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Found 15 results

  1. Looking for some Klipsch P-17b bookshelf speakers and maybe another pair of Klipsch P-39f's if they are close to Irmo, SC. The P-17b's are pretty easy to ship.
  2. 11.2 or 7.4.2 setup 2x Klipsch Palladium P39F triamping 1x Klipsch Palladium P27C biamping 4x Klipsch Palladium P27S biamping 2x Klipsch Palladium P312w 4x Klipsch CDT5800 ceiling 1x Marantz AV7704 Preamp 6x Emotiva XPA 100 Gen 2 Monoblock 2x Emotiva XPA 5 Gen 2 multichannel 1x Emotiva XPA 7 Gen 3 multichannel All connected in XLR
  3. I currently have an Integra DTR 50.4 that is powering a pair of Palladium 17B bookshelves and a Palladium 27C center (my sub is in flux and I don't have rears at the moment). My primary use for my setup is TV and movies (95%) and then audio (streaming from pc, spotify, or phono). My audio guy is strongly in the camp that the Integra is not fully showcasing the speakers as well as some other receivers could. He's suggesting either the NAD T787 with the newest HDMI MDC installed or an Audio Control AVR-7 or AVR-9. These receivers are definitely a step up in audio quality from the Integra I currently have, but I'm concerned that they don't focus as much on video and thus I might run into problems (looking at forum posts, people complain of HDMI handshake issues and ARC issues). He is also trying to persuade me to stay away from some Asian manufacturers (Marantz, Denon, Onkyo/Integra, Yamaha, Pioneer) as he claims the audio will not be as warm. I don't have a ton of data points to work with from personal experience. If anyone here has insights on a suitable sounding AV receiver that will mostly be handling video and dialogue over stereo sound, I would be greatful for your input.
  4. any one who is selling this particular center channel?
  5. Hi All, Newbie to the forums. Long time Klipsch fan (purchased first pair in 1984) but didn't know about the forums. Found out about them in the various Klipsch Facebook groups. To get to the point... I recently bought some used Palladium speakers (P-37Fs and P-17Bs). The center hole in the binding post only seems sized to accommodate the hex wrench that comes with the speakers. The banana plugs I have do not fit in them. Are the Palladiums not designed for banana plugs or are there smaller ones that will work with them. For now, I'm using some Monster Flex Pin connectors. Those work well enough but I'd prefer to use banana plugs. Thanks.
  6. Selling my front stage of Klipsch Palladium. I'm moving to a small town in the next month or so, and I'd like to take advantage of being in the Chicago metro area to sell these before I go. Towers are mint, but the center was a floor model, and unfortunately it shows. I have everything (boxes, packing, grills, accessories, etc.) for the towers. Center is missing its accessory kit, but has everything else. I'll let the photos speak for the condition on the center. There are no mashed corners, but it seems the finish on the top was redone, and it is more glossy than it should be. There is also some speckles from the process that are on the front of the speaker. I'm guessing this should come off with the right chemical, but it's not visible from more than about 3 feet away, so I left it alone. The woofers also have some slight marks in them from someones fingers. The grill has no issues. These are located in the west Chicago suburbs, and I would like to stay local for now, despite having the packaging. I would consider shipping via freight if someone wants to send the freight forwarder to me and have them palletize the bundle. Priced firmly at $3,700 for the bundle. Please let me know what questions come to mind. Thanks!
  7. Any klipsch p27c palladium center for sale... used or new.?
  8. Any thoughts on used Palladium 37's value? Less than one year old. I am not finding anything online for comparables. Used to list for $8000
  9. Hi Everyone, I hope you guys are doing great. This is my first post on this forum. I have really been wanting a pair of Klipsch Palladium speakers, the P-17B in particular as they almost fit my budget. I found a pair for auction on the Audiogon website. The seller of these speakers doesn't have any previous seller activity. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable purchasing them. Was wondering what you guys think? Will appreciate any feedback. here's a link to the speakers being auctioned here on Audiogon: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-klipsch-palladium-p-17b-2017-03-23-speakers-46032-carme...Thanks!Anthony
  10. There must be someone out there that could use a new Klipsch setup in the Northeast Southbury, CT - pickup only - pictures further down in the thread Palladium P-37f - Natural (comes with boxes and accessories) -SOLD KV-4 Center Channel (no box) - $250 - sale pending
  11. $3400 Excellent condition! These speakers are phenomenal. I have too many sets of Klipsch and unfortunately these don't fit anymore. I have only had these for a few short months. I have the original boxes and all accessories.Local pickup only in Southbury, CT
  12. I just bought Palladium 37F's and jumped them into a system that had a pair of RF7's. I've been biamping the speakers by utilizing the unused rear effect amp, same as I did with the RF7's. I'm worried that I'm underpowering the Palladiums. I have an Arcam380 AVR, 90W x 2 channels, 75W x 7 channels. With the RF7's being 8ohms and the Palladiums being 4ohms, do I run the risk of frying the receiver or worse the speakers. I've tried to read some technical threads and articles about the 4ohm/8ohm discrepancy but get lost in the jargon. Can I preamp out just the low frequency channel to a separate amp. (I have an old Hafler XL600 I could utilize for this purpose.) I'm not looking to spend any $ at this time on equipment upgrades, I didn't even want to spend the money on the speakers but at the discounted price I pulled the trigger. Any advice would be great. BTW, the sound improvement between the RF7's and the Palladiums is dramatic.
  13. I am seeing Palladiums heavily discounted, as in about half MSRP (on Amazon via Sound Distributors). What the heck is going on? Are they being discontinued? Is something new coming? Might be time to get some.
  14. Changed my setup a little. Here are some new plots. Note that I use the Dirac house curve that tilts the low end up 2 dB and high-end down a 2 dB. I just like the way it sounds with the default Dirac house curve. I really just can't get over how that there is almost no ringing at 40dB down at 30 Hz and below (compare old blue and yellow waterfall plots to purple ones). Sounds absolutely incredible, best bass I have ever heard and less than 1% total THD as measured by REW and a MiniDSP calibrated USB mic.
  15. Today I had the opportunity to meet up with MichaelandKlipsch today after he and his bro-n-law delivered his 4 THX Ultra2's to one of his friend's home from South Carolina to Florida. We had a great time checking out his friend's Palladium, Belle and his newly purchased quad THX Ultra2's. I've never seen or heard Palladium, Belle or THX Ultra2 speakers so I was pretty excited to have this opportunity. The Palladiums were much taller than I had expected. The finish is beautiful and I love the rounded cabinet. Very classy. They were very clear at high volume and the Krell amps had no problem making them sing. They have a sound that is unique from the Heritage and Reference. The dialog from the Belle was not as clear as what I would have expected but that might be due to the EQ settings from the Yamaha. The Quad THX Ultra2's were absolutely fantastic. My favorite part of the demo was the super clean, DEEP, heart pounding bass from the new subs. They definitely took his friend's setup to an entirely new level. We had a great time together calibrating his system and a few demos. We then drove to my home for some lunch and a few demos from the DeanG RF-7ii and the LaScala Trio. Fun day with some great friends. Youthman (Left) and MichaelandKlipsch (Right)
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