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Found 20 results

  1. I bought a new Cinema 400 soundbar + sub 2 days ago. Great sound! I've connected it via optical to my TV. Generally it all works fine, however the soundbar has been dropping out for a few seconds every 10 minutes or so. But the subwoofer keeps going! It's just the soundbar that loses audio. I tried changing SPDIF from Dolby Digital to PCM and thought it worked, however the same problem returned the next day. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Lets get some chat going about the Cinema 800! I have been using this as a daily driver for a few weeks now and I am enjoying it quite a bit. I need to add the surround speakers to the mix (I have the 3.1 system) but so far so good. This is matched to a 50" TV and the sizing is quite nice. 55" is probably the perfect mate. Anyone have any thoughts on the surrounds? These are my impressions so far: https://youtu.be/bPEhFRcAewA
  3. I recently got an RSB-6 sound bar for use in my bedroom. When I first connected it to my TCL 55" Roku TV it worked great and had good sound. I connected it via HDMI CEC using the ARC input on my TV. In order to get sound, the soundbar was set to it's HDMI input, this made sense. Once I was done setting it up, I powered the TV off which also powered the soundbar down. I powered the TV back on and the soundbar came on, then I turned the TV off again and the sound bar went off again. So far so good. The next time I turned the TV on was maybe 7-8 hours later. I powered my TV on, just as before my TV shut it's speakers off because it detected it was connected to the soundbar, however the sound bar didn't power on. When I tried to turn the sound bar on using the Klipsch remote, it still would not power on. I had to unplug the power adapter from the sound bar and plug it back in to get it to turn on. It seemed to work fine again after that. I could turn the sound bar on/off when I powered the TV on/off. However, if the soundbar sat in it's off state for too long, the only way to get it to power on again was to unplug it's power chord and plug it back in. I checked for a firmware update and found one. I updated the sound bar to the latest version. After doing so, I no longer got sound. This was puzzling until I switch the sound bars input to "TV" then I was able to get sound. So before the firmware update the sound bar had to be set to HDMI input and after the update it had to be set to TV input. Weird but whatever. So I did the same thing, waited many hours to see if it would power on after being off. It seemed to work fine for about 2 days, but now it's doing the same thing. Won't power on via the TV being powered on or the Klipsch remote. Power cycle only. Is there anything else I can do? Your help/advice is appreciated.
  4. I just got a brand new R20-B soundbar, and I've connected a Bluetooth device to it. The problem is that if I change source to RCA, it switches back to the Bluetooth source after a few seconds. From what I can tell, what is happening is Switch source from Bluetooth to RCA The soundbar disconnects the Bluetooth connection The Bluetooth transmitting device tries to reconnect The soundbar reconnects to the device, and switches to Bluetooth automatically Is this the intended behavior? If so, this just seems poorly designed. Why would it switch to Bluetooth automatically when connecting? Or alternatively, why would it allow Bluetooth connections when the source is not set to Bluetooth? Effectively, I can't use the RCA or optical connections because the soundbar will constantly switch to Bluetooth.
  5. I have tried both the RSB-6 and RSB-8 soundbars with my LG Smart TV. I've connected output to soundbar using fiber optic cable. When a movie, etc. is paused, or TV turned off the soundbar times out. It won't power back on unless I disconnect power and reconnect. Anybody know what's going on with this?
  6. Hello, on CES 2019 Klipsch announced new soundbars which are coming this spring/summer. Are there any news about worldwide availability or features (e.g. HDMI passthrough) they will have? I'm especially interested in BAR40 and BAR48.
  7. Good morning all, I currently have an older Klipsch soundbar. (I believe it is the r10b) This room is fairly large (20x20 w/ 10'6" ceilings) and has large pocket doors on either end that open up to the rest of the main level of the house. The current setup sounds fine as long as I am the only one home. When my wife and son are home there is always background noise that I can't overcome with volume from this sound bar. My question is, will one of the new higher end soundbars perform much better in this situation? (RSB-11 or RSB-14)
  8. I am unable to update my brand new RSB-8 to the latest firmware (v2.4.9) - I contacted Klipsch technical support to no avail - told me to turn off the update notification in the play-fi app. I have exhausted all options that I can think of, including trying different USB drives (2.0,3.0) all freshly formatted on Windows 10 w/fat32. to no avail. I've followed the pdf instructions each time, reset the RSB-8 to factory settings and started all over again. As a result the sound bar will not pair with the 2 RW-1's I purchased to go with it. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, -Steve
  9. Thinking about using a passive sound bar, Klipsch 440D, as the L/C/R for a 5.1 surround system in new house. 14x14x9 listening room with MLP about 9 ft from L/C/R. Bipolar surrounds. Hsu sub and Yamaha Aventage avr. Movies/TV about 80%. It seems that the tradeoff is L/R spacing and smaller drivers but benefiting from a relatively clean, neat front. The 20% music is mostly soft rock. I'm thinking that the 30 day return oprion gives me a chance to try it and if not happy then replace the bar with a proper L/C/R. Am I way off base with this approach ?
  10. Hello everyone, I have a R-10B sound bar that does not turn on. I have tried draining the power supply by having the switch on while having the power sour unplugged from the wall. I was wondering if anyone has a service manual for the power supply or anything at all that would help with this issue? Thanks in advance for any help!
  11. I am unable to update my brand new RSB-8 to the latest firmware (v2.4.9) - I contacted Klipsch technical support to no avail - told me to turn off the update notification in the play-fi app. I have exhausted all options that I can think of, including trying different USB drives (2.0,3.0) all freshly formatted on Windows 10 w/fat32. to no avail. I've followed the pdf instructions each time, reset the RSB-8 to factory settings and started all over again. As a result the sound bar will not pair with the 2 RW-1's I purchased to go with it. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, -Steve
  12. Hi, If I were to connect the Yamaha YAS 107 soundbar to the Klipsch R-110SW subwoofer, and I set the gain on the back of the sub to 1/4th, then would the soundbar's remote (which has a separate control for subwoofer volume) be able to to adjust the sub's volume from 0 to 25% (because I set the gain on the back of the sub to 1/4th) or from 0 to 100% (i.e. what I set on the back of the sub is irrelevant)? I ask because I will have some AIRBNB clients stay here and I don't want them to mess up the system. Also, do you think this set-up could possibly crack a glass window which is 3-4 feet from the sub? I'm just worried some client will mess things up badly. Thanks for your time!, kam
  13. Just purchased an RSB-11 and I gotta say I'm pretty underwhelmed. A few minor complaints like no display for volume level etc. but one MAJOR issue has caused me to hate this soundbar... IT DOESN'T REMEMBER THE SETTINGS when I power cycle the soundbar. Every single time I turn on my TV I have to adjust the sub level, sound level, and listening mode (Surround, Dialog, Night). Why on god's earth does it not remember the last setting you were at?? This is supposed to be a higher end unit than my 8 yr old, $200 LG soundbar. I can't even say the sound is much better.
  14. Hello, I recently bought a Klipsch R20B soundbar and am overall happy with the purchase. I have the wireless sub woofer cranked up about 2/3 of the way and notice a constant faint rumble/crackling noise and occasional pop even when no sound is being emitted. This is noticeable at low volumes as well. I figured this could be due to interference from my wireless internet so I changed router channels and have it set to broadcast at 5 GHz since I believe the wireless sub operates at 2.4 GHz. This didn't solve the issue so I went through the factory pairing process which didn't help either. This is my first soundbar system so wasn't sure if wireless sub wooofers tend to make these types of noises? I'd appreciate anyone else's thoughts on this. Thanks!
  15. Installed RSB-14 soundbar and connected it to a Sony Bravia TV using both the HDMI/ARC and optical audio cables. Hooked up my PS3 to a HDMI connection on the TV, assuming the video would play on the TV and the audio would play thru the soundbar. Yeah, I know what happens when assumptions are made, thank you. When I use the PS3 to access Amazon video and play a movie, the music from the movie plays clear and loud but the spoken dialog is barely audible. If the volume is turned up loud enough to hear the dialog, the music is so loud I won't be able to live in this neighborhood much longer. My next assumption is that I have messed something up in the connections and would welcome any suggestions on how to get all the sound coming to the soundbar. Thanks in advance.
  16. Going to start this post by apologizing about my ignorance about the the topic and hoping that many of you will want to share your thoughts on the matter. Here is my situation in a nutshell. Purchased a new condo small condo in Ny and decided to upgrade my tv and home audio system over all. Vendor is offering one solution with a G42 sound bar and another one which he highly recommends with a 3 channel G28 speaker system, which is also roughly 1200.00 more than the G42. I will be sitting 8 to 10 feet from tv and the system will be attached to a Rotel amp. What are your thoughts about both systems? Why would you pick one over the other? Many many thanks.
  17. Good Evening! I just got back from a friends home (really close friends of Denise) and the built their home in the early 90's and paid a fortune to have a Bose surround and multi zone speaker system run through the home, but they have moved the T.V. from the location that it was all installed for and it's a 2 story with the L&R cubes and the L&R surrounds mounted in the ceiling and totally in the wrong place. To top it all off, the T.V. is now in the worst location is could be in relation to those speakers and no room at all for anything, other than a decent soundbar. Good thing is, they don't care, don't really do anything with surround and use all of the built ins for background noise when they are outside or having a party, they just want something that is small, not going to break the bank and sounds better than the T.V. speakers. I have never owned, or listened to a soundbar so I know this is the right application, just need to hear from people that own them, along with better surround equipment so they can give me real world advice as to where I should steer them. Thanks everyone!
  18. Introducing the NEW Klipsch Reference R-20B Soundbar: www.klipsch.com/r-20b PLUG AND PLAY The Klipsch Reference R-20B is designed to quickly connect to most TVs. An included digital optical cable connects to your TV’s digital output to the back of the soundbar. For the few TVs without an optical audio output, there is a 2-channel analog input. Once connection to your TV is made, you just plug the soundbar into a standard electrical outlet and turn it on. The built-in Dolby Digital Decoder takes over and allows the Klipsch Reference R-20B to automatically reproduce detailed, high-output sound in almost any size room no matter what format of sound is coming from the TV’s output. TRUE 2-WAY SOUNDBAR Two ¾” horn loaded textile dome tweeters with 90° x 90° Tractrix® horns deliver crisp highs. Four 3" polypropylene woofers round out the enhanced sound with crisp vocals and powerful lows. WIRELESS SUBWOOFER With a 10" side-firing driver and solid MDF cabinet with a slot-port design for deep, powerful bass. BLUETOOTH WITH APTX It is compatible with most Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled devices including mobile phones, audio devices and computers for wide-ranging use. AptX™ audio coding technology enables lossless, high-quality music streaming. COPPER CONES Distinctive Klipsch Reference copper cones and detailing make the Klipsch Reference R-20B a quality statement piece
  19. I'm looking to trade my Pioneer Elite SC-55 A/V receiver for the new Reference soundbar with subwoofer this is what I want, http://www.klipsch.com/r-10b and this is what I'm trading for it! http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Home/AV-Receivers/Elite+Receivers/SC-55 this receiver goes for $600ish now so it's a fitting trade. It's in flawless condition, and I have everything for it, including the original packaging!
  20. Dear Klipsch community: Due to a variety of reasons, finding myself selling my KG 2.2/KG1.2/KV2 setup. Primarily to save space and moving to a soundbar situation. Want to keep with Klipsch, of course, so looking at the SB1 and SB3. The primary use is music at relatively low volumes -- plus an occasional movie and TV show. Will be plugged into the TV set directly -- and used with an Xbox. Questions: 1. Is the SB3 really $150 better than the SB1? 2. Anyone notice the issue with the SB1 regarding the large jumps between volume? Is this solved with the SB3? 3. How do these Klipsch soundbars handle music. Decent range? Curious on any impressions on these speakers. I've been a standard black-cabinet, Klipsch guy for a long time so advice from the community is much needed! Thanks!
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