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Trade my Oak CF-4 set for...


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I purchased a pair of version one CF-4's that have the oak finish and I
plan on using Duratex to paint them a tough textured black. I thought I
would ask if anyone has a black set that would want to trade for my
near mint Oak pair. Just thought I would ask since there might be
someone on the forum that has a black set that always wanted an oak set

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Duratex is not a spray paint. It is a rolled on product similar to what is used on professional audio gear (in fact I believe some klipsch pro audio gear might be painted with duratex or something very similar) I do realize that some do cringe at the thought, which is why I'm offering a trade. Below is a video demo

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I appreciate the kind words Moray.

For those that cringe at the thought of me using duratex on mint Oak, I don't blame you. All my furniture is black, I like black, more importantly my wife likes black, so one way or another I plan on having black CF-4's

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Yeah, I'm not a big oak guy either.. but a little contrast is nice, right? [:'(]

I dunno. It just makes me sad whenever a finished wood is painted. Unless, of course, it's pretty beat and the only thing that would make it presentable is a few coats of something.

But... like I said... they're your speakers and you can cover them in glued glitter and ribbons if it makes you happy. Hope you find someone to trade with tho. [;)]

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Where are you located? I have a pair of CF-3 series 1 in Black. I may sell them. I am in Hammond, La.

I'm not far from you. I live in gonzales, a little less than an hour drive. If you decide to sell them shoot me a pm.
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