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Got bored, built two pairs of Klipschorns


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I know people have been using Google's 3d modeling app for a long time, but I always thought it was pointless for me to try since I can hardly draw anything more than stick figures even on paper. Anyway, I downloaded it and gave it a try and it was actually a lot easier to create things than I expected. I was going to build a house like most people do for their first project ever, but then I thought of something far beyond my skill level: modeling Klipschorns!

I didn't use any measurements (except overall dimensions from klipsch.com) and pretty much just went off memory/blurry internet pictures and was expecting them to maybe resemble Klipschorns at most. A lot of the time I didn't know how certain parts were supposed to look, so I just guessed or omitted said part (like the horns!). Much to my surprise, however, they turned out to actually resemble real Klipschorns, and I am happy with it as my first attempt with the program. If you look closely at the pictures, there are all kinds of things "wrong"--especially at the rear of the Khorn, which I have never spent a lot of time looking at since they're always in the corner. Also, creating the horns was way out of my league and I had to fight with the software even for some of the basic stuff, but all in all I am happy with the result and got a lot of practice in... though I'd be angry if I bought real Khorns that looked like the ones I made.

Anyways, have any of you (more talented) guys modeled your speakers/listening rooms?

If you have, post! If you haven't, why not?


Even virtual (knockoff) Klipschorns look impressive




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You might want to remove the image of the chick in the pictures....JacksonBart might ask you for her phone number.... Stick out tongue

One of our clients was offended when a cabinet maker included the chick image, because she thought it was a picture of her. In all honesty, the virtual chick is hotter...

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Sure I wouldn't mind sharing, the height, width and depth are straight off the Klipsch site so size-wise they should be accurate, but I think the bass bin/top section size ratio might be off a little!

I'll try to post the save file up tomorrow when I get back to my own computer!

@jdm -- I can't attempt to draw a Klipschorn with paint or on paper. So if I was able to make them in sketchup, I'm sure you could do it a lot better.

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Here you go. The dimensions of the speakers should be accurate, so putting them in a virtual listening room should work fine.

Also, I tried to draw a model 19 (not complete) to practice making wildly inaccurate horns, in case you're wondering what the extra speaker in there is.


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