 doesn't come cheap. it's $550 new from an authorized dealer. (Sound Distributors) posting a pic of the 3.1. it's not "finished" but it gets the point across. the 42" looks super small, and No, i wouldn't normally set a TV on a RC-7, but i really have no choice. the speaker wire is just Mil Spec 12awg twisted pair. i had it laying around i knew it would "work".
  16. RF-7's and RSW-15....SOLD! The time has come for me to part ways with my RF-7 setup. Since I spend most of my time listening to music, and not watching movies, I'm going back to a more simple 2-channel setup. That said, I have for sale (all in cherry finish) a pair of RF-7's, an RC-7 and an RSW-15. They are in very good condition. All speaker grills have their pegs, except for the RSW-15, in which a couple have broken off (very common from my understanding). $1,900 takes it all! I prefer to sell this as a package. It does make for one hell of an HT setup. If I watched more movies, I would not even be thinking about selling these. I'm in Little Rock, AR. Pickup only....no shipping. The attached pics are without the grills, but I have all the grills and they are in great shape....no tears or snags. I did not pull these out and take pics from all angles, because they are still in use....for now. However, they are all in very good condition! Hogfan
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