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Selling some of my cars etc.

mustang guy

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The 68 Camaro has the BMF Autotuba I built in the trunk. The Truck, the Honda, and the Camaro have new stereo systems with bluetooth and hands free calling. Sorry, I know the Klipsch forum isn't the place for this. I know there are a lot of people here who have admired my cars, so I wanted to let those folks know.

I made a CL listing.

My vehicles on CL

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Scotland is a beautiful country! Enjoy the trip.

I understand the Scotch is pretty good there also. [:)] Can't wait to have a wee dram!

BTW, sorry but I just sold the M3. Got $17,500. All of that is going to the credit card company for the Flight, hotels and tours I have prepaid. I still need another six grand to break even. [:(]

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I'll take the camaro.... ha ha.. Some day!!!! Ive been to Scotland several times- love it. i compete in Scottish highland Games!! Have fun!!

You are a hoss! I've been to the highland games at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina a couple times. There have also been a few games here in Bridgeport WV I have attended. I am purely a spectator!

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Ha ha.. Love GM. I compete there. I do Pro game sat. than the Masters game on Sun. I competed at WV few years ago... I'll be at GM this year again!! When you heading to Scotland?

mid June. Will be there 23rd to the 3rd. Can't wait for bagpipes, haggis and aged single malt. [:)] I'll tell Nessy you said hi.
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