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"Mr Paul" & "Miss Valerie"

Tony Reed

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I have just returned from visiting with "Mr. Paul" & "Miss. Valerie", (yesterday) and I'm happy to report they are doing well. I arrived to find PWK sitting in his favorite chair watching a basketball game on TV. The Klipsch's have asked me to relay their best wishes to all their friends on the Internet. They would also like to say a special "Hello" to all their friends that attended last year's 1st annual Klipsch Fan Club convention.

As some of you know, a book about Paul's life is about to be published. It is tentatively scheduled for sometime in mid March to coincide with Paul's 98th birthday. The final date will be announced as soon as it is known. The book signing was to take place at the Aerospace museum in Little Rock. That plan has since been changed. The book signing and festivies are now planned for the conference room at a local bank in Hope. This will allow Paul to remain in his hometown. Miss Valerie has said that everyone is invited to their home after the signing to visit with her and "Mr. Paul".

The Klipsch's are truly wonderful people, and they have invited all of us to this very special event. I know I'll be there, and I encourage everyone one else to attend as well.


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Tony,it would be great to see you and"everyone"at Paul's home.Can't say for sure if Becky and I will get to come,but won't rule it out.Pauls birthday party last year will be something we will always cherish forever,this would top it for sure.

We would kick ourselves hard for the rest our live long days if we can't find a way to do this too.

Anyone that is thinking about going should do more than just think about it.We flew out to the 1st annual Klipsch Tour and then drove back to Paul's 97th.We didn't come the farthest,but we did come,it is now a part of us.

Steve & Becky(Mystery Guest)

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Wow, meeting Mr. Paul is a lifetime treasure... and meeting a famed educator like Ms. Valerie is something to write home about... but meeting the Mystery Guest is a special treat beyond history... she has always been the 2nd Lady of Klipsch in my heart... thanks for sharing as much as you have of her SteveP! cwm38.gif HornEd.

PS: I am having extensive work done to the motorhome... when is the big event?

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Ohhh yeah! What a great opportunity; wish Paul a happy B-day and get a copy of his book, signed by the audio God himself! Please keep us informed about a date, as I'd certainly like to make the 2nd Klipsch tour.


I envy you, living so close and getting all the good scoops! Oh well, I'll have to live vacariously through you, and keep working so I can support my Klipsch addiction.

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Damn, I'm 2000 miles away. Best of wishes to Paul W., I hope he has a few more good years to be with us, it's usually not fair. Castro, Hitler, and some other commie's lived long enough to do some damage, but my favorite author, H.P. Lovecraft died in his 40's, and he was just getting warmed up at that point, he was ready to outdoo Poe, but he died, oh well, I keep hoping someone will find lost works. Anyway, glad to see Paul W. Klipsch living a full life, he's my here:-) Does he have any other accomplishments, or is the book about him and speakers?

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ugh, i would just short of kill to go to this. why don't i live in arkansas?!

you did'nt get a picture of Mr. Paul W. Klipsch's home and setup did you? I would love to see both of them.



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