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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am planning to get Klipsch Reference Premiere, but could not choose which ones I am going to choose.Option 1:KLIPSCH RP-8000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-504C as centerKLIPSCH RP-600M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferOption 2:KLIPSCH RP-6000F as front speakersKLIPSCH RP-404C as centerKLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwooferI would save about $650, if I choose option 2. Option 3: KLIPSCH RP-600M as front speakers KLIPSCH RP-504C as center KLIPSCH RP-500M as rear speakers KLIPSCH SPL-120 as subwoofer I would save about $1165 if I choose option 3 over option 1. And I would save about $515 if I choose option 3 over option 2. I will use Denon AVR-X1500H as receiver. I will use speakers mostly for movies, 70% for movies30% for music I am not planning to listen very loud, since we have two kids on 3 years old and 5 years old.Room size is medium.Thanks,Miilu
  2. Hi all, I am new to the forum. I'm looking for the cleanest sound I can get out of my new RP-600M's. Current amp is a Pioneer VSX-517 110-watt receiver. Anytime I want to really crank it, it overloads and shuts off. Replaced all wires. Running 16 guage speaker wire. I can't have this. Need it loud and clean. No radio or anything else is needed. Just running a 1977 Pioneer PL117D turntable with a Fosi Audio Box - Tube Preamp. Subwoofer is a real old Polk-Audio. I'd like to stay under $500. Should be able to handle the heaviest of all heavy metal and shake up my neighbors. Thanks! Mitch
  3. Hello! This is my first post! I have always loved Klipsch. I got the SB Icon 1 soundbar in college and it has been going strong for 8 years now. Simple product but really got me hooked on sound. Before that I had always just used sound from TV speakers. Sad times. Fast forward to now and I have just ordered a pair of RP-600Ms as well as a subwoofer. I am deciding between a Rhythmik 12, SVS PB-1000 Pro, or a HSU 15H-MK2. I would really like amplifier to have optical cord digital input for my Xbox if possible, as well as a dedicated subwoofer out port. Can someone please help me choose an amplifier? My budget is absolute max 600 if absolutely necessary to go that high, but I would really like to stay in the 250-500 range. So far I have considered : -Yamaha A-S301 : This amp is only $350 which would allow me extra budget for the subwoofer. Digital input as well. However it is only rated for 60 watts per channel. With the 600Ms being rated for 100W/channel, will this amp struggle? I don't blow my ears out but I really like listening to loud music with bass and loud movies. -Yamaha A-S501 : Same line as 301 but this one rated for 85/watts per channel. I kind of would rather have more than enough power. The goal is to maximize the potential of the 600s. I don't want to be missing out on any speaker potential if the amp is not strong enough. I know they are sensitive speakers, I just don't know enough about all the power requirements to make a good decision. -Cambridge AXR-85 : This one is $400, and is rated for 85/watts per channel. It doesn't have the digital input so I would have the added cost of getting a optical to analog converter. Someone did say it has way lower damping factor, and actually told me the Yamaha A-S301 is a much better and more powerful amp even though its rated at 60/watts/channel vs the cambridge 85/channel. These are the main 3 I have looked at but I am completely open to suggestions. My main thing is I want to completely maximize the potential of the RP-600ms. The optical digital input and subwoofer out would also be a huge plus. Would really like to stay below 500 but I can go above if someone who knows this stuff can tell me its truly going to make a difference with these speakers. Thank you for any help! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and help.
  4. Hello, First let me preface this by saying I'm a complete newbie so I apologize if some of my terminology is wrong, or my explanation doesn't make sense. I had the Audioengine A5+ Wireless and while at first, they sounded a bit muddy to me I grew to love their sound and how it really surrounded you. Unfortunately, because of some nitpickiness I found a few issues with the A5+ that the Klipsch R-51PM shored up. Unfortunately, though while I love how crisp and clear stuff on the higher end is, they feel a bit empty by comparison - i.e., where the A5+ made it feel like I was surrounded by music the R-51PM didn't. I'm assuming this is an issue more about bass than anything, however I'm again new to this and don't know how much that would be affected by something like a subwoofer. With that said I come to my question... Would it be better to spend the ~400ish from the R-51PM and another ~300ish for the R-100SW which would be around ~700 or should I just get something like the RP-600M for ~600 with something like the Fosi Audio BT20A for about ~100 which would also be around ~700 (or if the RP-600M go on sale for cheaper then maybe something a bit more like the Fosi Audio DA2120D so that I can have a USB output as well for my PC). Originally, I was looking for powered speakers that would have as much functionality as possible but after getting a bit more comfortable from doing research about the cabling for something like an amp I thought it might be better to just get a nice pair of speakers and then add functionality through an amp or receiver and that it would be easier to upgrade the amp/receiver down the line than it would to add both as well as having to then add new speakers later on if I went with the R-51PM. I figured the RP-600M would be speakers I could keep more long-term since they're more about sound than features, whereas the R-51PM I was looking at from a more feature standpoint. So, I guess the question really is for the money which is better, the R-51PM with a subwoofer or the RP-600M without? I hear they are in two completely different leagues, but I'm curious just how much. Would the RP-600M have a fuller sound even over the R-51PM with the R-100SW subwoofer while still feeling clearer? Again, sorry about my terminology but I hope that makes sense. I'm still a newbie and just getting into this so I appreciate the help.
  5. Hi, Has anyone upgraded their caps and resistors on the Klipsch RP- 600m? If so which caps and resistors did you go with? I want to tame the piercing highs on the rp600m. I can either get Kimber Kable 8tc speaker cables which are neutral sounding and help with the highs a little bit or just upgrade to some neutral sounding caps(which would help out the brightness even further). I know the Jupiter copper foil paper and wax caps and Jantzen Amber Z-cap are neutral sounding. Both caps will be an upgrade over the stock cap while adding some more detail, lower noise floor aka blacker background and I believe better midrange. The resistor I need to do a little more research on but have it narrowed down to a few brands. If anyone has used these caps on other Klipsch speakers I would like to hear your opinions on them. I will also be upgrading the internal wiring and speaker binding post at the same time.
  6. I have a larger (33x15x9) room and a new set of Klipsch RP-600m speakers. I also have a pair of 15" downward-firing subs. My crossover (JL Audio CR-1) is capable of discreet R/L stereo bass management. At what frequency should this pair of satellites be crossed over to the subs for stereo audio use only? I've had audio amigos advise me that I should set the crossover as closely as possible to the -3dB roll-off point of the satellites, but as I see it, this has numerous potential disadvantages: 1. The acoustic roll-off of the speakers will be added to that of the upstream electronic crossover, causing asymmetrical crossover rates between the satellites and the subs. 2. The intermodulation distortion of the satellites will be increased because of the higher woofer excursion on the satellites. 3. The single 6.5" woofers of the satellites will be stressed at high volumes in my room. I've (conversely) also had other audio amigos recommending to me that since I do have two subs, and because those subs will (initially) be located as closely as possible to the satellites, that I set the crossover to as high a frequency as possible (150 Hz. with the JL). As I see it, this does have some advantages, but also some disadvantages: On the plus side: 1. The intermodulation distortion of the satellites should be minimized because the longer excursions required for lower bass will be handled by the subs (whose larger cone area will minimize distortion for the same volume). 2. The amount of current required to run the satellites will be greatly reduced allowing the use of much lower wattage tube amplifiers if desired. 3. By judicious use of the phase knob on the sub's plate amps, I can move the subs more independently of the satellite locations. But on the minus side: 1. Having a higher crossover frequency may allow the transition from satellites to subs to become more audible. 2. At higher frequencies, acoustic localization of the subs may become more likely. 3. The downward-firing design of the subs may muffle the higher frequencies. The specific subs being used are Powersound Audio S1510DF models, a sealed-box design that has worked well in my room before. I plan to use the JL crossover with 24dB / octave slopes, rather than the more ubiquitous 12. So noting that movie soundtrack use is NOT a priority for this system, where should the crossover point be set? Thanks in advance for your help - Boomzilla
  7. Hi, Looking to build my first hi-fi set-up and knew that Klipsch was the way to go. I live in a small NYC apartment so a bookshelf pair makes the most sense. I was looking to buy some RP-600M new, but thought I'd check here first to see if anyone is trying to offload. Any tips / recommendations are appreciated as well! Thanks!
  8. Took over 5 years of collection, finally completed my 9.2.4 Home Theatre with Klipsch speakers (minus the subs). : ) I had some RF62 and RC62s initially and @Youthman inspired me to do v2 w/ La Scala. I was fortunate to find a couple La Scala from an original owner to kick start it and rest fell in place after. I originally had Yamaha surrounds and ceilings and those were the last ones to be replaced. I thought ceiling won't matter much.. oh boy, was I wrong. Love those 8" pro-180 RPCs, appreciate the bass from those ATMOS heights for sure! Lastly, I think for my size of room where surrounds are relatively close to seating, the RP surrounds with the dispersion sounded better compared to my original in-walls. I may look to have a couple more acoustic panels to cut down reflections more in time. What's next? Gonna enjoy the newly released 25th anniversary Gladiator and Braveheart to test it out. : ) Receiver: Denon AVR-X8500H LCR: Klipsch La Scala w/ Crites CT120 and A/4500 crossover Front Wides: Klipsch RP-600m Surrounds (L, R, RL, RR): Klipsch RP-502s Top (FL, FR, RL, RR): Klipsch Pro-180 RPC Subwoofers: SVS PB-16 & PSA v1501df Projector: BenQ: HT3550 Screen: Elite 1080P3 120" 16:9 Cheers and hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying their HT!
  9. Hi, this is my first post to the community. I currently have a Denon AVR x2300w, with Klipsch R-14m L/R fronts and a Klipsch R-100SW 10". The R-14m's with R-100sw 10” sub are just too lacking for 2 channel music. I always expected to upgrade them when I bought them on sale. They can be a little harsh at even mid volume. I like a mix of music but def old and new rock, blues, electronic. Soft and Loud. I like mid-high volume typically. System is in a room 11x20. So i sit facing the long wall about 9-10 feet back. I am trying to decide between RP-5000 and RP-6000, or possible RP-600m and will continue to use the sub. I’m also interested in the RP-250f or RP-260f, since they are at a discount now and seem to to be similar, though I haven’t heard any of them. I think I’d prefer the floor standers. I have a center r-250c, and plan to use the R-14’s as tear surrounds for movies , or 2 channel in my office above my desk. I mostly stream hi res on Qobuz, and listen to vinyl utilizing the pure direct mode, so no processing just speaker placement and crossovers. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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