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Found 10 results

  1. Andrew typically reviews AVR type stuff with 2-channel gear sprinkled about from time to time. When I first started getting into hi-fi about four years ago, I watched everything he put out, but over time I moved towards 2-channel I watched less and less. He tends to use language coloring that just doesn't make common sense in a lot of reviews. Almost like he's trying to best himself from previous reviews. This is different. The tone and tenor of the review is different. I swear, there is an emotional vibe in this entire video that warrants a watch. Please watch it, you owe it to yourself if you're a Heritage fan!
  2. There are many active lifestyle loudspeakers with high sound and design standards in the price range of under 1,000 euros. Among them, however, only a few appear as unvarnished as the Klipsch The Fives https://www.techaudiophile.com/2022/10/klipsch-fives-test.html
  3. Up to now, I was streaming music to my amp using bluetooth or a rca/mini-jack cable connecting my phone or my Amazon Fire Tablet. This, of course, was not a hifi solution, and I was really curious about how my 1972 Heresy speakers would sound if connected to a more 'audiophile grade' streamer. I know how they sound with vinyl and a CD-player. But I wanted to find out what it would be like streaming Spotify Connect or local flac files. With the Amazon Fire tablet, I was particularly dissatisfied: 1) the output volume was really low and 2) there was often a popping sound. Take into account that the my TubeCube amp only has 3.5W output. With the cd player, this is enough, with the Fire Tablet, it was not enough. After doing extensive research - also on this forum - and shifting from really cheap solutions to considering the Bluesound Node 2, a Shiit dac and even more expensive DAC/streamers, I thought I had found it: I had an unused Raspberry Pi in the house, and thought, what the hell, why not, I’ll buy a Hifiberry add-on DAC and stream music with the RPI. Soon I realized, however, that this was a way too complicated solution, which could cost a lot of money too, esp. when you start adding linear power supply etc. So I ditched that project as well. So I started looking for the simplest, easiest, smallest solution. And somehow, I found the Advance Acoustic WTX Microstreamer. It is a real streamer: you plug it into your amp (rca aux in), it connects to your wifi network (2.4Ghz only), and you use a tablet or your phone as a remote, using the free Advance Playstream app. It comes with multi-room functionality. Haven’t tested that myself. All this in an apparatus that is smaller than a box of matches. It comes with the Wolfson WM8740 DAC chip, which has a pretty decent reputation (NAD uses its CD players and Cambridge Audio the CXA60). Setup: Comes with a small power unit. The streamer plugs directly into a standard RCA AUX input of the amp. It fits both my Marantz PM5005 amp and my TubeDepot TubeCube 7. So no cable is required. Wifi connection: it has a WPS button and comes with good instructions. It only connects to a 2.4Ghz network. Mine is both 2.5/5Ghz. After trying all different methods and failing, I had just made up my mind and was about to change the settings of my router to 2.4, and just before that, it worked. (it took about 10 minutes). I had the same happening with the wifi dongle of my solar panels. I guess my routers scans every few minutes in the 2.4Ghz area, and I have to wait until it connects. Since then, the WTX Microstreamer has never lost connection. It has no on/off button. It has a blue LED that is far too bright and always on. I considered ductape to shield it from view. At night, I sprays a laserbeam of blue light on the wall and the ceiling. I left it, because its helps me prevent bumping into things when on my way to the toilet. 😴 Sound Quality: To my ears, it sounds like CD quality. I’m using Spotify Family at 320Kbps, and I have also tried playing some commercially bought flac files. They sound marvellous. Rich in the bass frequencies, excellent in the mids and highs. I don’t have a subwoofer. I have no command of the usual audiophiliac vernacular. Let's just say it is "set and forget": I'm enjoying streamed music, as if I was listening to a cd or vinyl record, with access to millions of songs, without having to leave my sofa. Available services: Tidal, Deezer, Spotify Connect (with subscription), Qobuz, and many more. Internet Radio has many channels that sound excellent. Also Belgian radio stations sound much better than their DAB equivalent. Prize: €135, bought at Amazon.de, delivered within a week (in corona-time…) Specs: https://advance-acoustic.com/en/multimedia-and-wireless/wifi-network-player/130-wtx-microstreamer Conclusion: Pro: excellent value for money, great sound Con: no way to connect anything else to this DAC (no usb-connection available) & a very, very bright blue LED that is always on (see second picture)
  4. Forte III to Cornwall IV I was lucky to get a trade in offer for full price on what I paid for the Forte III to upgrade to the Cornwall IV. It was a no brainer deal, so I had to take it up. Those that say the Cornwall is like a Forte on steroids aren’t wrong. They deliver a bigger presentation more effortlessly. The word I keep coming back to with the Cornwall is delicacy. Slightly ironic given the sheer size of these speakers. They are massive. But as large as they are, the craftsmanship is impeccable. The shift to a polymide compression driver in the midrange is immediately noticeable; the scale of the larger mid horn is perfectly complimented by the silky smoothness of that driver. Vocals and instruments are effortlessly natural, presented on a wide and deep soundstage. Imaging is tighter, particularly noticeable on good recordings. Bass is a bit different with the Cornwall. It’s bigger, cleaner and deeper, but initially feels weaker than the Forte. That might be due to the rear passive on the Forte creating extra bass reinforcement, or possibly the tuning with the passive or the prior crossover design creating a mid bass bump. However, the Cornwall feels more balanced overall and the bass feels more natural. Drums are ethereal. For double the price I paid for the Forte (it’s now priced higher), the upgrade was absolutely worth it. The music is bigger, more natural and lifelike, and more detailed. It’s more delicate and warmer, more nuanced. Gear: Cornwall IV PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated Gold Lion KT88 Gold Lion 12AU7 Cambridge Audio CXN v2 Project 2Xpression Benz-Micro Ace SL Project TubeBox SE II
  5. I purchased the ST-120 kit without the tubes from Bob Latino, shipping was fast and everything was very well packed and organized into neat sections. Instructions are very clear and concise. the entire kit went together in about 10 hours just like estimated. Anyone with decent soldering skills and some patience can do this kit. I enjoyed the whole assembly process, very satisfying to get to fire it up when finished and hear just how the work paid off. I was having a problem getting any kind of voltage readin from the bias pins and sent Bob a email he was able to quickly help me check some connections and voltages. He identified the issue very quickly, I had placed a connection in the wrong place. I got very lucky it didn't cause any major issues. Very good customer service though he really knows his amps! The sound of this amp is just beautiful, crips highs and nice deep lows. Now I have it connected to the pair of stock 1982 Klipschorns I recently acquired, they make quite the match made in heaven. Way more than enough power for me, I was worried I would be pushing the 60 watts per channel to the limit. Boy was I wrong, I haven't moved it much past one o'clock (half volume) for my daily listening. If I wanted to shake the paintings off the walls this amp could probably do it. I got the 21 step attenuator and it's just perfect for playing straight from a DAC without a preamp. I can't get over how this amp sounds every instrument sounds very real, like the artists are standing in the room playing in front of me. Truly a wonderful amp and experience. Someday if I decide to upgrade to the monoblocks I know I will go right back to Bob at www.tubes4hifi.com for them.
  6. I searched and did not find this review having been posted here before. https://www.tonepublications.com/old-school/the-klipsch-lascala/ Enjoy. WMcD
  7. Review in Soundstage HiFi https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/reference-components/1151-recommended-reference-component-klipsch-heritage-hp-3-headphones
  8. I own, and have made a couple of reviews on youtube of Klipsch products. You can check them out here: RP160m RP280F please enjoy, have a nice day
  9. I've searched a couple of times, but can't find a thread for reviewing movies in the Home Theater forum. Would it be an idea to have a sub-forum for reviews? It would be nice to know what's mixed well for Blu-Ray, DVD (sometimes DVDs are better), whether 7.1 would make a difference (e.g. Jurassic World sounds too busy in 5.1 Blu-Ray), etc. Also, which speakers bring out the best of movie soundtracks - Heritage, Reference, etc.There could be one thread per movie, with various takes on what works / doesn't work with certain systems, so you can track which directors, genres, etc. will sound best given the type of setup each of us has. Thoughts?
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