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  1. Hi there. I am looking for a Tuner Module MB014MA or Mb114ma1 This particular model was found in number of Denon Marantz Nad and Rotel Products. So anyone with a unrepairable product which has this tuner module, please PM/DM me. Furthermore I require an original RC 1022 remote silver color. Would require item to be shipped in CONUS. Thanks in advance
  2. I'm looking for a Chorus II in LA area if anyone has one for sale FOUND, thanks everyone
  3. Please let me know if you have one for sale. I'm located in Porter Ranch, CA Thanks!
  4. Interested in purchasing a set of Mark I or II Hersey speakers in good condition. I live near New Orleans and would be willing to travel up to 3 hours for the right set. Not particular in terms of stain color. Thanks.
  5. One of my Heresy II squawkers dropped in output and when I measured the VC it was 28ohms. 😬 Still plays but down 7-8dB. Hoping to find a used replacement since all the new parts vendors are out of stock. I'll take one but if you have a pair I'm definitely interested (if they came from a pair of speakers with similar use/age/etc for better match). Many thanks! Pete
  6. Hello, I would really love another RSW-10D, my room is too large, (High ceiling) for just one. I may be interested in a RT-10D cherry as well but it will limit my space. Thank you in advance, Michael
  7. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking for a bit and reading a lot around the forum. I’m looking to jump in with a WTB for Cornwall 1 or 2 or Chorus 2. I’m in the Washington, DC suburbs (MD) and work in Baltimore, so I am looking around these two areas. I’m aware of the one CW1 listed here already, but that is in flux. I’m also interested in @Laurie Cornwalls if/when she’s ready to sell. I figured it was reasonable to post a WTB just in case someone in the area is thinking about selling. Thanks for looking
  8. I’m not great at replacing grills, would love to buy a nice set of forte 2 grills
  9. Wanted to Buy: Single RB-5 bookshelf speaker, black. Have you got just one you don't use? I do, and I'd love to hear two of them at once! This is my first post in this forum and I do not know protocol yet, so please be patient and send a message. Thanks!! Stay Safe.
  10. I just bought a pair of ‘84 La Scala and unfortunately they have the AL crossovers and had replacement Radio Shack tweeters that look more like mid horns. Looking for replacement XOs and tweeters. Thanks
  11. Hello, I’m browsing for a pair of la scalas within a reasonable 6-7 hour drive from New Orleans. I haven’t set a budget or year yet as I don’t 100% know what I’m looking for. I just recall seeing them as a kid in the ‘80s and always wanting a pair. Thanks, CJ
  12. I am looking for 2 of these. Send me a message!
  13. steelbooks only Specifically looking to acquire these 4K steelbook titles. New or used. Undamaged. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Spider-man: Homecoming Thor: Ragnarok Black Panther Ant-Man and the Wasp Spider-man Far From Home Thanks. Send a PM anytime. If you read this, I am still looking.
  14. One of my drivers are cracked and needs to be replaced If you have one for sale please post here and your asking price. I am located in Ontario Canada so I would prefer to purchase from a fellow Canadian, but at this point I can't really choose.
  15. WTB: A Marantz Remote for my AVR. Preferred models are rc011sr, rc003sr, rc008sr. If anyone has a remote from a dead AVR or a spare one for other reasons I would be obliged.
  16. I am looking to purchase a pair of Cornscalas in or near Texas. I am okay driving some to meet for the sale.
  17. Hi all, looking for a pair of the KLF-20 woofers; model K-1036-K. Let me know if you have a pair you'd be willing to part with. I'm located in the Minneapolis area. Thanks!
  18. If you're thinking about selling your Fortes 1 or 2s or possibly the Chorus, msg me with pricing. Thanks! I have mint KG4s I'm looking to upgrade/sell or trade in after I find the Fortes.
  19. Hi there! First post here. Just picked up a beautiful pair of KG4s, brought them home... and what would you know my receiver is acting up. I was fiddling with it to try and figure out what was wrong, heard a loud pop, and when I later tested the speakers with a friend's functional Yamaha receiver one of the drivers had no sound coming out. So I'm desperately looking for a K8K Replacement! I have seen threads where people suggest clones, but haven't heard back about any experiences and would really rather keep them OEM. Does anyone have any K8Ks lying around or know where to get some? Worst case scenario, anyone have experiences with whether the 'clones' are up to par? Really want to get these amazing speakers back to working condition. Thanks!
  20. I currently own a set of RB-35s. I'd like to build up my audio with a set of fronts and a center to compliment these. I know I probably need a good sub as well. Would like to keep total cost below $500 if possible. Also, I live on Eastern Shore of Maryland - Would prefer the speakers to be local, drop-off or picked up (I'm willing to drive a few hours if the deal is right) Let me know what you have! I'm still learning so if you offer I may do some research or post another thread in the HT to make sure the speakers will work for my setup. Thanks for your patience with me and consideration in the sale! Cheers, Logan
  21. I am in search of a mint pair of Cornwalls in the Oiled Walnut finish in the TX area. If you have a pair in great shape that you are looking to part with, please reach out. Thanks!
  22. EDIT: FOUND ONE. Thanks all for the help! I'm looking for an Academy to go along with my Heresy IIs. Ideally local pickup in the NYC area, but willing to pay for shipping. Color/finish is less important than overall condition, but black would be best. Thanks!
  23. I am trying to track down a pair of KG 5.5s for a friend. South FL location a big plus! Must be mechanically sound, no finish preference. Thanks, Mike
  24. So after completing a few extra jobs as well as off-loading some stuff, I find that I have a little extra cash to upgrade some components of my systems. I normally listen to my turntable but thought it time to get a proper CD player (as I'm just using a JVC DVD player that I picked up at a thrift store). Now, I want to add that I am usually pretty skeptical of CD player upgrades because I don't really know what I'm getting into. For me, the difference between a nice turntable with a great cartridge against a junk table has been night and day. I don't know if I've heard a CD player that has provided me the same difference. That being said, I'd like to lean on some of you here that probably have more experience in the CD player department. While I don't know much, I know that part of what you're paying for when you're buying a CD player is the DAC, and that some players are known to have much better DACs than others. This is where I could use some help because I know absolutely nothing about that stuff. BRASS TAX: So, I'd like to buy a used CD player below $300. That's not a lot, but I got other things in mind for the money too. Questions: What are some nice brands and models I should be looking into for that kind of money? I've heard Rotel and Adcom are good. I know Marantz to have made great vintage receivers, but that's about it. What should I be looking for? Am I hopeless if i don't have an external DAC? My current power sources are a Marantz 2230 and Sansui AU-717.
  25. I'm looking for a pair of Heresys, originals or Heresy II. I'm in the Kansas City metro area and I'm willing to pay $400. Thanks!
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