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Terminator 4


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Definitely a must buy once it comes out on DVD, can't wait to hear it on the home theater! As long as you are ok with a totally different feel than the first three movies, then you will be entertained. If you like the sometimes corny feel of the original three, then you will be disappointed.

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Saw it last weekend. I won't spoil anything for you. All I will say is if your theater plays movies at reference level or louder take earplugs. You may go deaf!


I preferred Star Trek over the T4. I was happy with it. Kind annoyed I didnt see it in a Digital Projector theatre.

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i couldnt help myself, i saw it last night. fantastic movie.. totally loved it. but agreed it was played at very loud level... not distorted level like dark night but very loud indeed.

dvd/bluray quality for sure...

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very good analagy JB.

Back to the Future is like the best trilogy ever.. like ever ever ever.. love the Deloran... 1.21 GIGGAWATTS!!!!!!

OK - back to topic at hand.. yes Arnie did go back in time,, but isnt it amazing what they can do these days. it was like arnie from number T1.

you see JB now we have just spoiled it for everyone else

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