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  1. From the album: Restoration La Scala Industrial (part 1)

    The AL-3 crossover is in a very good shape, but not completely original. The Polyswitch tweeter protection is replaced by an electronic tweeter protection with… a light bulp!

    © Frank van Kasteren

  2. Hi, This is my first post. I checked other post to see if I could find an answer. I didn't see one so I thought I would ask. I have a pair of LaScala industrial speakers installed at my church. Recently one speaker started losing the lows. At first I thought it completely quit working, but upon further inspection I could hear sound out of the high/mid speaker. This pair has a separate high/mid cabinet and a woofer cabinet. The problem is also intermittent which made it really hard to chase down at first. I am powering them with a QSC RMX 1450 amp. I believe the problem is in the crossover but not sure. I a little over my head. Nothing looks like it has gotten hot or going bad. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Nick
  3. Right, from lurker to poster.... A few months ago I landed a pair of 1993 La Scalas: They are at this point entirely stock and have K55M mids, K401 plastic mid-horns and AL-3 crossovers. I'm currently driving them with a Quad 303 power amp and a passive pre. I've also got a pair of BK XLS400DF 12” infinite baffle subs hooked up, I've got them crossing-over very low so they really only fill below about 60Hz or so. The reason for this post is I'm looking to either refresh or replace the crossovers and I'm somewhat baffled by the options available and as to which are considered good with the various versions of the La Scala. I have the opportunity to try an ALK Universal, which I fully intend to do within a month or so, so I'll be able to see how that compares to my no doubt rather tired pair of AL-3s. What this won't tell me is how either crossover compares to Bob Crites' Type As or Type A/4500 with CT125 tweeters, which also really interest me (I like simple!). I'm also confused as to how swappable the different generations of crossovers are, e.g. is the nice simple-looking Type A a good match given I have ceramic magnet K55M drivers and plastic mid horns? How would it sound different to the AL-3s? Some context: I'm not a high-volume listener at all, i.e. I'm interested in what sounds the most natural, open and clear at 75-80db or so at the listening seat - I'm certainly not looking to blow the windows out. For the forceable future I'll be running them with the solid state Quad 303 as this system is my office / TV rig, so is in use most of the day (I work from home) and I don't want to be burning tubes for that length of time. I do have quite a nice tube amp (a 1961 Leak Stereo 20) but it is not really viable in this context. The Quad does sound rather tube-like with a nice easy-going nature and it's not over-damped, grainy or bright in the slightest. So far I'm enjoying the Klipsch as-is, my only real criticism is a bit of a ring / prominence in the upper-bass / lower-mid that seems to be coming from the bass-bin. I'm curious to establish if this is the crossover or the cab walls singing along. Swapping in the ALK Universals will probably tell me a lot here. Anyway apologies for overly-long first post. My questions are really: How good or bad is the AL-3 in the grand scheme of La Scala crossovers? Can I use a Crites Type A or Type A/4500 with my ceramic K55Ms, and if so does it sound good? What are the basic sonic traits of the AL-3 vs. Type A vs. ALK Universals? I've searched the archive but found little in the way of folk actually describing the subjective characteristics of these crossover options, how they compare and in which contexts they are applicable. Many thanks, Tony.
  4. Hello, I'm looking to identify this crossover so that i can begin looking at upgrade modification options. Does anyone know what kind of crossover these are? (see pics) The components inside my speaker are: Tweeter = K43E Mid= K-57k Woofer= K-79k Thanks, bob
  5. Hello, I just recently purchased (pieced together) a "Synergy" 5.1 surround sound set up. I have the following: Klipsch F-30 floor speakers C-10 premium center S-10 premium WDST surround sound (pair) BIC America F-12 sub I am running them with the Sony SRT-DH520 receiver This is my first true home surround sound system and I must admit I am clueless about setting up the system. The owner manuals I have received with each speaker isn't very useful as far as setting everything up. I have the speakers wired and now I just need to do the fine tuning. I have measured out the distances to the optimal listening position to each speaker and have set that on the receiver. The F-30 has a metal plate that connects both sets of posts on the back, does it matter which post I use? I don't know what to set each one of the speaker for as far as crossovers? (main /center/front surround) Should I set the any if all of the speakers (minus the sub) to small or large on the receiver? I am probably forgetting or overlooking more but thats all I can come up with now. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! ' Bo
  6. okay, so this is exactly klipsch related but i thought i could get some help here. i am awaiting moderator approval at the altec forums to be able to post the same question. I recently got some altec lansing model 14's. I'm noticing that one speaker has less output than the other and there seems to be very low bass response. so i...... checked connections checked for being out of phase ( the woofer was actually out of phase but when i switched it wasn't any louder ) switched the speaker connections going into the speakers swapped the speakers to the other side ( still sounded lower in volume ) i also switched my mono blocks to the other speaker ( still same volume) when i took out the crossover there was actually a note that appeared to be from a repair shop ( the altecs were reconed by the previous owner) that stated the the mf pot was damaged. i tested the pot and it was okay but the hf pot was actually dead. so i switched both pots with new ones but not any louder. but the hf control is working now. at this point i was going to recap them. is this the next step or should i be checking for something else? there is a protection circuit in the crossover. what it be stuck "on" and be the source of the problem? there is a push button to test for overload but neither speaker lights up when press. hope someone here has run across something similar. thanks guys!
  7. I was going through all of the "stuff" I have accumulated over the years and found the original crossover network boards for my Forte II. I had replaced the Klipsch networks with ALK networks a few years back. I have two pairs of Forte II, one from October 1989, WO with brown heather grill cloth and a second pair from June 1992, WO with #19 black grill cloth. I took a good look at the network circuit boards and discovered and the early network board has the tweeter in a "normal" connection configuration and the newer network board has the tweeter in reverse connection configuration. Both boards are etched with the same board number KSC 101. I recall some forum conversation a while back when the network schematic list was being put together, there was an issue with the Forte II network schematic and it was redrawn by one of the forum members. Now I am thinking the schematic is was correct for the early production of the Forte II. Just curious, does anyone know when the network was changed?
  8. It's time to get back to some projects and get them finished, one of them is to refinish/upgrade my Cornwall 2's and I'm figuring that I should recap the crossovers but I have some questions. 1. Which network is this and is it a stock network? As you will see, it really looks like crap so if this is stock I'm open to suggestions on cleaning this up and making any cost effective upgrades while I'm doing it but the mess where the wires are terminated and the caps are has got to go.
  9. hi, I bought a pair of used and abused forte II's off ebay about six months ago. Half of the individual drivers weren't working. I got half of my money back, it wasnt worth the trip/tolls to return them. When i opened up the back i saw that both of the crossovers were damaged somehow. The cabinets are pretty beat, which makes me not feel like dropping the $200 or so on new crites crossovers. There must be a few people on here who have updated their crossovers with crites, if you have the original crossovers laying around I'd gladly take them off your hands, or buy them if you want to sell them. I'm not looking to pay too much since im just patching them up for now. I would really like to hear how they sound, maybe they'd replace my heresys. as of now they're still gathering dust in my closet and it makes me sad.
  10. What was the best tweeter of the: -1950's? -1960's? Altec, JBL, University, Jensen, EV....in your experience, what was the absolute BEST tweeter in terms of clarity, accuracy, upper range extension, construction quality and reliability? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Best, Andy
  11. Hello all, I have a pair of 50th Anniversary K-Horns. They survived Katrina in New Orleans, (in upper floor, so no water or damage from that). However, the rats during the flood...did seem to have taken a shine to the wires on some of my stereo equipment, apparently the crossover of the Khorns too. I played them for quite a while and they worked...but at a point, I started hearing hum..almost 60 cycle stuff...and eventually they just went out. I looked and the crossover area, the transformers look chewed up, missing covering, and multiple components look in bad shape. I'd contacted Klipsch in Hope assuming I could get them serviced there, but apparently they don't service their own goods?!?! I was shocked. They advised me to check the forums and that someone here could recommend to me whom to contact to get them fixed. I have the crossover unit detached (a friend of mine with tools helped). I could ship it somewhere but need a reputable repair contact if anyone knows of one. Thanks in advance...I really miss my tunes!!! Cayenne
  12. From the album: Super La Scalas

    Crossover DIY build see thread for more details and information Now completely finished and pumping out music

    © Full Range

  13. From the album: Super La Scalas

    Crossover DIY build see thread for more details and information

    © Full Range

  14. Klipsch klf 10 schematic net.pdf Although I have refurbished a few of the KLF-10 crossovers, I am looking for a better understanding of what does what. The 10 is speced with a 2300hz crossover point. I am trying to figure out what formulas have been used to arrive at that. I have googled every which way I know to find a simple formula on a second order low-pass circuit with the load being 8 ohms and all the charts I have found show the components to have greatly different values than the schematic. My assumption is that this is a second order butterworth circuit? Also, what does the resistor do in the hi-pass circuit, just knock down the signal or is there more to it? Thanks for the education!
  15. I'm putting together some speakers which started out as a Cornscala project but has changed a bit since. I have ALK ES500 crossovers which I am still planning to use but I'm now thinking of adding a tapped horn below 90 or 100 Hz. I would like to use a passive crossover for this. Is there any way of doing this using some kind of generic crossover. I have Crites K33 clone woofers to use above 500 Hz and I'm thinking I may be able to use these in the tapped horns also. If no generic crossover will do, as I suspect is the case, where do I start with designing one? Edit: Crites woofers to be used UP TO 500Hz.
  16. The Klipsch crossovers thread is sometimes impossible to find, even when searching this specific forum with the exact title name. This forum software is inept, so I created this post as a pointer to the crossover thread. If you want to see the Klipsch crossover schematic or schematics, then click the link. Hopefully with repeating use of crossover and network, the search will see this thread at least. -------->Klipsch crossovers<-------- A crossover is a passive network that Klipsch uses to make high pass filters and low pass filters in their speakers. The Klipsch crossovers are very good and if you are reading this, and you know anything about searching, this is a good way to make a crossover network pop up. It's pretty frustrating to even have to do this, but it will work. I think passive networks are the same crossover networks that filter high pass and low pass and band pass. These words look a lot like junk. I try not to filter the capacitor, capacitors, inductor, inductors, and other crossover passive components.
  17. For sale... Crown XTI 1000... $215 cash or $225 through PayPal (plus shipping)... Willing to ship (from Zip Code 75052 to the CONUS 48 only) through FedEx Ground... It is also available for local pickup in the DFW metroplex... I bought this amp a few years ago through the forum and I am the second owner. I had planned to use it for a subwoofer project, but that never materialized after I picked up a couple of SVS subs locally. Based on my discussions with the original owner and my own use, it probably has less than 100 hours on it total. Although I never used it with a subwoofer, I have played with it a bit, driving a pair of KLF-20's. These are really nice little amps and the built in electronic crossovers/filters provide a lot of flexibility. Unfortunately it has been sitting unused, and boxed up, for over a year... and I no longer have any use for it. The amp is like new, with no scratches or other issues. I have the original Crown box, foam inserts, etc. The original owner shipped it to me with no problems and I would ship it in the original box as well. It was, and will be, very well protected. If anyone would like to see photos or has any questions, I'd be happy to reply here via post or PM, or I can contact you via email... Thanks, Tony
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